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I know it’s unfair, but I don’t care: Katy

By Ari 29 May 2006 55

The Minister Not Responsible has conceded it’s unfair to slug medical students with parking fees when evey other Tom, Dick and Harriett even remotely connected with our hospitals gets an exemption.

But even so, she’s not going to do anything about it.

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55 Responses to
I know it’s unfair, but I don’t care: Katy
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Mr_Shab 9:28 am 01 Jun 06

That’s a nasty persecution complex you’ve got there, Nyssa.

Teschers are not alone there. Anyone working in a large, identifiable group sullies the name of all the others in that group when they screw up. Need I mention lawyers, public servants, geneticists…

Yep – no one seems to care when a minister fucks up, and that is a travesty. Everyone seems to have meekly accepted that politicians lie shamelessly and unrepentantly or are grossly incompetent. But we get the politicians we deserve. This is why I am driven to apoplexy whenever I hear a fatalistic statement about politicians “just being liars”.

Seepi – possibly. Yeah, it does seem to be a little counter intuitive; but do you really think an out-of-state doctor is even going to consider pay parking when they’re deciding whether they move to Canberra or Rooty Hill? Likewise, do you really think any Doctors or Nurses at TCH are going to decide to move away from Canberra on the strength of having to pay for parking?

nyssa76 9:19 pm 31 May 06

caf, good idea but I’d have to sell my soul. Then again, I’ve said the same to people who bag out teachers, nurses etc. Perhaps I might.

Mr Shab, the difference between a teacher (note: not all teachers) and a Minister is simple. One fucks up and the whole system is blamed (teachers) vs a Minister fucking up and no one gives a shit.

seepi, good call.

seepi 9:06 pm 31 May 06

The ACT is undergoing a shortage of nurses and doctors (like most of the country/world) and is meant to be be thinking of ways of attracting medical staff to Canberra. Pay parking is not consistent with that.

Mr_Shab 6:51 pm 31 May 06

MLA’s do their job and get paid. At least we get to decide which of them keep their jobs (well, not exactly. Damn Hare-Clarke). I don’t have a problem with what they are paid. They need to be held to account for the work they do, though. Vigourously.

What have they done for us lately? What a thoroughly faecious arguement. What has a teacher done for me lately? Shit! They deserve a paycut!

Despite the fact that say, Corbell is a dopey little shitbag, he earns his pay. I’d say he works longer hours for his packet than you and I.

I’d like to see him chucked for gross incompetence; but well…I voted for the guy, so I guess I got what I deserved.

He’s in a job that pays that kind of money. Get over it. He doesn’t get paid much more than your average middle-high ranking public servant.

caf 6:19 pm 31 May 06

If it’s so easy and overpaid why don’t you step up and take a shot, nyssa.

nyssa76 4:29 pm 31 May 06

MLAs should take a paycut. What have they done for us lately?

Perhaps they should have performanced based pay with REAL performance guidelines, not just those designed to keep the “useless” ones in their position.

Mr_Shab 2:57 pm 31 May 06

Spare me the populist bit, Nyssa. MLA’s take a pay cut? Don’t make me laugh. I think we need to be more concerned with getting value for the money we pay that paying them less.

Hell – I’ll cough up more if it means we get a consistently decent standard of governance!

Yep – nurses get a rough trot. Stinky work, odd hours, long hours, standing up, physically demanding etc. Ditto for cooks, and they get even less money for their trouble. Ditto for plenty of other trades. Nurses have just always had a better union…

nyssa76 2:43 pm 31 May 06

Our nurses are already treated like shit, with longer hours and less pay.

They deserve a break.

Again, it is just the Govt’s BS coming back to haunt us all.

They could easily raise the money by taking a pay cut, getting rid of Govt cars etc. Simple really.

Mr_Shab 12:25 pm 31 May 06

Why should essential services be exempt from pay parking? Hospital workers should be put on a pedestal seems to be what you’re inferring.

Yep – it’s a bummer for them, but it’s a bummer when previously free parking becomes pay parking for anyone who has to park there.

I maintain that a doctor is no more special than any other worker, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t pay to park at work.

We have to pay for the govt’s mistake because nobody else can or will. Sadly, letting the ACT go bankrupt is not an option I’d care to explore for the sake of not having pay parking.

nyssa76 10:52 am 31 May 06

Mr Shab, it was the inference that those who do a public service aren’t paying because they’re “special” and how dare they complain etc that annoyed me.

Hospitals are essential services and therefore shouldn’t have paid parking attached to it.

It’s just more revenue raising by a Govt that has totally shafted the Budget by not effectively managing the treasury.

Why should we have to “pay” for their mistake?

Mr_Shab 9:26 am 31 May 06

Nyssa – everyone else pays for parking. Why not people at the hospital too? I’m pretty sure you’ve gotta fork out at Westmead and RPA.

As for people providing a public service being “below you”…where the hell did that come from? And when did teachers and police come into this? You seem ludicrously sensitive to the merest suggestion that members of your profession are not the paragon of all that is good and virtuous in this world. Chill out or switch to decaf!

nyssa76 7:05 am 31 May 06

Sorry for the rant, ran out of coffee….

nyssa76 7:03 am 31 May 06

Why is it that anyone who provides a public service – nurses, doctors, teachers, police – are subjected to absolute BS?

Does that mean that they are “below” you because they do provide a public service and therefore should be made to “pay” for everything, including parking?

No one should pay for parking at a hospital. I hope the person who thought of this burns in hell.

Pandy 10:15 pm 30 May 06


How many people here actually complained to Minister Depression when the policy was first announced?

I have been paying parking for 18 or more years on land that was gifted to the ACT government on self government. SO you whinging health workers have had a free ride until now and the gravy train has pulled in tot he station folks.

However, does the net result of this mean that office workers in Woden will find that car parking in their area is going to be squeezed once all those countless workers at the hospital realise they might as well try and find a park closer to the town centre?

Big Al 6:08 pm 30 May 06

“The argument that pay parking is an industrial issue is bollocks – it only became one when the Government attempted…” so is it or isn’t it Laurie?

As far as wage negotiations go it’s a no brainer – just part of the claim for a raise – along with CPI increases, interest rates, fuel costs yaddah, yaddah, yaddah … get a life.

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