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Ice, Meth and E soon to be sold by the cops

By paperboy - 5 July 2008 163

ABC recently reported that the laws are being upgraded in the ACT to allow our local police to possess and sell drugs.

It brings our laws into line with other states, allowing officers to buy and sell drugs, without fear of being prosecuted themselves for possessing the illegal substance.

It’s probably surprising they haven’t had this power before now, but when the laws are passed, it will certainly change the atmosphere in and around many of Canberra’s better known nightclubs. Not to mention a few of the city’s dark lanes and back streets.

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163 Responses to
Ice, Meth and E soon to be sold by the cops
vg 6:17 pm 06 Jul 08

Like what, rolling over, playing dead, giving up and pandering to another minority?

Deadmandrinking 6:01 pm 06 Jul 08

I understand this is going to be used to snare the big fish. As a short term solution this is not a bad thing. In the long term…well, take one dealer down, another takes his place, then another, then another. Demand’s always going to find some sort of supply somehow. I think it’s time society really started to look at the impact of the failed ‘war on drugs’ and thought about real solutions to the problems with drugs.

vg 4:35 pm 06 Jul 08

The civil liberties moron should do a bit more reading as to what constitutes ‘entrapment’. If entrapment is established then any criminal case will fail because of it. The legislation just brings us into line with the same style of Commonwwealth legislation, which allows Police to permit a criminal act that was set into motion by the crooks (i.e. importation of drugs).

“yeah cos recipients of drugs are the big fish in the whole drug chain.”
Grow up

spoonbill 4:35 pm 06 Jul 08

Not before time, and a great outcome for the forces of law and order. To that end, I am somewhat surprised that Mr Stanhopeless has agreed to this legislation.

Fabforty, if you do entrap some clueless addict at the interchange and therefore push that person towards rehab, all the better too.

fabforty 3:28 pm 06 Jul 08

Paperboy, did you actually read the article ? If you did, you clearly don’t quite understand it.

This is about giving police the ability to properly run covert operations to combat high level drug dealing and money laundering. It is about getting the drug bosses and traffickers and securing proper convictions.

It is not about deliberately entrapping some clueless addict at the bus interchange.

caf 2:26 pm 06 Jul 08

Jonathan: Two situations…

First, entrapment:

Cop: Hi would you like to buy some horse?
Gumby: Why yes please sir!
Cop: You’re nicked, sunshine.

Second, not entrapment:

Gumby: Hi may I have some delicious methamphetamine please?
Cop: Sure, enjoy. Also, you’re nicked.

You 11:07 am 06 Jul 08

I dont buy or use drugs, so I guess I have nothing to worry about then. Oh well.

TAD 10:59 am 06 Jul 08

I think you’ve missed the point.

Eg Drugs intercepted by customs or courier service. Current situation drugs are binned, job complete, nobody is charged.

New legislation (on par with everywhere else in the country). The police take possession of the drugs, take them to the intended recipient in an operation and nab Mr Tran.

belray 9:54 am 06 Jul 08

tybreaker said :

yeah cos recipients of drugs are the big fish in the whole drug chain.

If you don’t have a distribution network or a way of getting a product (in this case poisionous drugs) to the potential buyers, explain how the big fish can profit?? Once it becomes common knowledge in the potential buyer ranks that it may be a cop they are buying from, the potential buyer may think twice.

I agree with the general sentiment of the majority of the posts thus far; if it stops one teenager from ruining their life I am in full support of it…….

Bundybear 9:25 am 06 Jul 08

There are moments in time where someone genuinely needs the noise made by these drongos to bring a significant wrong to the attention of the public. Sadly, they spend so much time demanding we honour the right of some deviant, drug pusher, or axe murderer to not be punished in a nasty way for their evil acts, that we have usually stopped listening. FFS, this is a law to enable cops to catch murdering bastards whose sole motivation is to get rich at the expense – read life – of anyone young or stupid or vulnerable enough to think that being cool and taking drugs is worth being dead. Or worse, being alive and addicted to this shit. All the rights, none of the responsibility.

Pesty 9:04 am 06 Jul 08

So what if they do go undercover to entrap the receipients? Anything that adds to the risk of being caught in possession or attempting to possess drugs is good IMO. I would rather my teenager was caught-out trying to buy this shit rather than have her hooked on it. What we are dealing with here is not trying to catch out someone driving 10ks over the speed limit, this is potentially life ruining drugs aimed mainly at our kids. A special place in hell for ALL those who deal in the stuff (not the cops) I say.

Jonathon Reynolds 8:41 am 06 Jul 08

I like the way the civil libertarians justify their position in the ABC story by saying:

“The legislation on its face appears to be authorisation of activities that could constitute entrapment activities by law enforcement officers”

Given that it is already illegal to either be in possession or purchase Ice, Meth and E, how is this entrapment? If you are a law abiding citizen this legislation will never affect you.

My only concern is that it targets users and does nothing to stem and restrict the actual supply and source of the drugs in the first place.

tybreaker 8:17 am 06 Jul 08

yeah cos recipients of drugs are the big fish in the whole drug chain.

Weaselburger 7:51 am 06 Jul 08


TAD 3:46 am 06 Jul 08

It’s controlled delivery legislation. Basically the power for the police to continue a drug delivery after drugs have been intercepted to nab the recipient. Without this legislation there is difficulty in prosecuting the recipients of anything if police have replaced the drugs with fake drugs.

Police will not be selling drugs out of a Mr Whippy van in Civic to entrap the public.

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