Ice, Meth and E soon to be sold by the cops

paperboy 13 July 2008 163

ABC recently reported that the laws are being upgraded in the ACT to allow our local police to possess and sell drugs.

It brings our laws into line with other states, allowing officers to buy and sell drugs, without fear of being prosecuted themselves for possessing the illegal substance.

It’s probably surprising they haven’t had this power before now, but when the laws are passed, it will certainly change the atmosphere in and around many of Canberra’s better known nightclubs. Not to mention a few of the city’s dark lanes and back streets.

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Special G Special G 7:55 pm 12 Jul 08

Damn, you two need to get a room.

All dealers sell drugs because it makes money. It’s as simple as that. Saying they sell to support a habit is still selling to get money to fund the other habit. Some people go to work – others trash lives.

DMD – if you know as many dealers that are friends or aquiantences as you say. I am putting you in the same boat as them – absolute gutter trash. but wait I will explain my reasoning.

You see drug dealers selling – making a few bucks and quite happily let it happen even though you are well aware of the social impacts of drug use on recreational users/junkies/the rest of the community that has to deal with them.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 7:41 pm 12 Jul 08

I brought it up Farq, earlier somewhere down the line. Spidey, yes, I agree, a good amount of bigger drug dealers are in it for the money.

A world of legalized drugs would not be the best. OD’s will still happen, families torn apart blah blah blah, I said this. But this stuff is all happening now. As Farq said, tens of thousands of adults in Canberra will be getting high. Has the war on drugs stopped that?

Spideydog Spideydog 7:07 pm 12 Jul 08

Oh and DMD, The vast majority of drug dealers are in it for the money. Burglary and other crimes (including small time dealing) are generally the money makers for “junkies”(I did not mean that ALL drug dealers are ONLY in it for themoney)

Spideydog Spideydog 6:54 pm 12 Jul 08

Drugs is not an activity that only affects the user even if it was legalised and “controlled and delivered” by governments. The social and health issues remain. Governments will NEVER endorse drug use…plain and simple. Imagine drug OD’s in an government endorsed drug program (Sorry, you will never elliminate OD’s)

People need repercussions for thier drug use…the courts don’t currently provide that.

Drugs destroy lives, familes and communities and i will not endorse drug use. But that is my opinion, based on first hand observations..

farq farq 6:16 pm 12 Jul 08

jeez. Will you two kiss and make up already. It’s just a internet forum, stop the dcik measuring.

Bill Hicks was a legend who talked with logic and heart. Only drug he was addicted too was smoking. Limbaugh is a bitter old conservative who hates all those who don’t follow his line of thinking (sounds like vg).

And I notice no one has addressed the issue of personal choice. Who cares what people do if no one else is affected.

Tens of thousands of adults in the ACT will be getting high tonight. Good luck locking them all up.

Without drugs we would not have the White album, nuff said.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 5:59 pm 12 Jul 08

Btw, it’s the Basement or the Pot, I’ll be alternating. Social occasions stuff.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 5:58 pm 12 Jul 08

Sepico, although your pretty much correct about everything else and I agree with you, controlled deliveries do happen.


bigfeet bigfeet 5:42 pm 12 Jul 08

serpico said :

VG,You did’nt answer the last paragraph of my post 149.But I certainly got an ear full from you about Controlled delivery.That bullshit would’nt happen in real life.I think you have been watching to many episodes of Miami Vice.

I thought he did answer it, in 151 where VG said “my personal belief is that Police officers who sell drugs illegally and are caught should be held to a higher level than those who are not.”

And if you think controlled deliverys never happen you obvious don’t watch the news or read the papers (or you just read the Canberra Times)… they happen on an almost weekly basis all over Australia

vg vg 5:30 pm 12 Jul 08


Serpico, read the news. Happens every week.

Druggies are weak human beings, full stop

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 5:07 pm 12 Jul 08

Serpico and Spidey, you’re both right and wrong. People deal drugs for a variety of reasons. I’ve certainly known of a few dealers who were dealing weed to fund harder addictions and I’m sure it’s the same with dealing harder drugs in some cases. There’s also a shit-load of people, including some cops (I’ve only heard, so don’t quote me) that sell for monetary gain.


My Final Stance: The War on Drugs is a failure because it only increases the price of drugs, encouraging property crime and it puts addicts at risk by having no control over the contents of illicit substances. It also puts more money into the hands of hardened criminals who inflict a vast amount of other hurt on society as well

Spideydog Spideydog 4:41 pm 12 Jul 08

If you really believe junkies SELL drugs to feed thier habit and not for monetry gain, you are a little bit naive…. Junkies BUY drugs to feed thier habit, drug dealers sell drugs to make money…simple.

What do you mean by “that bullshit wouldn’t happen in real life” ? What are you talking about? If you are talking about “controlled deliveries” Sorry to tell you, but it happens frequently in the other jurisdictions and federally.

serpico serpico 3:47 pm 12 Jul 08

VG,You did’nt answer the last paragraph of my post 149.But I certainly got an ear full from you about Controlled delivery.That bullshit would’nt happen in real life.I think you have been watching to many episodes of Miami Vice.

vg vg 1:26 pm 12 Jul 08

….and this is all explained in the legislation, both ACT and Commonwealth. Here’s some excerpts from the Bill for the Commonwealth Legislation. Straight off the net so none of this is a secret

“New section 15H defines a controlled operation. A controlled operation is an operation involving law enforcement officers, carried out in order to obtain evidence that may lead to the prosecution of a person for an offence against section 233B of the Customs Act 1901 or an associated offence. Such an operation may involve law enforcement officers in conduct that, if not excused by the Bill, would constitute a narcotics goods offence.”

No doubt the ACT act wil include ACT drug offences

“New section 15J provides that a certificate authorising a controlled operation must be obtained from the Commissioner, a Deputy Commissioner or an Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police or a member of the National Crime Authority.”

and finally

” Before granting an authorising certificate, the authorising officer must be satisfied of all of the following matters:

* that he or she has been given any information known to the applicant about the nature and quality of the relevant narcotic goods,
* that the target of the controlled operation would be likely to commit a relevant offence whether or not the controlled operation occurs,
* that the controlled operation will make it easier to obtain evidence that will lead to a prosecution,
* that any narcotic goods in Australia at the end of the controlled operation will be under the control of an Australian law enforcement officer. “

As stated, no doubt the ACT act will mirror certain aspects of the above with respect to ACT offences.

And the most important part for you once again, before everyone screams ‘entrapment’ and ‘police selling drugs’ in an uneducated fashion.

“that the target of the controlled operation would be likely to commit a relevant offence whether or not the controlled operation occurs”

And to expand on my last, my personal belief is that Police officers who sell drugs illegally and are caught should be held to a higher level than those who are not. Same for anyone else involved in law enforcement.

Maybe now people can pull their heads out of their posterior and lose the hysteria

vg vg 12:37 pm 12 Jul 08

Police who deal in drugs illegally should be locked up.

If you are directing that comment towards the title of this thread you really have no idea what you’re talking about. Controlled operations have nothing to do with Police selling drugs. Do some research on what a controlled operation is. Here’s an easy one for you.

Man A in Amsterdam mails 1000 ecstasy tabs to man B in Canberra. Customs intercepts the said package on its way into the country and detects the drugs, then refers it to the Police. In order for the Police to allow the drugs to reach their final destination they must get a controlled ops certificate as, according to the High Court case of Ridgway, they could be interpreted as being part of the importation by not stopping it.

They get a controlled ops certificate indemnifying their ‘role’ and said package is monitored and delivered to man B. Police then take appropriate action when said package is dealt with by man B.

Nothing to do with selling drugs. Change your tag to Einstein

serpico serpico 11:57 am 12 Jul 08

VG,It appears that you have great knowledge about the drug business.So all drug addicts and drug dealers should be locked up.So what punishment should be given to police who deal in drugs.What’s worse a junkie selling drugs to feed his habit or a policeman selling drugs for monetery gain.

vg vg 10:42 am 12 Jul 08

Or because DMD says its over the mods think so too

This site has gone completely to insipid poop

vg vg 10:40 am 12 Jul 08


So DMDs invitations to clash in the above are OK

“Also, if you honestly want to talk about this face to face, feel free to come down to the Pot or the Basement this Saturday night. See the bands too (there’ll be some good ones). Just look for the 6?4-5 guy with a full dark beard and short hair. I hope you have fun.”

But my invitation to a civilised confrontation aren’t

Nice to see the consistency in moderation. Apparently DMD’s juvenile insults and barbs are OK but the right to respond is edited and moderated so as to disappear.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 11:00 pm 11 Jul 08

Compare the crime rates in San Diego with somewhere like Detroit, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Oakland or St Louis, then, douche-bag.

Yeah, I’d rather ask someone who knew what he was talking about. You don’t even seem to know sh-t about crime. You have obviously been lying to everyone about your service in the police force. Did you want to be just like the big boys at the PCYC? Wanted a life more than writing cheques on the internet your fat arse can’t cash? Please turn left down the corridor to the lame failure room.

I think this discussion is over. There is no point in trying to hold a civil conversation with a cop-wannabe who has no understanding of people outside his minuscule mental sphere.

vg vg 10:44 pm 11 Jul 08

Based on what your good ol’ uncle told you.

Did Daddy tell you Santa wasn’t real yet.

Some people do, some people have to ask those who do. Have a guess who I might have been spending all my time with whilst in the US, maybe people who know a boat load about the drug problems in their cities?

You got caught out big time on San Diego reference, even more so when this line comes straight from their stats

“However, while burglaries and larceny/thefts were lower than the national average, vehicle thefts were twice as high as the national average.”

Learn some geography and travel outside your own town once in a while you dilettante. I never said I was an expert (you love making this crap up) but someone who has been there once knows a lot more than you, I have been there a lot more than that and had the opportunity to see a lot more than what the average tourist does because of my background..

Keep swinging away champ, you’ll hit the ball eventually. Ask your uncle how to do it

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 10:35 pm 11 Jul 08

I’ll be there regardless.

I was talking about a safer city – San Diego is one of the safer ones and a popular tourist destination.

I’m no expert on the US…but nor are you, it seems. In fact, you seem a little naive. Crack is very easy to buy in many poorer downtown areas. That is why the War on Drugs is an failure. Just like you.

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