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Immigration Bridge marches on

By johnboy - 22 July 2009 33

ABC 666 has just had an Immigration Bridge spokesman on promising that their long march will not be deterred by widespread dislike for their project here in Canberra where they want it built.

Still taking donations for the bridge for the bridge and having spent some coin they’re now exploring alternatives.

One such being alternative to their earlier proposal is a suspension bridge which would at least remove pylons from the lake.

A suspension Immigration Bridge

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UPDATE: The ABC’s report is now available:

    Immigration Bridge Australia campaign director Andrew Baulch says the group is now working on a new design, with a suspension bridge as one option.

    “We’ll be looking at minimising the number of objects that are in the water, ” he said.

    “We will have intense consultation and try to carry everybody ahead with us,” he said.

    “If at the end of the day that is not possible obviously we’ll have to look at an alternative site but this whatever happens the project will go ahead and it’ll be a great project for Canberra.”

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33 Responses to
Immigration Bridge marches on
Postalgeek 3:33 pm 22 Jul 09

I think something that hampers the passage of boats is entirely appropriate in the case of Australian immigration.

ant 3:06 pm 22 Jul 09

I see they are continuing to pointedly ignore my suggestion of a mud and carp watching memorial immigration tube.


peterh 3:02 pm 22 Jul 09

There would be better ways to celebrate immigration to australia, a walk between acton ferry terminal and the museum with plaques for each family would have a better response, and not impede the boat craft use on the lake, including the touristy ferry, and the paddle steamer. the bridge isn’t going to to be much fun in the heat of summer, or the cold of winter, regardless of how they try to sell it to us.

trevar 2:47 pm 22 Jul 09

I know: why don’t they build the Immigration Bridge between Kupang (in West Timor) and Broome? Makes much more sense: after all, who wants to migrate from the Northside to the Southside?

Morgan 1:31 pm 22 Jul 09

I’m just not seeing any kind of programmatic specificity coming out of the bridge lobby…

neanderthalsis 1:16 pm 22 Jul 09

mred said :

Perhaps they should consider a tunnel. 🙂

Or a labyrinth under the lake. The twist and turns could represent the bureaucratic tangle that is our immigration laws and in every dead end passage you could have a bogan draped in a flag yelling go back to where you came from.

Peewee Slasher 12:47 pm 22 Jul 09

Go to submissions on this link – makes interesting reading, especially IBA’s claim that NCA have approved it.

GB 12:41 pm 22 Jul 09

How about an immigration monorail?

More seriously:

1) because of idiots throwing rocks at cars, we have to install ugly screens on all our bridges. How about we make those screens a celebration of immigration?

2) what about making the Tharwa Immigration Bridge? At least it goes somewhere…

mred 12:39 pm 22 Jul 09

Well said Morgan, in particular on:

2. I question the aesthetics of putting a structure like that in that location
4. It destroys the amenity of the Lake for users of the lake (boating etc)

Perhaps they should consider a tunnel. 🙂

Wraith 12:23 pm 22 Jul 09


Skidbladnir 12:22 pm 22 Jul 09

Its still trying to seperate immigrants from their cash by selling them a bridge. In particular, one they don’t have the authority to sell.

As warm and tingly as their chosen marks\target audience might feel about the idea, its still a confidence scam (pig in a poke, specifically) until they get NCA approval.

Thumper 12:20 pm 22 Jul 09

It’s privately funded.

Wraith 12:13 pm 22 Jul 09

Yeah, more of our money wasted on something that many don’t want, I fail to see to the point. Maybe they could use some the proposed savings out of Jon’s advertising bucket now….

astrojax 11:59 am 22 Jul 09

no. 4. is presumably dealt with by the non-pylon suggestion. as for 2., i rekkun it could be a great thing, and also provide access from the south to acton peninsula without the lengthy trek round via c’wealth ave.

i also rekkun that the concept of a grand scale memorial / icon to the waves of immigration that had such a significant effect on australia, and on the definition of ‘australia / australian’ is itself worth pursuing – whether or no you consider this to be the way to express it.

build it and they will come – rekkun it will get a lot of traffic, to speak to no. 3.

Morgan 11:35 am 22 Jul 09

To my mind, I don’t understand the bridge. I think the following points sum up my main points of quandry.

1. What is it for, who is the benificiary of the bridge
2. I question the aesthetics of putting a structure like that in that location
3. I dont see the bridge being used by many people
4. It destroys the amenity of the Lake for users of the lake (boating etc)
5. Its a lot of money for a bridge that has no identifiable need

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