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Inner North scumbags

Ari 12 April 2006 19

It seems some scumbags have been indulging in carjacking at Lyneham.

They are piss-poor drivers, too.

What’s Your opinion?

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Inner North scumbags
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shauno 3:13 am 14 Apr 06

In Saudi a mate who worked there for a few years said that during half time at soccer matches the mad mullers would come out and behead a few people as part of the half time festivities.
Also if you were nearby a public execution the lunatic religous police would heard the people from the streets with big sticks and make you watch a few heads get rolled. Apparently the crime rates there a pretty low.

che 2:47 pm 13 Apr 06

theres no wimen at this stoning is there? No, No, No

get them jobs, giving people employment and a sense of purpose is a good way of cleaning places up, unfortunately the jobs they’ll want they wont get, unless they get on the next series of Big Brother that is

Binker 2:17 pm 13 Apr 06

Or maybe just a good old fashioned stoning then at everyone can participate and instead of burying the crook up to his/her neck and the stoning them we could give them a 10 minute head start and then chase them down.

re: richo if society has excluded a person where is the incentive to comply with societies rules. The once excluded the incentive is to join a different society (ie criminal society) and comply with its rules. (All very “Shame and Reintegration” Braithwaite/Sherman)

barking toad 2:07 pm 13 Apr 06

I the true tradition of Easter :

Nail ’em up I say!

Sssanta 1:58 pm 13 Apr 06

fences. thunderdome. Gladiator style combat. Crowds, money and fun!

richopesto 1:37 pm 13 Apr 06

lots of people are close to the point here – I think a large part is based on self esteem, or lack of it.
I dabbled in the grey underbelly of wayward Inner North activity in the past and most of the folks I crossed paths with simply have no pride in themselves, or the value of their beliefs.
You wouldnt believe how many times i have heard “Im alwez gunna be a junkie, cause me bruvver was….and I ‘ll go to gaol too coz all me bruvvers have..” and various permutataions of a defeatist attitude.
I got sprung for hitting someone once and had to go to an ‘anger management course’…more of the same low self esteem from participants (some of whom I knew from the aforementioned group)

So, how to solve the crime problem? I dunno. But saying ‘g’day’ with some sincerity to the next junkie you pass might help. (I still wouldnt give ’em money though.)

Option B – gaol the parents !


erewego 1:36 pm 13 Apr 06

Its about time this government stepped up to the plate, to demand compulsory organ harvesting from the hordes of the naughty.

Binker 12:37 pm 13 Apr 06

Flogging? That’s soooo 1790’s. With the advances in technology and anatomical knowledge surely something much more entertaining can be found, maybe we need to get in some consultants from South America. And since it is bound to draw a crowd it would be remiss of the govt not to charge at least a token fee.

bonfire 12:24 pm 13 Apr 06

im in favour of public floggings and thrashings, preferably in Garema Place.

a pair of stocks would be nice as well.

pointless having crime prevention measures.

make crims aware of the outcomes of their actions.

Special G 9:11 am 13 Apr 06

Feeling of neglect and dispair, my arse. Had you thought thought that a lot of these people like not having to work for money, like stealing cars and running from Police, like breaking into houses, like shooting crap up their arm.

I’ve been to units at Allawah flats that were well looked after and presented nicely, also in a prime location. People with a bit of pride in how they live and the willingness to do something about it. Cleanliness and working for a living for example.

VYBerlinaV8 8:58 am 13 Apr 06

I work a couple of buildings up from Fenner Hall towards Dickson, and routinely walk into the city for lunch. I regularly see drunken shouting and criminal activities at lunchtime.

Binker 1:23 am 13 Apr 06

A complex and multi faceted problem (crime that is). My simplistic suggestion (to join the other simplistic suggestions in the thread) is: jails that rehabilitate (as opposed to brutalise/ or provide further training in the dark arts), well run non-custodial options to rehabilitate criminals and the state becoming highly interventionist in families (eg every family gets a social worker poking their nose into everything the family does) in order to alleviate the sexual, emotional, and physical abuse of children (all good predictors or later [or concurrent] antisocial behaviour).

Absent Diane 11:40 pm 12 Apr 06

I sincerely doubt that our crime problem is a result of people thinking “oh the sentencing’s light, why not?” but rather a result of the absolute feeling of neglect and despair that pervades certain housing projects.

Its all part of it…… I actually paid a visit to a down and out friend living at havlock… having nevre been there it was quite an eye opener… it is a very destructive place a lot of very bad people hanging out there… and the general public normally deems me a very bad people.. so it’s pretty hardcore… thankfully my mate is getting out of there…

Kieran 9:48 pm 12 Apr 06

Ahh, Canberra’s inner north, it really is a delighful place to live. I’m at Fenner Hall, one of our resident’s was stabbed by a would be mugger behind the rex a couple of days ago. This one’s hilarious, the would be mugger stabbed the person in question three times, and then demanded her handbag. A person accompanying the victem then kicked the would be mugger in the head, the mugger fled.

Luckily the victem only required a few stitches.

The owners of a nearby shop were mugged and beaten up in broad daylight a couple of months ago, the corner store around the road from Fenner has absurd theft problems.

Cars are routinely broken into or stolen from our carpark.

The inner north really is a crap place to live at times.

Despite the rather crime ridden place in which I find myself living (Braddon, not Fenner Hall), I’m still a fan of crime prevention measures as opposed to tougher sentencing.

I sincerely doubt that our crime problem is a result of people thinking “oh the sentencing’s light, why not?” but rather a result of the absolute feeling of neglect and despair that pervades certain housing projects.

Thumper 4:32 pm 12 Apr 06


I wonder what sentence they’ll get.

They probably had a father who once knew a guy who was married to someone who’s auntie was deprived of ice cream as a child. Sounds like a defence to me.

Community service anyone?

Gutless low life who don’t deserve to be part of our community, or anyone else’s for that matter. String them up by the balls.

VYBerlinaV8 4:30 pm 12 Apr 06

The best plan is to grab the carjacker by the arm and start driving. They generally drop off by 60 km/h.

Absent Diane 4:10 pm 12 Apr 06

Well given the act’s criminal justice record.. wouldn’t you be going out on a crime spree

lucie_123 2:59 pm 12 Apr 06

There’s a stolen and crashed car sitting outside my house (in Reid) that some idiot crashed into the fire hydrant. I’ve heard of lots of cars being stolen recently, too. I guess these idiots really don’t have anything better to do with their time.

Sssanta 1:16 pm 12 Apr 06

nice work you three fucking wankers

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