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International Day of Action on climate change 4-NOV-06

By Kerces - 30 October 2006 29

This arrived in an environmentally-friendly manner in my email this morning:

Come and join in the Walk Against Warming on the International Day of Action on Climate Change.

Saturday November 4th 2006: 12 noon in Civic.

WHERE: starting at Civic Square, ACT Legislative Assembly

WHAT: fun walk to Glebe Park for speakers and entertainment (George’s band is performing on the day – lots of sweet bongo drumming)

BRING: Family, friends, kids, bikes, banners, colerful umbrellas, placards, sunflowers and a picnin lunch.

DON’T FORGET: hat, sunscreen, water.

NOTE: There are walks all around Australia so visit to find out where you can join the growing number of people demanding real action on climate change through:

-Renewable energy
-Legislated targets
-Better public transport

Co-ordinated by the Conservation Council. For more info or 026247 7807

This day of action coincides with UN talks and rallies all around the world.

Everyday Australians are getting active and local groups are forming across Australia to ask governments to act to stop global warming. Join or start a group now! A local Canberran group already exists- the climate Recovery Coalition (CRC). It meets fortnightly to plan activities and is coordinated by the Conservation Council CCSERAC. To find out about the CRC and what else you can do visit:

Visit for more links.

I also encourage everyone to see The Inconvenient Truth. An Al Gore film about climate change. It will shock you and hopefully make you act to reduce your impact on this fragile earth. If you send the movie ticket stubs away apparently Al Gore will give the money back to show he wasn’t making the film for money. My sister knows the details so e-mail me if you want and I’ll get the details.

Remember- everyone can make a difference. For more infor about the movie and how you can help visit:

Pass this on to all your friends. This is our world we are destroying- we can’t ignore it any longer. Stand up and fight climate change and influence government and industry to make positive changes to save our planet

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29 Responses to
International Day of Action on climate change 4-NOV-06
Ralph 10:28 pm 30 Oct 06

What an absolute crock of shit. Years from now our grandchildren will laugh at how obsessed we were with this climate change furphy, and how trying to avoid it reduced economic growth and standards of living – particularly for developing countries.

Left wing ideologues – start your screeching – I’m up for another stoush….

barking toad 3:25 pm 30 Oct 06

I hope the hippies sarcasm meters are working otherwise there’ll be some fits of apoplexy as they read this

el 1:55 pm 30 Oct 06

Easier to just set fire to the old oil, VY, doesn’t make so much mess that way. It means I can get rid of the old plastic oil bottle, too.

Thumper 1:31 pm 30 Oct 06

As well as cigarette butts and plastic bags so turtles have something to munch on.

VYBerlinaV8 1:23 pm 30 Oct 06

Be sure to tip the old oil down the storm water drain.

el 1:05 pm 30 Oct 06

A clean mix of bleach and clothes detergent…

Thumper 12:37 pm 30 Oct 06

And then washed off with a non biodegradable detergent….

el 12:36 pm 30 Oct 06

Goes without saying. The driveway will undoubtedly need a thorough degreasing, too.

snahon 12:24 pm 30 Oct 06

Hand wash on the concrete driveway I hope el 🙂

el 12:05 pm 30 Oct 06

I’d love to come, but I’ll be doing an oil change on my old V8 Berlina, then it’ll probably need a wash.

barking toad 11:51 am 30 Oct 06

More tree hugging hippie crap that the apostles will attend to make them feel good.

Wonder how many will drive to the walk?

Do these kiddies really think that the gubmint can change the weather?

simto 11:38 am 30 Oct 06

Cricket match kicks off at 3. So theoretically people can make both if they want to.

S4anta 11:32 am 30 Oct 06

Kinda ironic, considering all the hot air that will produced will be quite harnful to the atmosphere that they intent on helping.

Great idea, none the less.

Thumper 11:30 am 30 Oct 06

Isn’t that the day of the RA backyard cricket match?

Ari 11:17 am 30 Oct 06

Will it be on TV cos it’s going to pretty tiring walking around in the heat?

I’d rather sit inside with the aircon on and watch it on the plasma TV.

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