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International Day of Action on climate change 4-NOV-06

By Kerces 30 October 2006 29

This arrived in an environmentally-friendly manner in my email this morning:

Come and join in the Walk Against Warming on the International Day of Action on Climate Change.

Saturday November 4th 2006: 12 noon in Civic.

WHERE: starting at Civic Square, ACT Legislative Assembly

WHAT: fun walk to Glebe Park for speakers and entertainment (George’s band is performing on the day – lots of sweet bongo drumming)

BRING: Family, friends, kids, bikes, banners, colerful umbrellas, placards, sunflowers and a picnin lunch.

DON’T FORGET: hat, sunscreen, water.

NOTE: There are walks all around Australia so visit to find out where you can join the growing number of people demanding real action on climate change through:

-Renewable energy
-Legislated targets
-Better public transport

Co-ordinated by the Conservation Council. For more info or 026247 7807

This day of action coincides with UN talks and rallies all around the world.

Everyday Australians are getting active and local groups are forming across Australia to ask governments to act to stop global warming. Join or start a group now! A local Canberran group already exists- the climate Recovery Coalition (CRC). It meets fortnightly to plan activities and is coordinated by the Conservation Council CCSERAC. To find out about the CRC and what else you can do visit:

Visit for more links.

I also encourage everyone to see The Inconvenient Truth. An Al Gore film about climate change. It will shock you and hopefully make you act to reduce your impact on this fragile earth. If you send the movie ticket stubs away apparently Al Gore will give the money back to show he wasn’t making the film for money. My sister knows the details so e-mail me if you want and I’ll get the details.

Remember- everyone can make a difference. For more infor about the movie and how you can help visit:

Pass this on to all your friends. This is our world we are destroying- we can’t ignore it any longer. Stand up and fight climate change and influence government and industry to make positive changes to save our planet

What’s Your opinion?

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International Day of Action on climate change 4-NOV-06
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i think research suggests that an ice age is expected in the next 10 000 years or so..but could happen as soon as 10 years. No-one really knows.. and I guess if you take the perspective that we are fucked either way.. then who cares. or we could take the perspective of cutting a loss now and saving all these fossil fuels for when we really need them.

my bet is still on supervolcano.

Ralph 9:24 am 01 Nov 06

Seems a bit silly to me when we have abundant reserves of coal and nautral gas. But it always intrigues me how we’ve had solar technology now for over 50 years and it still hasn’t become economic beyond very small scale applications.

But I agree what you say some scientists think we are very close to entering another ice age. It’s extremely difficult to point out what’s human induced and what’s not.

Interestingly, there was an article in I think New Scientist and a couple of other of those magazine type journals a month or two ago showing that all the other planets in the solar system are heating up as well!!!

Thumper 8:04 am 01 Nov 06

Ralph is correct in statement about China and India.

They will not change and why should they? They have vast populations of peasantry that is now emerging into a middle class and with middle class comes the trappings of vehicles, heating, air conditioning and a better life in general.

Why would they want to go back to a medieval lifestyle for the good of the planet?

And by this I am not criticising India and China, just pointing out a fact.

Interestingly I believe the planet is in an interstadial period, that is, the period of change between two ice ages, so it is quite possible that the climate change we see today is a natural fluxation.

However, having said that, I still think we, the human race in general, are contributing to this climate change in ways that we cannot even comprehend and as such, alternative sources of cleaner energy need to be found.

I’m always intrigued that in a country such as ours, where the sun shine 360 days a year, that we have not poured vast amounts of money into R&D for solar energy.

Surely its a better prospect than wind.

Ralph 7:51 am 01 Nov 06

Yes that’s right – consumption is evil…mmmm yep.

Howard hasn’t changed his position on climate change over the past two weeks, but he has managed to get a few lefties hook line and sinker. This is what he said last night:

“Clearly, if we can reach an understanding between all of the world’s major emitters and all of the nations of the world, it is possible to have an international emissions trading system.

“That is a path forward to which this Government is committed.”

These are not new words. He can huff and puff all he likes but he’s smiling like a chesire cat underneath as he knows an agreement including all the worlds major emitters and all the nations of the world is never going to happen.

There is no way China and India are going to sign on to any multilateral agreement which curbs their economic growth and standards of living. Meanwhile, if we choose to go it alone, they will laugh themselves silly as we decrease our competitiveness on global markets. They’ll also gladly take any money or technologies the west may donate to them and promptly piss it up the wall.

seepi 10:24 pm 31 Oct 06

Living sustainably = does no harm
Over consumption = ? noone knows – it’s a gamble.

Ralph 5:15 pm 31 Oct 06

Australia’s climate has waxed and waned from wet to dry period that can last up to 50 years at a time. For christ’s sake we can’t even forecast the weather with any accuracy seven days out….

There are plenty of scientists out there who dispute climate change, and consequently seen as pariahs. Funny through history its been the pariahs who have made the major breakthroughs.

Berate me all you want, I used to work in this field and know the science and I am coming at this from an economics perspective. It is ludicrous to throw money at something where the impacts and potential costs and benefits are highly uncertain. Look at Bjorn Lomborg on Wikipedia for a different point of view.

At this stage in the electoral cycle Howard always starts throwing a bit of money around and huffing and puffing about all sorts of things recently it’s been money for stupid solar panels and throwing money at apprenticeships.

barking toad 5:07 pm 31 Oct 06

This will be the mayor’s next attempt to strut the world stage as he uses our scarce financial resources to try and set up a carbon trading scheme for the ACT to jump on the bandwagon of the climate alarmists.

30 odd years ago these alarmist types were telling us how the sky was falling as we entered a new ice age. Now the sky is falling because of global warming (although that term is out of favour, it’s now climate change – to allow for the cold snaps like last week).

The tree hugging hippies won’t be happy until we all live in caves and eat roots and leaves but they’ll puff their chests out and tell all and sundry how they’ve done their bit by going on a walk against warming as they drive home to whack on the aircon ‘cos it’s too hot.

The planet has been going through warming and cooling periods for millions of years. This extended period of hot, dry weather is part of nature – it’s called the weather.

Kyoto, carbon trading and all the talk of minimising our carbon footprint is just gay.

Mr_Shab 2:21 pm 31 Oct 06

I don’t know if Canberra is generating the kind of heat or increased albedo that would have much effect on the climate. That’s just an opinion, Mr E, and I’m happy to be proved wrong.

Mr Evil 1:56 pm 31 Oct 06

The local climate in Canberra will no doubt have been affected somewhat by the expansion of the city over the past 20-30 years, although I also believe that global warming has something to do with this too.

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