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Get RSM on your side at tax time.


By lunation - 20 May 2006 25


With Animal Communicator Billie Dean

10am – 5pm, Saturday 27th May, $130

@ Lunation Magick & Occult Store

Bookings Essential

Introduction to Animal Communication

Do you want to learn the silent language of telepathic animal communication? Do you want to delve into the spiritual and psychic world of animals? Maybe you just want to better understand your animal friends and their behaviour.

Then Billie’s “Animal Communication” workshop is for you!

Course outline:
In Communicating with Animals, animal mystic and communicator Billie Dean will not only teach you how to communicate with animals and nature, but also introduce you to the fascinating psychic and spiritual world of animals.
Learn how they want us to live with them, their viewpoint on life with humans, how to solve behavioural challenges, what they want to eat, and what messages they bring. By learning to listen to the natural world, our lives can be enhanced tremendously and so can theirs.

The course includes fun methods to open and exercise your psychic abilities, learning through storytelling from Billie¹s 40 odd years of communicating with animals and nature, and lots of practical work.

Please bring at least two photos of animals you know well, either in spirit or living, writing notebook and pens. Please don¹t bring your animal companions.

Billie will also have on sale her children¹s books, DVD¹s of her films and
her CD all which promote greater affinity with animals and nature.

Bookings essential:

@ LUNATION Magick and Occult Store
Shop 12, Level 1, Unit 108 Bunda St
Canberra City, ACT 2600
For details, phone (02) 6257 2492 .
Cost: $130

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25 Responses to
Big Al 1:39 pm 22 May 06

You’re dogs smater than you give it credit for. The Beaconsfield Mine is owned by Macquarie Bank – If you were looking to invest in equities you could certainly do worse than them. As for petrol coming down …

Mr Evil 1:30 pm 22 May 06

My dog isn’t into racing: she’s says it belittles her species to race.

Thumper 11:47 am 22 May 06

Wow, my dog can’t tell me that.

But she can tell me when she’s hungry, which is the time when she’s not asleep…

Absent Diane 10:42 am 22 May 06

your dog rocks… can I race it

Mr Evil 10:34 am 22 May 06

My dog has just told me to invest heavily in Beaconsfield Mining Company shares, and that the price of oil will fall to 69c/litre at 2pm tomorrow.

Indi 10:20 am 22 May 06

I foresee this course becoming very popular down at community college.

atnasS 9:44 am 22 May 06

For F**ks sake. Hope it all goes/wemt well. Let me know when you want to come with a bug stick to beat soem sense into these gullible people. Hang on, cant amke it, my horoscope just told me the sky will fall later today.

VYBerlinaV8 9:13 am 22 May 06

This is a great idea – I wish I’d thought of it first. Then I could be fleecing the suckers that have signed up for this!

simto 8:37 am 22 May 06

Good luck to him – the kind of people who are prepared to spend money on this are the kind of people who don’t really deserve to have money in the first place…

Thumper 8:12 am 22 May 06

I guess Murray my fish will tell me that he can’t see the TV from his tank….

LurkerGal 5:17 pm 21 May 06

Even I think this is a crock!

vg 6:08 pm 20 May 06

Billie Dean is not my lover
Shes just the girl that claims that I am the one
But the kid is not my son

Binker 5:27 pm 20 May 06

I think Billie needs to double the dose, no I retract that at $130 a head I think Billies sane it’s the customers that need to double the dose.

Mr Evil 5:19 pm 20 May 06

Be quiet, vg: the animals are listening! 🙂

My God, are we all becoming as gulible as Americans?

vg 5:06 pm 20 May 06

OK, I guess I’ll have to be the first.

What a load of shit

“what they want to eat”?????

I’m guessing by the fact that both my dogs devour their food in milliseconds that I had that part wrapped up. Tell you what, I’ll run a short course in ‘what dogs want to eat’ and only charge $20/head……any takers?

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