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iPhone repairers in Canberra

By Genie - 5 July 2010 44

Ok guys so I’ve done what most people with an iPhone have done.

I dropped it and smashed the screen.

My insurance wont cover it and I can send it away for about $500 and it will take 6-8 weeks to get fixed (NO THANKS). My other option is to send it up to Sydney at a much better cost of up to $150 and a 3 business day turnaround.

Stupidly I’m lazy and CBF posting it up to Sydney, its been busted for a good 2-3 months now. (well not that lazy I just keep remembering late in the week to post it where the turnaround has to included the weekend… yeah yeah still less than a week but if your going to have a go at me about that your clearly not an iPhone owner)


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44 Responses to
iPhone repairers in Canberra
WonderfulWorld 9:02 pm 05 Jul 10

Oh the joys of new technology and lack of support options. Good Luck

Dork 7:31 pm 05 Jul 10

I got mine fixed a couple weeks ago and all was going well, except then today i dropped it and the whole screen came out.
but i just pushed it back in, then tapped it a few times, and it seems to have stuck so that’s okay with me.
$150 at the little stall in woden next to the fruit shop and the knife shop.
Though the guy was pretty rude, they were very quick, only half an hour.

Pork Hunt 6:01 pm 05 Jul 10

Sammy said :

Another tidbit for iPhone owners. If you have dust under your screen, and it’s still in warranty, Apple will replace it for free.

Just what I always wanted, free dust…

Davo111 5:24 pm 05 Jul 10

gospeedygo said :

If you do decide to be adventurous and do it yourself try:

another vote for ifixit. I did the replacement battery job using ebay + instructions from ifixit. Now it lasts longer than it did when i got it new!

gospeedygo 3:53 pm 05 Jul 10

If you do decide to be adventurous and do it yourself try:

TAD 1:30 pm 05 Jul 10

If you have no joy locally, I can recommend sending it to

I’ve used them twice and was very happy with the job and turnaround.

Sammy 1:15 pm 05 Jul 10

Another tidbit for iPhone owners. If you have dust under your screen, and it’s still in warranty, Apple will replace it for free.

Lilli 1:10 pm 05 Jul 10

Same story over here.. the glass looks pretty and all but isn’t all that functional!

From memory, the place at Belconnen quoted about $100-$120. It also depends on whether you’ve just smashed the glass or the digitizer as well (does the “touch” still work underneath the glass? If so – then it’s just the glass broken, if not then the digitiser will be gone too). are currently offering replacement 3G/3GS glass digitsers for $100 and only use genuine parts. Good luck 🙂

Genie 11:19 am 05 Jul 10

I’ll keep you posted.. I’ll get it done this week !

Lazy I 11:06 am 05 Jul 10

Definitely keep us updated on how you go. I have one with a smashed screen stored away. Was planning to take it to Brisbane/Sydney with me next time I made the trip as plenty of places there will do a while you wait service (I am also not keen on sending it away).

$300 option isn’t bad.. might end up doing that if no one can be found locally at a decent price.

Genie 10:53 am 05 Jul 10

Hmmm thanks anyway Sammy but my iPhone is only about 6 months old.. The only tatty thing about it is the screen. I’m looking for the cheapest option possible.

I’ll check out the store in Belconnen and find out if they use genuine parts or not, Since i’m most definitely not tech savvy enough to try and fix it myself.

Sammy 10:11 am 05 Jul 10

When my wife smashed hers, Apple replaced it with a fresh one for about $300. They send out a new one, and then you send back the old one in the included reply-paid package, so you are never without a phone. You get a ‘new’ phone (the internals are refurbished, but you’ll never see those), so if your phone was starting to look tatty anyway, this is not a bad option.

You want to go down to “9. My iPhone is not under warranty”. To get the express service, you have to pay the ‘ARS Charge’ (Advance Replacement Service’ and the ‘Out-of-Warranty Service Fee’. The ‘Cover Charge’ gets charged to your credit card if you never send back the broken iPhone.

JessP 9:26 am 05 Jul 10

Think there is a repairer in Woden as well…outisde the 3 phone shop or in that area??

sneaky 8:51 am 05 Jul 10

There’s a little store that sells phone accessories on the top floor of the Belconnen mall (near the concierge) that yesterday I happened to see with a sign saying they can repair broken iphone screens. No idea about price, but I can’t imagine it being that much…

dvaey 8:50 am 05 Jul 10

Depending on how tech-savvy you are, you can buy replacement parts on ebay from Hong Kong, for about $2 and do the job yourself in an hour or two with no labour cost.

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