Is there a doctor in the house?

Woody Mann-Caruso 9 May 2007 19

Our much loved family GP has moved up north, so we’re looking for a new one.

We’d prefer a younger female doctor in the inner south / Civic / Kingston / Manuka who could handle an early thirty-something couple with a new baby and who isn’t into seven-minute medicine.

However, to make this worthwhile for everybody, please feel free to make a plug for your doc if you think they’re something special, or if you think they’re good in a particular aspect of general practice like prenatal care, mental health, nutrition, weight loss, whatever.


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19 Responses to Is there a doctor in the house?
charliemack charliemack 6:38 pm 27 May 11

Dr Leung and Dr French at Waramanga, both lovely young lady doctors (Dr French has children herself I think) and Dr Leung has a special interest in Children’s health… I’ve taken my young children there and both are excellent I think! good luck!

girliesmummy girliesmummy 12:37 pm 26 May 11

Our favourite GP (Dr Antonio DiDio) appears to have left the practice we frequent – Foundation Healthcare Erindale in Wanniassa. Anyone know where he might be practising now (assuming of course that he is still in Canberra)?

DuffyMum DuffyMum 10:56 pm 12 May 07

We see Dr Jenny Ross, or Dr Stephen Mendick or Dr Tanya Robertson at Yarralumla Surgery. Both the ladies have pediatric training, and all three never rush us. We’ve been seeing them for the last eight years and are very happy. Getting an appointment normally is not a problem, even on the same day (not necessarily the doctor you specifically want) if needed. Not sure if any of their books are open but it would be worth calling to ask.

I believe there are three or four other GPs that work for this surgery but have never seen any of them for appointments. Most of the GPs that work for this surgery work part time hence why I mentioned that if you need a same day appointment you might see someone else other than the doctor of your choice.

Hope this helps.

BTW we are a family of four with two very young children – they have seen us through everything and have been wonderful.

ant ant 10:17 pm 12 May 07

The Brindabella practice in Queanbeyan has been running ads in our local newsletter saying they welcome new patients.

el el 6:22 pm 12 May 07

I-filed: The new Belconnen Medical Centre also bulk bills, same deal as Phillip (line up and wait), have never been to either so can’t tell you either way what the doctors are like.

VicePope VicePope 2:00 pm 12 May 07

Anyone want to start ranting about this morning’s news story about ACT patients paying the highest gap in the country?

emd emd 1:43 pm 12 May 07

Phillip Medical Centre is open every day (including public holidays) and bulk bills. But they don’t take appts, so you just line up and wait. They also do x-rays and pathology on site.

I like Chifley Family Practice. Dr Patrick Leerdam is really good at getting suspicious toddlers to let him look at their ears/throat, and Dr Rodney Evans has given me better advice on baby/breastfeeding stuff than most midwives.

I-filed I-filed 8:23 pm 10 May 07

Dr Pickup is great but that O’Connor surgery has such long waiting times . And one of Dr Pickup’s colleagues does three-minute consultations whenever he can . One hour and a half waiting and then a three-minute consultation! I moved to Wakefield Gardens where I’ve never waited long and the doctor spends as long with patients as needed. (How she manages that contradiction I don’t know!)
Please can anyone who knows tell us whether there are ANY GPs who bulkbill other than for really poor people?

VicePope VicePope 5:27 pm 10 May 07

Completely out of the right area, but a plug (in case anyone in the area is looking) for Dr Doug Lee and Dr Barbara September in the Erindale Medical Practice. Serious competence, he does acupuncture (and aviation medicine for those who care), appointments take as long as they take and they even give a rat’s about who gets to be a locum. Plus, they both ave fine senses of irony.

ant ant 4:53 pm 10 May 07

I had trouble seeing a GP recently (well, September) as our family one retired a while back. Most GPs were not taking new patients.

Ended up at the ainslie practice, facing the ainslie shops. saw Pam Whelan. She’s a legend! Not as young as the requested age bracket, but she’s an excellent GP. Takes all the time needed, and really goes the extra mile too… she’s thorough and committed. Can’t recommend her highly enough. eg she’s the only doctor who has ever gone through the rigmarole of getting me an epipen (the others would just say “you should get one”).

gun street girl gun street girl 4:28 pm 10 May 07

Canberra’s currently identified as an “area of need” in so far as GP numbers go (one GP for every thousand Canberran, roughly). As such, it’s often really hard to get into the good GPs, because a lot of them have had their books closed for years.

astrojax astrojax 3:38 pm 10 May 07

inner north, but dr elizabeth pickup at o’connor is excellent – has been a wonderful gp to me and family for almost fifteen years now…

good luck – finding a good gp is almost as hard as finding a good hairdresser, innit!

Kerces Kerces 11:47 am 10 May 07

I really liked Dr Annie Lim also, thought she was very good. She’s actually based out of the Bromley Family Practice (I think) at Manuka shops.

bonfire bonfire 9:41 am 10 May 07

when i first started reading this post it looked like a ‘swinging’ couples type ad….

che che 9:22 am 10 May 07

I’ve heard Dr Annie Lim is very good, now based in Kingston, formerly of Hawker shops

herbert herbert 8:47 am 10 May 07

I recommend Dr Richard Mater at the University of Canberra Medical Centre – he has as much time for patients as is needed. He doesn’t dismiss patient problems which he cannot explain. He is a legend!

dorkus mallorkus dorkus mallorkus 7:48 am 10 May 07

I’d second that for Wakefield Gardens.

If you’re open to a male doctor, I’ve always found Kerry McMiken at Kingston Family Surgery to be very good as well.

LaLucha LaLucha 12:15 am 10 May 07

All of the doctors at Wakefield Gardens Surgery, Ainslie are lovely.

kennardly kennardly 10:57 pm 09 May 07

Dr Wright’s office in Civic (London Circuit) has just added a new younger female doctor who my wife said was really nice.

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