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Is this for real?

By S4anta - 21 July 2005 27

I recieved this email this morning;

Don’t go to this restaurant in Dickson EVER !!

Lady’s name (Edited, to save Ssanta’s arse)
Generic Company (Edited, to save Ssanta’s arse)

On Sunday I went to [Upstairs on Woolley st] restaurant in Dickson and found a
cockroach INSIDE my dim sim. My partner was totally grossed out and lost
his appetite for the rest of the day (he had already shoved an entire
dim sim into his mouth before I showed him my special dim sim). We
decided we should inform the ACT health inspectors, not to get anyone in
trouble but to prevent people from getting SICK.

This morning I rang ACT Health Services but I wasn’t sure what good that
would do. I gave them the name of the restaurant, what I found in my
dim sim and the waitresses reaction when I showed her the cockroach.
Anyway, I just received a phone call (3pm) from the health inspector
telling me he had paid the restaurant a surprise visit and found many
cockroaches, dead and alive, in the kitchen. He has issued a notice to
remedy. He also told me he has had to go to this restaurant before about
their toilets. He said that the restaurant was marginal in its standards
and did just enough to stay in business.

What do y’all think?

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Is this for real?
Ari 11:40 am 21 Jul 05

It actually hapened to me, too, at a certain “upstairs” restaurant in Dickson.
Didn’t eat the affected dim sims, but there was a cockroach in the steamer basket.

I showed the waitress, who immediately removed the evidence.

At settling-up time (very shortly afterwards) I asked what was going to be done about the bill … the answer … “10% off”.

Absent Diane 11:17 am 21 Jul 05

sorry – I just know how sensitive everyone is with hoff at the mo and had an opp to exploit that… :))

Maelinar 11:15 am 21 Jul 05

I saw this email that also had an attachment from the health inspectors office verifying the integrity of it.

The email stated that an inspection was conducted, and along with finding numerous live and dead cockroaches in the Kitchen area, there was a record of complaints similar to the file regarding Deb Foskey’s housing in their register.

Unfortunately I deleted it as well.

em 11:14 am 21 Jul 05

I saw this posted by the person who actually went to the restaurant, including restaurant name, in an online forum called Essential Baby (Australian Capital Territory board). Go have a look there if you really want to know the name of the place.

Thumper 11:09 am 21 Jul 05


F*ck hoff with the Hoff jokes….


Absent Diane 11:06 am 21 Jul 05

or is that hoff full or hoff empty

Thumper 11:05 am 21 Jul 05


Yep. You’re very correct….

Always look on the bright side of life. Is the glass half full or half empty?

ssanta 11:03 am 21 Jul 05

Look on the bright side Thump. art least it aint freaking hoff mail!

Thumper 11:00 am 21 Jul 05

I’ve recieved this email about four times from four different sources and frankly I’m sick of it.

Is it true? Who knows…..

gingermick 10:47 am 21 Jul 05

Come on Chris,senior people (and I’m presuming you don’t mean pensioners) could generally do with a cocky or two in ’em.

Absent Diane 10:45 am 21 Jul 05

I think I can guess where it is… I’ve had many a friend get food poisoning from a particular place but not old iron cast gut me

Chris 10:33 am 21 Jul 05

Please, please please, give us a clue forever veiled – I book lunches for senior people and it would be more than my life was worth – let alone my job if this happened to one of them!

ssanta 10:33 am 21 Jul 05

Please insert the word ‘eat’ at your leisure in that last comment

ssanta 10:32 am 21 Jul 05

I think it would be far better to just not eat anything in an upstairs restaurant for a while I guess, seeing that ED has removed the piece.

Perhaps a RA trip to review the restaurant would suffice? That way we can all get to roaches. Personally i prefer somoking them…

bulldog 10:26 am 21 Jul 05

Regular inspections should prevent this sort of stuff happening. It also makes you wonder how the people who run this joint think. They would obviously know they have a pest problem, yet continue to trade and put their clientele at risk.

I would be most interested to know which restaurant it was. Would we get into strife if we played a guessing game?

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