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It’s a hard life being a bunny…

By Pommy bastard - 29 December 2008 35

…at the Pinnacle nature reserve.

As a regular denizen of the Pinnacle, I walk there at least three times a week, I have been amazed at the tenacity of Environment ACT.

To the best of my knowledge in this year alone, they have ..

a) Given the bunnies diseases, with the chilling proviso; “dead rabbits will be left on the ground in order to try and spread the disease.”

b) Poisoned the bunnies with “pindone”; chilling proviso as above.

c) Crushed the bunnies to death, using bulldozers  to run over their warrens.

d) Shot the bunnies at night; “be warned do not walk in the shooting areas!” (No shit Sherlock)

But the bunnies are still there, in greater numbers than ever it would seem. Should we offer a bounty on them?

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
It’s a hard life being a bunny…
vg 6:14 pm 30 Dec 08

Russell Crowe seems to know how to handle bunnies

barking toad 4:39 pm 30 Dec 08

Oh, and any with myxo or other diseases, leave for the crows. The circle of life.

barking toad 4:37 pm 30 Dec 08

Rabbit warrens


Ferrets – grab and break neck before ferret tears it to pieces

Fricasee Rabbit (soak skinned/gutted rabbit in milk for hours – gets rid of gamey tast and tenderises)

Gungahlin Al 7:08 am 30 Dec 08

Yes phototext – the rabbits at the wetlands are atrocious. So easily eradicated, yes it seems beyond the capabilities of TaMS staff. One word for you to Google folks: “Rid-a-rabbit”.

Xbikee 2:23 am 30 Dec 08

Easter is coming …. maybe they could chocolate dip all the bunnies and hang them on crosses. Is that a mixed metaphor, or just a good indicator not to send your kid to a public school? Oh, wrong thread.

peter@home 1:41 am 30 Dec 08

still remember larvacide gas and the day the wind changed direction. stopped killing bunnies after that.didn’t want to go near the gas either. smelled like aniseed.

phototext 10:09 pm 29 Dec 08

I was at Jerrabomberra Wetlands this arvo and there are a lot of rabbits there too.

Thumper 9:51 pm 29 Dec 08

I just can’t bring myself to shoot animals these days….

Years ago, no problems, but now…..

p1 9:30 pm 29 Dec 08

Nothing quite as much fun as shooting at rabbits with a double barrelled 12 gauge. Over kill you say? Yes, but fun.

BerraBoy68 7:30 pm 29 Dec 08

I couldn’t possibly count how many bunnies I’ve shot (and killed using other nefarious methods) over the years but I have to say that as I’ve mellowed with age I’ve often regretted killed them. I quite like showing my kids a few bunnies as they scurry across the ground.

That said, I realise the reality that they are introduced pests and attract other pests such as foxes. I wish some happy medium could be found to regulate their numbers without trying to wipe them all out.

Pommy bastard 6:50 pm 29 Dec 08

Yes, as far as I am aware they have finnished shooting.

che 6:47 pm 29 Dec 08

Have they finished shooting up there yet? They’ve been doing all this stuff since the begining of the year.
It would be nice to know when its safe to take the dogs for a walk up there again.

Pesty 6:25 pm 29 Dec 08

Call them ‘Bunnies” it evokes a sense of compassion, call them Rodent vermin, who cares!Fact is they are pests!

PM 4:52 pm 29 Dec 08

There actually used to be a natural market for wild rabbits back in the day, but the deliberate introduction of certain diseases meant that nobody wanted to eat them, even if the disease/s had no proven link to any human illness.

Maybe it’s time to introduce a new line of Riot Act akubras?

willo 4:33 pm 29 Dec 08

there once was a bounty on rabbits…..foxes too as i recall, can’t remember when or why the bounty was dropped but back then rabbit traps were legal and i think the bounty may have been dropped at the same time trapping was prohibited.

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