Jack Frost hard at work this morning.

johnboy 16 July 2009 12

These lovely patterns were on the roof of a car I passed this morning. Reminding me in no small part of a lot of the art-deco prints popular at the moment.

To think these things appear all over town at the same time, and then disappear before most people notice.

The Bureau predicts cold frosty mornings to persist for the next few days.

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12 Responses to Jack Frost hard at work this morning.
niftydog niftydog 9:26 am 17 Jul 09

That’s true, johnboy, there is a thermal lag that means the temperature keeps dropping until an hour or so after sunrise. However that doesn’t explain why it very suddenly seems to get a few degrees colder just as the sun rises.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 7:05 am 17 Jul 09

I used my ACTEW ice scraper yesterday, it’s very good!

ant ant 10:42 pm 16 Jul 09

The weather has been really weird. Frosts, but I’ve had brief rain at night, which results in frozen crust over everything (mainly my car, which is wearing a light covering of cardboard tonight). Canberra is dry, but every evening I find the roads are wet, with puddles, out my way every evening. Coastal rain?

That brittle, bright, Canberra cold is missing, and the humidity has been high, as it was in summer. For example, right now it’s 92% here, and 86% down at the BoM’s site in Canberra.

Things are definitely changing.

johnboy johnboy 5:10 pm 16 Jul 09

much simpler explanation.. the sun at dawn is still not heating the earth faster than heat is being lost. At first light it’s even more angled than at the poles. meaning having to work through more atmosphere and hitting a greater surface area with any particular ray of light.

niftydog niftydog 4:35 pm 16 Jul 09

Jivrashia said :

I’m sure there’s a logical scientific explanation but it still threw me off.

I had wondered this a few years back when we started going to the farmers markets before sparrows became flatulent. Here’s two seemingly feasible explanations Google offered me at the time:

~ The suns rays heat moisture suspended in the air causing it to evaporate creating a cooling effect.

~ The rising sun heats the upper atmosphere causing it to expand in turn pushing cold air down from the middle atmosphere, displacing the warmer air at the surface.

johnboy johnboy 2:15 pm 16 Jul 09

Easy! It keeps getting colder until about an hour after sunrise. And the steepest drops in temperature are just before sunrise.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 2:10 pm 16 Jul 09


Now, allow me to make a long winded observation of the frost and ice forming in the Canberra morning.

I got up at 6am this morning, just in time to remember that I hadn’t put the wheelies out on the kurb. So off I go outside in what I thought was a blithering Canberra chill. To my surprise the air was actually tolerable (even warm) despite the fact that it was still dark, and a bit wet.

Come 7:30am I go out to head to work, to face the shy sun hovering over the horizon. And low and behold… there’s ice forming in the bird bath and frost on the neighbour’s roof tile! Soon I sense that my nose and ears hurt from the chill.

What the…?

I’m sure there’s a logical scientific explanation but it still threw me off.

wood wood 1:34 pm 16 Jul 09

Beautiful, and my car still looked like that at 8.40am. Would have taken a photo but my hands were too frozen…

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 12:57 pm 16 Jul 09


johnboy johnboy 10:28 am 16 Jul 09

toriness said :


btw JB i just sent in a photo of a car in a drain – forgot to put my name against it 🙂

haven’t seen it toriness send again to john@the-riotact.com?

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 10:26 am 16 Jul 09

Nice shot!

It’s like frosting on a cake.

toriness toriness 9:37 am 16 Jul 09


btw JB i just sent in a photo of a car in a drain – forgot to put my name against it 🙂

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