29 March 2005

Jigsaw = Goodberrys

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In response to this story on the death of Goodberrys we’ve had this comment sent in by Banvie.

Goodberry’s Australia went broke in 2004. Three of the existing Goodberry’s stores (Woden, Erindale and Belconnen) joined with a group that bought the assets of Goodberry’s but part of the condition of continuing the stores was that we had to change the name. The name JIGSAW was chosen to reflect the fact that people come in and put together their own frozen custard, sunday, jiuce etc. All the stores are independently operated from Goodberry’s so the difficulties of having Goodberry’s go broke has placed a lot of pressure on the stores. All of them have made the best of a bad situtation and are just now getting on a footing that will enable the original concept to expand. The idea was that frozen custard stores would be started in Canberra and eventually open in centres all around Australia. Goodberry’s may have died but out of the ashes…. You can still get frozen custard just like Goodberry’s because Goodberry’s is now JIGSAW.

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Hi Struth,

Our website will be at jigsawcreamery.com.au – it’s being designed at the moment.

If I sound defensive, my apologies – just wanting to get things clear out in the community, and am willing to answer everyone’s questions clearly (and quickly hehe) in order to do it. 🙂

Where is the website for Jigsaw? I want to find out if I can book tables for a birthday etc and can’t track it down. Another problem with it being a commonish brandname and jigsaw.com is someone else.
L like how open you are Cameron about the process but its also beginning to sound a bit defensive… maybe wait longer before replying? I’m sure you’ll do well, its a great product. Helpful staff make so much difference too so if you’re retraining or rehiring that’ll help.Good luck

Yes, Dickson has been sold to a different franchise. Rubee’s I believe they’re calling themselves. Many of the old Goodberry’s Australia operators and employees are involved with them.

Not sure yet how I feel about people who were at the helm of Goodberry’s Australia went down freeing themselves of all responsibility and then opening up again in competition with their old franchisees.

I simply hope that the real truth about how Goodberry’s Dickson became “Rubees” (or whatever it’s called) is told, and not some fantasy tale.

Hey everyone, in regards to the Dickson Goodberry’s store, it looks like the original owners have sold and the new owners have taken over in the last couple of days. It’s starting to look a little different inside and out. I went there on Wed night and the staff were all super friendly and the service was really quick. I had a little chat to one of the guys behind the counter and he told me to keep my eye on things because some “really exciting and fun changes are about to happen”… Just to let you know!

Im on it, it better not close tomorrow… one last goodberrys before it goes…

Quite right. The closure of Dickson certainly does take away the ability of a lot of people to stroll down for a concrete.

Rest assured, this is not the end for Goodberry’s / Jigsaw in the inner city area.

“If you’re northside, Belconnen can fill the void left by Dickson”

hardly. I can, and often do, walk to the Dickson store. I guess this is the end of my frozen custard desserts…

Cameron Walter2:03 pm 01 Apr 05

As Banvie said, the collapse of Goodberry’s Australia put a fair bit of pressure on all of the stores and Dickson have made the best move forward position on that basis.

If you’re northside, Belconnen can fill the void left by Dickson – and if you’re ever down south you’re more than welcome at Erindale or Woden 🙂

Wow, the dicko store didn’t have long to prove its self. Bit of shame really as it was the only one I ever went to.

Cameron Walter4:59 pm 31 Mar 05

Like Banvie I am a Jigsaw store operator and I can assure you that the frozen custard name is by no means an attempt to deceive anyone. As Banvie said that name “frozen custard” has origins in the United States (as does the Goodberrys/Jigsaw) concept.

Unlike in the U.S., here in Australia we are not *required* to refer to it as “frozen custard” but choose to continue to do so in order to differentiate a creamier product with a smoother texture from the hundreds of other ice cream / gelato products on the market.

To further Banvie’s comments on the Dickson store, they are indeed closing within a matter of days. The fact that Dickon has continued as Goodberrys whilst the other three stores are now Jigsaw has merely been a matter of convenience and simplicity for the wind up of the store. Together with Erindale, Belconnen and Woden, Dickson is exactly the same store with exactly the same owners and exactly the same products – the sole difference is that the Dickson store will not be continuing to operate – either as Goodberrys or as Jigsaw.

I too am concerned by Geoffco’s experience at Belconnen. Should anyone have a similar experience at Woden, please don’t hesitate to contact me on cameron.walter@in2itive.com.au, or via the store on 62821144.

Jigsaw, like Goodberrys, is all about fantastic products with fantastic service – anything less is not only unacceptable for you, but unacceptable for us as well.

There is no definition of “custard” or “ice Cream” in Australia to make the distinction. The fact is that the mix used in Goodberry’s/JIGSAW contains egg yolk so in the USA it would be called custard. It makes a difference to the texture so that normal “ice cream” is in fact around 50% air whereas JIGSAW frozen custard is around 10% air. That means it can be served slightly warmer than normal “ice Cream” and this allows the flavours of anything mixed with it to come through more. it also means you actually get more frozen custard/ice cream per serve.

If anyone else has had service problems at belconnen please let me know by calling 6262 5777. Unfortunately Dickson will be closing completely in the next couple of days and we want to be sure that Belconnen delivers best possible service.

Called in to Jigsaw Belconnen this afternoon in search of some formally-known-as-Goodberrys goodness.

Unfortunately none of the 3 guys behind the counter wanted to indulge us. We waited for a few minutes without so much as an acknowledgement of our presence, then bailed.

Went to Goodberry’s (that’s what all the signage said) Dickson instead. Quick friendly service – and awesome Goodberry goodness 🙂

I hope the Dickson store doesn’t fall down the same path as Belconnen in terms of service….

well i find that irritating and deceptive.

custard is not icecream.

custard is custard. i mean a vanilla slice aint an eskimo pie.


glad the liars went under now i reflect upon it.

why do peopel feel the need to lie and think they are being clever ? its deception plain and simple. maybe the chief ministers crew has a piece of the goodberrys action.

Godberrys wasn’t ever frozen custard, apparently. I spoke to the owner of one store when it first opened and was saying how I thought the stuff tasted like it was 100% fat, and I didn’t like it. She said it’s not actually custard, but a very high quality icecream. So there you go! It was called “frozen custard” because it’s different.

What about the Dickson store, it still seems to be a Goodberry’s.

“Goodberry’s may have died but out of the ashes…. ”
Like a frozen custard phoenix…cool 🙂
I love the stuff

Marco, I’ve emailled you, but you’ve checked te radio buton to “private” and it needs to be “draft” for the admins to access it.

Possibly not the best place to take this up, but I can’t find any other – how do we submit stuff now? I created an account and wrote up a post, but it’s stuck in draft mode and I can’t see how to get it to you guys for yay or nay.

It always tasted like it had custard powder in it to me.

Custard and ice-cream are quite different — more than just a marketing tactic. But hey, it tastes like ice-cream, so it must be, yeah? 🙂

Calling it ‘frozen custard’ was only a marketing tactic.

Sure tastes like ice cream to me.

When it was Goodberry’s, it was indeed frozen custard. Is it now icecream?

It’s ice cream, not custard.

Cool. Whatever you call it, frozen custard is pretty yummy.

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