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John James boots out IVF

By johnboy - 28 September 2006 25

The Canberra Times is reporting that with the Little Company of Mary taking over John James private hospital they’ve brought with them some old fashioned Catholic hellfire.

As a result godless IVF programs are getting booted out. Will the Government move to find space for them at Canberra Hospital?

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
John James boots out IVF
simto 9:51 am 29 Sep 06

Yep, and that would make the LCM the doctrinaire loons about whom I was speaking.

johnboy 9:12 am 29 Sep 06

well there’s the minor matter of the LCM spokespeople saying they’re doing it on religious grounds.

simto 9:06 am 29 Sep 06

Hm – I was attempting a bit of web-based research to find whether there’s an IVF clinic or something similar at Calvary, but I couldn’t find it.

Alas, though, VG has an annoying tendency to be right about stuff. So it’s quite possible that Calvary does continue to support IVF. Just because an organisation is “churchy” doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re anti-science loons who believe that things have been getting worse since we admitted we’re going round the sun and not vice versa. There are actually intelligent, wise, compassionate people who happen to have religion in their life.

Unfortunately for religion, though, the doctrinaire loons tend to get a lot more publicity…

barking toad 8:36 am 29 Sep 06

vg, as far as I know, there’s no IVF facilities at Calvary ‘cos it’s run by the church police. And when they take over JJ, they’ll stop it there

Am I missing something

Vic Bitterman 9:48 pm 28 Sep 06

Typical narrow minded catholics.

I’ll wait until 6 weeks time to tell them what I think. Mrs VBMan has been booked into JJH for many months now for out child #3 – less than 6 weeks to go now 🙂

vg 5:49 pm 28 Sep 06

Talk me through the IVF facilities at Calvary then

barking toad 5:26 pm 28 Sep 06

Not right vg

They have the room at JJ, where procedures have previously been carried out and will be until 6 October when the Church Police stop it because they’re roaming carflics.

nyssa76 4:32 pm 28 Sep 06

Every spermis sacred…..

emd 2:52 pm 28 Sep 06

I have a Monty Python song stuck in my head now.

Like private schools, private hospitals can of course run with whatever ethics they like (within the law). But given they are the only service provider for this stuff in Canberra, surely the transition out of their hospital could have been handled with more grace?

roccon 12:35 pm 28 Sep 06

that is part of the IVF process. isn’t it ?

VYBerlinaV8 12:02 pm 28 Sep 06

What a bunch of wankers…

vg 11:32 am 28 Sep 06

Its nothing to do with religion, its purely financial. They don’t have the room, and one particular IVF business in Canberra dominates the market

Absent Diane 11:11 am 28 Sep 06

that explains a lot then

roccon 11:09 am 28 Sep 06

yes it is the year 1310. get with the times … lol hehehehehe

Absent Diane 10:25 am 28 Sep 06

what a bunch of freaks.what year is it 1310?

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