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Junk fax spammers in Fyshwick

By Gungahlin Al 14 August 2008 39

We don’t have to go to Nigeria or Poland for spammers – we have our own mob right here in Fyshwick.

Knowing that many departments have Rightfax numbers going to every employee’s Inbox, this mob are taking advantage of a loophole in the anti-spamming laws whereby they don’t apply to faxes. And putting a line at the doesn’t wash either, as they know full well most people won’t do it.

But that loophole doesn’t protect them from a good old-fashioned RiotACT public shaming.

So…do not go to Global Rags in Maryborough St

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Junk fax spammers in Fyshwick
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Whatsup 6:38 pm 15 Aug 08

I drove past the place today and it appeared to be really busy. Dislike the advertising style but it might have worked well.

p1 1:53 pm 15 Aug 08

Someone has been trying to fax my phone number all day. I finally transferred the call to my fax and it turns out it was Global Rags. Grr.

If it was calling a voice line then it was breaking the spam laws yes?

luke79 6:31 am 15 Aug 08

and someone will buy a few pairs of cheap jeans only to have them fall apart and then cry for social justice as they dont have a returns policy…

Mr Evil 3:36 pm 14 Aug 08

I can imagine what this sale will be like.

There’ll be heaps of size 6 or size 18 for women and 72cm or 120cm for men – with nothing in-between for either sex.

Pesty 3:24 pm 14 Aug 08

jakez said :

26 Maryborough St Fyshwick.

You won’t get the extra 10% off by presenting the fax though. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

You may get ‘egged” by gungahlin Al though if you time it wrong

Madman 3:09 pm 14 Aug 08

Duke said :

………it just keeps going and going and going!

Till ya out of a roll that is!

Overheard 2:41 pm 14 Aug 08

Er, slightly counter-productive in that’s imposing wastage on the sender. Also a tad dangerous in that the paper could break in the fax mechanism. The ‘loop’ gives the same result for the recipient without the mess of unfurled toilet paper at the sender’s end… so to speak.

Duke 2:37 pm 14 Aug 08

I’ve never tried it myself but somebody I know reckons they faxed a roll of toilet paper to some annoying organisation. Simply place the end of the toilet roll in your fax feeder and hit send………it just keeps going and going and going!

mdme workalot 2:33 pm 14 Aug 08

Thanks all!
I’ll be sure to do something nasty to avenge the fax havoc wreaked on RA’ers….

Madman 2:30 pm 14 Aug 08

mdme workalot said :

I feel left out because I didn’t get a fax! And I want to go to the damn sale! But I don’t know where the store is! Grrr…..

You can have mine workalot:

PBO 2:21 pm 14 Aug 08

Phone tone Phreaking is still an option when it comes to fax machines, you can effectivly shut them down or make them do crazy things. Also, there are a few fax viruses out there but i dont recommend even going near them.

Gungahlin Al 2:11 pm 14 Aug 08

LOL I’m sure THEIR getting the point Jakez.

jakez 2:05 pm 14 Aug 08

26 Maryborough St Fyshwick.

You won’t get the extra 10% off by presenting the fax though. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

mdme workalot 2:03 pm 14 Aug 08

I feel left out because I didn’t get a fax! And I want to go to the damn sale! But I don’t know where the store is! Grrr…..

jakez 1:59 pm 14 Aug 08

THEY’RE just so 1980’s.

Don’t kill me Gungahlin Al.

Gungahlin Al 1:58 pm 14 Aug 08

Problem with these old tricks is that they’ll be using a computer to drive it – i.e. no paper to waste at their end.

Considering leaving a half-dozen eggs out in the sun for a couple of weeks then paying a visit to Global Rags…

jakez 1:56 pm 14 Aug 08

Pesty said :

I have a REAL problem with it. Its theft! MY paper, MY ink! I had a problem some years ago, this sh*t came through 10 pages at a time. I was using thermal paper, so expensive. The real painful bit was that it was a premium number to respond no stop option or phone number. I had to go through the phone company in the end to get it stopped. So, I hope Global rags gets an infestation of Tineola bisselliella (Clothes moth)

That is probably the best argument against it. Personally when I started working in an office about 12 months ago, I was shocked to find out people still had fax machines.

Their just so 1980’s.

Overheard 1:43 pm 14 Aug 08

Oops, back on topic. Yes, back in the days of ye olde fax machines, we used to enjoy the looped fax game. A special favourite after football grand finals. It came home to roost, though, and someone from the Penrith Office of whatever organisation I was working for at the time was very pleased to use up a roll of our paper in the early hours of the Monday following the 1991 NSWRFL grand final.

Matto 1:40 pm 14 Aug 08

jakez said :

Matto said :

Overheard said :

jakez said :

I just thought of something. We are all complaining about the time/resources wasted through junk…yet we are all here on RiotACT during business hours.


What’s with this ‘we’, sh!t, white man?!

I wouldn’t call posting on RiotACT wasting time. We’re all here contributing to the greater community. And hey, if you can get away with it, go for it!

HAHA, I love RiotACT dearly but come on.

I do feel bad for “time stealing” for a little while. But the feeling passes. I know it’s a bad attitude, and a terrible work ethic, but I do seem to sleep at night.
I think I’m getting off track from the topic here. But I do like the imagination behind some of the fax tricks. I might have to add them to my artillery and get some of the punks on 6th level.

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