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Karin McDonald to stand down

By Gungahlin Al - 23 January 2008 41

ABC is reporting that ALP MLA in Brindabella Karin McDonald won’t contest the next ACT election in October.

Also, ALP preselections open next month.

Apparently she hs an “exclusive” interview in the City News due out today about it all…

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41 Responses to
Karin McDonald to stand down
el ......VNBerlinaV8 8:19 pm 23 Jan 08


Ingeegoodbee 7:51 pm 23 Jan 08

They’ll find another Labor whore to keep the seat warm – It’ll be some back room hack with the personality of a door-bitch and the charisma of tinea. I speak the truth.

VicePope 7:33 pm 23 Jan 08

As one clown goes, the ALP starts the search for another, confident in the expectation that any time serving hack they put up will be elected. Such is the state and capacity of the local Libs that the ALP is probably right.

We’ve got more than 300,000 people. Surely we can do better than the ALP drones, the Lib drones and Foskey that we have now.

Pandy 5:06 pm 23 Jan 08

She always reminded me of a rat.

Seems appropriate she is seeking to leave a sinking ship.

Good riddance.

Mr Evil 4:57 pm 23 Jan 08

Or “US Forces”?

neanderthalsis 4:56 pm 23 Jan 08

He wasn’t absent Mr Evil, he just had his iPod going listening to Beds are Burning.

Mr Evil 4:33 pm 23 Jan 08

“He should do a Rudd and tell them all to shut up.”

Peter Garrett must have been absent the day he said that? 🙂

Crikey 4:28 pm 23 Jan 08

No big loss….she hasn’t done very much. I hope Gentleman, Smyth and Pratt also get out and give someone with some talent a run.

Ralph 4:28 pm 23 Jan 08

Failing that, we will be seeing a new brigade of loopy independents getting elected, or more greens.

Thumper 4:27 pm 23 Jan 08

What it needs is the rest of the Libs to fall in line behind the Z man.

He should do a Rudd and tell them all to shut up.

Ralph 4:26 pm 23 Jan 08


Mr Evil 4:22 pm 23 Jan 08

“Mr Stanhope says the Government will have a tough battle to keep its majority under the ACT’s electoral system, where incumbency is an advantage.”

If Zed cracks the whip and gets a bit of discipline happening in the ACT Liberals, Stanhope might have a tough battle to keep his pants, let alone a majority! 🙂

Well, I live in hope! 🙂

Mælinar 4:20 pm 23 Jan 08

Where can I put my name down for preselection ?

I’ll keep the bastards honest !

Thumper 4:18 pm 23 Jan 08

an “exclusive” interview in the City News

Sorry if I laugh….

Mr Evil 4:17 pm 23 Jan 08


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