Katy’s very obviously John McTiernan inspired misogyny confections not welcome

Masquara 12 February 2013 8

Katy attempting to smear the new Liberal leader as a “bully” was the clumsiest tactic I have ever observed in Canberra local politics.

So clearly based on Julia Gillard’s UK campaign adviser’s work.

This attempt to drag ACT politics into the hideous federal bare knuckle-and-abuse parliamentary exchanges will not take her and her team anywhere.

And I can’t see the rather more decent Shane Rattenbury endorsing such dirty tricks from his seat in the ministry.

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8 Responses to Katy’s very obviously John McTiernan inspired misogyny confections not welcome
Madam Cholet Madam Cholet 12:14 pm 13 Feb 13

Toughen up Katy. You stuffed up Health. I get the impression that Mr Hanson worries them some what. Which is a good thing.

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 11:55 am 13 Feb 13

I suspect there is also an element of Anna Bligh’s rope-a-dope strategy, which worked quite well – first time around, anyway.

I think Hanson should leave the day-to-day attack dog stuff to Coe, and Smyth (if he’s still interested), and present a more considered, non-threatening face to the Canberra public. By the time of the next Territory election, we will have had two nasty federal election campaigns, and – most likely – three years of an Abbott Prime Ministership. If the ACT Liberals are to hold what they have, let alone have any hope of winning government, they will need to present a plausible, intelligent, and, dare I say it – nuanced contrast to ACT Labor and to their federal Liberal colleagues. That should keep them busy for the next three years and eight months.

shirty_bear shirty_bear 11:36 am 13 Feb 13

Matt_Watts said :

I’m obviously biased, but serious question here: precisely how bad does Katy G need to become before it isn’t, in her words, “bullying”?

Good call. We’ve had this politically-correct management-by-textbook “bullying” malarkey run through the workplace just recently … the boundary between “bullying” and “warranted/constructive criticism” could not have been less clear.

As buzzwords go, “bullying” is right up there in terms of meaninglessness, and thus widespreadedness (?). The latest go-to clause of the bureaucratic malingerer.

Matt_Watts Matt_Watts 10:47 am 13 Feb 13

I’m obviously biased, but serious question here: precisely how bad does Katy G need to become before it isn’t, in her words, “bullying”?

If a male minister said was she said, he’d be laughed out of town. It’s called accountability, and there has always been a “cut and thrust” nature in parliament.

dungfungus dungfungus 10:15 am 13 Feb 13

The “bully” tag is a pre-emptive move by the Chief Minister as she anticipates an early attack form Hanson regarding the on going problems at The Canberra Hospital and the scandal about the falsified ED treatment time records.
As we all are aware, the main protagonists in the time records fiasco were all females and they were close to the CM.
So, when Hanson gets down to the business the CM will say “there HE goes, bullying the poor WOMEN at the TCH, just like I told you HE would”
It’s a good tactic but the overall strategy will be a failure.

Grail Grail 10:06 am 13 Feb 13

The label used was bully, not misogynist, so whether they bully the women more than the men is irrelevant. ThenCanberra Liberals are using the same play book as their Federal colleagues though. I am surprised that they haven’t used the tactic of turning their backs on the chamber when they don’t have the floor.

Erg0 Erg0 9:22 am 13 Feb 13

For the benefit of one who doesn’t pay much attention to these things: do they do it to the women more than the men?

poisonivy poisonivy 7:52 am 13 Feb 13

I’m ok with it – have you been observing ACT politics at all?

Those Liberal guys behave like particularly nasty schoolboys in public forums – nudging, eyerolling, laughing at private notes while others are speaking. Wholly unprofessional and unworthy of respect.

I’m no Liberal voter, but that doesn’t stop me wishing we had an Opposition we can respect on a personal level in the ACT and Federally. The issues might just shine a bit brighter then.

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