Liberals, business call for roadmap clarity and business recovery taskforce

Dominic Giannini 16 September 2021 19
Chief Minister Andrew Barr

Chief Minister Andrew Barr has flagged further support for struggling businesses. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Business support grants have been topped up under a new announcement from the ACT and Commonwealth governments, with eligible businesses receiving up to $30,000 extra.

Businesses that applied for the ACT COVID-19 Business Support Grant will be given extension payments of $10,000 if they employ staff and $3750 if they do not.

This is on top of the $20,000 for employing businesses and $7500 for non-employing businesses which have had turnover decrease by at least 30 per cent.

One-off top-up payments will also be made for larger employing businesses, with $10,000 for businesses with a turnover between $2 million and $5 million; $20,000 for businesses with a turnover between $5 million and $10 million; and $30,000 for businesses with a turnover greater than $10 million.

Tourism, arts, events and hospitality industries will also receive additional one-off grants of between $1000 and $20,000 depending on whether they employ staff and their turnover. Around 2,000 businesses are estimated to be eligible for this additional grant.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr flagged further support for businesses at the next lockdown checkpoint in a fortnight’s time.

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But the Canberra Liberals said businesses needed a clearer path forward after they were left disappointed by the lack of direction from the government “pathway” out of lockdown, announced on Tuesday (14 September).

Opposition Leader Elizabeth Lee said a new COVID-19 Business Recovery Taskforce should be established to bring businesses leaders and community representatives from various sectors together to develop a recovery plan and provide feedback on post-COVID business measures.

“If the government is engaging with businesses every day, then their decisions do not reflect it,” Ms Lee said.

“The feedback we are getting is that decisions are being made for businesses by people who do not understand them.”

Elizabeth Lee

Opposition Leader Elizabeth Lee called for a new business recovery task force. Photo: Dominic Giannini.

When asked whether the additional support would help struggling businesses, Ms Lee said the slow rollout of the support grants were the main problem.

Only around one in seven businesses that applied for the grants had received payment since applications opened on 26 August.

“There are significant and unacceptable delays to the processing of applications for the government’s business support,” she said.

“We are talking about businesses who closed their doors with hours’ notice and that have been unable to trade for five weeks.

“Despite submitting applications within hours of the application opening, they are yet to receive any funds.”

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Chief Minister Andrew Barr defended the speed of the rollout on Wednesday (15 September) saying measures needed to be put into place to protect against fraud. While his preferred support method would have been JobKeeper, that argument was lost with the Commonwealth.

“The problem is that this is one of the least efficient ways to deliver support to business,” Mr Barr said when asked if the rollout of support grants were too cumbersome.

“But it is what it is, so we are working on processing those payments as quick as we can, and we are noting to businesses that with the increased amounts, they do not need to reapply, we will automatically flow on the extra money.”

On the same day the extra support was announced, the Canberra Business Chamber said more clarity on the government’s lockdown exit strategy was needed.

Graham Catt

Canberra Business Chamber CEO Graham Catt said businesses need information to plan ahead. Photo: Supplied

CEO Graham Catt said business owners could not wait another month for the economy to reopen without “immediate access to critical financial support”.

“There has been little meaningful detail given around the thresholds for a staged move back into something that resembles business as usual for Canberra,” he said.

“This is an essential piece of the puzzle for local businesses. They need information to plan ahead, prepare a survival strategy, and put infrastructure in place to keep their business running and look after the welfare of their employees.

“Without fast access to the right level of financial support to see them through lockdown, and a clear forward plan, they are unable to make informed decisions that impact their livelihoods and their mental health.”

Mr Catt also raised concerns about the ACT lagging behind NSW and Victoria’s resumption of trading, despite having better vaccination rates, calling the discrepancy “demoralising” for Canberra businesses.

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Ms Lee said while businesses understood that plans would change during a global pandemic, the government needed to be more forthcoming with its roadmap and ease restrictions in line with vaccination targets.

“Most people will understand that the public health response would be required to change if there was a huge spike in cases,” she said.

“Plans can be tweaked, but [there is no] plan at all [and] that is what people are looking for. They are looking for leadership and hope, and that is what is sorely missing.”

Businesses can find further information and apply for grants here.

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19 Responses to Liberals, business call for roadmap clarity and business recovery taskforce
Jo Hann Jo Hann 9:18 am 20 Sep 21

I think the ACT government is doing well, considering all the factors and uncertainties. Demanding concrete promises in a situation that is so unpredictable is unreasonable and irrational. Thank you Mr. Barr from a business owner.

Matt Perry Matt Perry 10:08 am 19 Sep 21

Is it a plan to get the the whole state as public servants ?

Alexei Gorbatov Alexei Gorbatov 9:23 am 19 Sep 21

Why we don’t hear that money go to strengthen our hospitals?

Charlie Fox Charlie Fox 7:35 pm 18 Sep 21

David Haworth David Haworth 6:59 pm 18 Sep 21

When will we get some money to live on ,just give it out so we can pay some bills

Luke Barnes Luke Barnes 8:50 am 18 Sep 21

At their heart, Labor are anti-business. Barr’s treatment of the business community during his lockdown has been appalling.

Michael Jaz Michael Jaz 7:50 am 18 Sep 21

The ACT does have a roadmap

Vlad Dias Vlad Dias 12:11 am 18 Sep 21

End the lockdown now! Let people provide for themselves with dignity! Who wants to beg for government crumbles? How can it be fair to have people prevented from providing for their own family! Please, restore the dignity and stop these lockdowns! They’re doing more harm than good!

    Jo Hann Jo Hann 9:14 am 20 Sep 21

    Vlad Dias I don't think there's much "dignity" in having our hospital overwhelmed.

Michael A Avis Michael A Avis 11:02 pm 17 Sep 21

I lost my job and can’t get any financial help for any Governments, due to my wife having a job in childcare.

whatwik whatwik 12:05 pm 17 Sep 21

Here’s road map clarity for us –

“…and as we get closer, we will know when that time is and what that’ll be for certain events…”

The NSW Premier herself just a little while ago. Those on the LNP drip will surely be able to confirm or set us straight.

    chewy14 chewy14 12:58 pm 17 Sep 21

    And our government can’t even provide us the most basic of ideas of a timeline with staged advice for when or how different industries might reopen, even highly caveated like the NSW plan.

    But it’s good that the construction industry us up and running with the ACT Government’s blessing and extremely high compliance to COVID safety. Oh wait.

Grace Hayes Grace Hayes 11:05 am 17 Sep 21

Yeh and some small/medium business DONT qualify for grants... I’d like to see how many of these business that won’t be opening up after the lockdown.

Absolute joke..

    Mick Fraser Jnr Mick Fraser Jnr 5:17 pm 17 Sep 21

    Grace Hayes agreed a joke they dont give a 💩

    Simon Mitchell Simon Mitchell 4:59 pm 18 Sep 21

    Grace Hayes let alone waiting for 2 weeks to apply and wait 30 days to get paid…

Peter Hislop Peter Hislop 10:19 pm 16 Sep 21

Unfortunately state and territory governments can only heed medical advice about risk/benefit of each change up or down. Feds control most other major factors - vaccination acquisition and approval, quarantine and income support for businesses and individuals. And they've had more than a year and a half to get that right. Canberra's been luckier than most, having been able to work and trade while many other jurisdictions have gone through multiple lock-down cycles.

    Joel Symmans Joel Symmans 7:30 pm 17 Sep 21

    Peter Hislop the feds got enough AZ vaccine for the nation. It's the anti vax smear campaign that people bought into and then the states started playing politics in an election year.

Sher Bee Sher Bee 4:35 pm 16 Sep 21

Temporary benefits for the fully vaccinated would be a nice step. As key percentages are reached the benefits can be expanded.

    Tramcar Trev Tramcar Trev 11:22 am 18 Sep 21

    I like the idea that a business should be allowed to open with fully vaxxed staff serving only fully vaxxed customers... I'm happy to check in and flash my digital vax cert....

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