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Lost grey/white Cat in Queanbeyan

By TheBarefootBlues - 30 October 2008 63

I know you probably hate these postings as they are not news, but i’m desparate.  

Our cat Charlie is 1 year old male cat.  

He’s very a fluffy grey cat with white belly, chest and paws (Like he’s been lying in bleach).  

He’s my best mate and we hang out every day for most of the day (Home office).  He’s a little champion.  

We live in a caretakers residence on top of a warehouse and he’s fallen or got off the roof somehow, so there’s no way to get back on the roof, so not sure how or if he can find his way back home.  

If anyone in the area or surrounding sees him can you please let me know on 0418 496 448.

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63 Responses to
Lost grey/white Cat in Queanbeyan
Sammy 2:42 pm 30 Oct 08

I sincerely hope you find your cat. I always freak out when mine disappear for more than half a day.

V twin venom 1:08 pm 30 Oct 08

Mrs Venom, who is a vet nurse in the Tuggeranong area has recently taken custody of a cat (not this cat). The found little fella was brought to the surgery after being discovered under the bonnet of a car at the Wanniassa shops. The car in question had been all over town that day so the cat could be from just about antwhere. The cat wasn’t hurt but as you might imaging he was covered in grease and dirt and was terribly frightened. The cat is white with a grey tail and has a grey flash across his face. He is about 1-2 years old, still has his nuts, uses a litter tray and is both adoreable and affectionate. He has been reported but not surrendereed to the exterminators at the RSPCA and a photo is included in the found section of their website. This cat will not be surrendered to the RSPCA but may be available for re-homing in a couple of weeks.

candelabra 1:08 pm 30 Oct 08

I’m glad people are being mostly kind about your lost cat unlike some of the other posts about lost animals here (the chinese restaurant joke has been done previously and it was mean and lame the first time). Hope you find your kitty.

tylersmayhem 1:03 pm 30 Oct 08

Hope your cat turns up mate – that’s horrible that you can’t find him. Please let us know if he turns up or not.

I for one usually like taking the piss at someone elses expense, but in this case it’s pretty poor form looking at some of the comments out there. This looks to me like a very genuine, heartfelt appeal.

Thumper 12:42 pm 30 Oct 08

My two catties are just plain and simple mental cases…

peterh 12:40 pm 30 Oct 08

I have 2 cats, they can sleep in the sun in the cat run, or sleep in their beds through an interconnect to the laundry.

The reason that we installed the cat run was that we don’t want our cats killing local wildlife, nor do we want to find that they have run away. The kids would be devastated.

If i could train either the cats or the kids to kill crows, now that would be ok.

they are companions for all the family, occasionally, they act like kittens again, but this is becoming rarer over the years. I do hope that the OP finds their cat. mine are convinced that they are people, with a hair problem. I don’t know what i would do if they were lost.

ant 12:26 pm 30 Oct 08

Cats are weird. We usually have an assortment of wild cats living around the place. The current one gets fed on the roof (he waits up there making noises, but then hisses at you while you’re putting his food on the roof). If they have to go to the vet (if they have holes in them from fighting etc) we have to use a cat trap to get them and it can be trial and error to get the correct cat.

Over the years they’ve had various litters of kittens in the garden, which have become the next generation of wild cats, except for one kitten who decided he’d like to live in the house, entered by the chihuahua’s cat door, and never left. (the dogs were horrified and still are).

poptop 11:54 am 30 Oct 08

Hope you cat turns up – probably just locked in someone’s garage for a day or so.

I officially have 2 cats, but feed at least 5. The test of whether the cat ‘belongs’ with us is if it is allowed inside.

I now feel like an eccentric cat lady.

Holden Caulfield 11:25 am 30 Oct 08

One of our moggies was a stray. We used to see him around our place from time to time. However, as our existing cat was a bit apprehensive with other animals, especially cats after a few nasty run-ins at our previous abode, we used to just shoo him away.

One night we got home late and caught the stray in our lights in front of our garage and you could see how manky and distressed he looked. When a fluffy cat looks all skin and bones you know it’s not good. We put some food out for him that night, and, while we didn’t see him, the food was gone next morning. Next few nights we repeated the late night feedings and sometimes you’d hear him, but if we ever tried to approach him he would just run away.

A few days later we were sitting on our deck on a sunny afternoon and he just walked up and sat beside us like he’d been ours forever. That was our first contact with him and he looked horrible. Poor guy! Dunno if he was dumped or just lost, but it was pretty clear he hadn’t been looked after for quite a long time. That was four years ago and he’s the sweetest cat. We always say he won kitty lotto when he adopted us. Best part is the two cats get on fine as well. They did take a while to get used to each other, but they’re no problem.

verbalkint 11:06 am 30 Oct 08

I hate it when people post things like this on riot-act.

It makes me want to go home from work and make sure that my cat is at home safe =[

good luck finding it, I would be worried sick if my little man didn’t come home one night.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 11:01 am 30 Oct 08

Keep looking, and calling the pound. Our cat went missing for a week once, and came home looking very sorry for itself. It ate and drank heaps, slept for about 24 hours and then was right as rain.

Holden Caulfield 10:15 am 30 Oct 08

Haha at realityskin.

That said, we have two cats and I’d be pretty sad if we lost either of them. 🙁

Good luck with your search.

Thumper 10:10 am 30 Oct 08

Maybe hire a cat trap and put some tuna or whatever in it.

That’s how we got our catty back when the cattery at Pialligo let him out.

Hope you find him…

toriness 10:00 am 30 Oct 08

🙁 hope you get your cat back. i’m assuming you’ve tried the pound and put up notices in your area?? i would be devo if my cat disappeared 🙁

realityskin 9:47 am 30 Oct 08

Canton Chinese Restaurant
232 Crawford Street Queanbeyan

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