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Mate for Head of State picnic

By Kerces - 11 January 2006 42

The Australian Republican Movement has gotten itself organised again and has a new campaign — “A mate for head of state”.

They have declared Sunday 22-JAN-06 to be “A Mate for Head of State Day”, with events around the country for anyone who thinks an Australian should be our head of state.

In Canberra there will be a picnic lunch in Commonwealth Place (an oddly named location for a pro-republic event) at noon with BYO picnic and drinks. Everyone is encouraged to wear a gold ribbon on the day as well, although I don’t know where you might obtain one of these (surely it would have to be a particular shade).

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42 Responses to
Mate for Head of State picnic
Absent Diane 12:42 pm 12 Jan 06

I would like to see a household pet (eg a dog) as the head of state… so kind of like your best mate running the state…. it would be just like having johnny as president… because you know there would be lots of noses up arses except in this case everyones arse not just mr/mrs americas arse…

And when the humans revolt against dogs for misabuse of power and too much leg cocking we can and sell the dog meat… and we can market it as Man’s Best Meat..

Slinky the Shocker 10:27 am 12 Jan 06

Chris prefers to align with Saudi Arabia, Oman, Swaziland and Malaysia. Good choice.

Kerces 10:22 am 12 Jan 06

maybe we’d get a bit less gossip about overpriveleged English inbreds in the daily news

I dunno about that…you’d be amazed the amount of gossip about the English royals that gets published in French magazines and papers. And they supposedly hate the Britons’ guts!

colsim 10:00 am 12 Jan 06

That’d be privileged I guess – hate that word 🙂

colsim 9:59 am 12 Jan 06

Just out of curiosity, why exactly do we need a head of state at all?

Why not just leave that to the PM of the day – abandoning any pretence that the h.o.s isn’t an appointment with political baggage.

I don’t see any logical reason for us to remain the nominal subject of another nation – on a day to day basis sure it won’t make a lot of difference to our lives although maybe we’d get a bit less gossip about overpriveleged English inbreds in the daily news. (Leaving more space to focus on the more attractive overpriveleged inbreds of our new imperial masters)

Don’t forget it was only 20 years ago that you could still appeal to the Privy Court in the UK if you didn’t like the way the High Court here judged your case.

Thumper 9:57 am 12 Jan 06

I am a monarchist and it’s based upon a few simple premises in that by becoming a republic nothing will really change, that we will be removing a vital cultural part of our history, and that the Queen really hasn’t anything to do with the running of Australia anyway.

Gough conspiratory theorist can now have a go at me over the dismissal but I’m not going to reply to that sort of rubbish as a dismissal will never again happen.

Apart from that, I’d move to Bermuda if we ended up with a popularly elected president (my god, we’d sound like a tinpot African nation). Imagine Ray Martin or John Laws as President! Or Phillip Adams!

that is a scary thought.

On the other hand, I truly believe that Australia will one day become a republic and I have no problems with that. However, why upset the apple cart at this stage?

It will happen, but hopefully not in my life time.

Chris 9:34 am 12 Jan 06

People’s Republic of Bangladesh…Republic of Botswana (they’re actually not bad!)Federative republic of Brazil…Federal Republic of Deutschland..Republic of Indonesia..more than a few Democratic republics…more Peoples Republics, Islamic Republic of Iran, United Republic of Tanzania (are they, truly ?) – hmm, think I’ll stay a monarchist.

Mr Evil 9:24 am 12 Jan 06

When I look at some of the people who have voiced their support for Australia becoming a Republic (e.g. Bryan Brown, Malcolm Turnbull, etc) I’m more and more inclined to think we should stay a Constitutional Monarchy!

ARM should accept that a referendum was held, and the majority voted to stay as is. I think most people are wary of all the promises made by the likes of Turnbull and Co, and were not happy about not having much say in who was elected as President.

johnboy 9:22 am 12 Jan 06

The other problem with this approach is it’ll fail in the same way the “do you want your child to be able to be head of state” angle didn’t go over with the masses.

Out on Point Piper, Toorak, or in Canberra’s leafier suburbs they might be thinking about their child, or their mate, becoming head of state.

But out in chainsaw wielding, welfare bourbon drinking australia they have a pretty embittered view of the chances their “mate” would have.

Maelinar 8:01 am 12 Jan 06

If America is to Republicanism, as England is to Monarchy, then I certainly don’t want Australia to be more like America.

Heavens forbid that we actually think up a new method of governance that might actually have a chance at succeeding.

Thumper 7:55 am 12 Jan 06

Seriously, there are a few more important things that need fixing before we go galavanting off into republicanism (such an ugly word).

And I’m always intrigued by this sense that everything will miraculously be better overnight once Australia becomes a republic.

Hugo 7:31 am 12 Jan 06

“Commonwealth” is not out of place. The poms had one for their first foray into republicanism after lopping off Charles’ head. (Need a repeat performance here?)

valques 7:28 am 12 Jan 06

Howard’s still in power, still lacks imagination… he’ll use blunt wedge politics same as last time.

The Republicans would have a chance if their slogan was

A Mate as Head of Something to Replace the State

but its too cumbersome

johnboy 11:06 pm 11 Jan 06

Wow, there’s a shithouse slogan to keep her majesty and her heirs reigning over us for decades to come.

Spitfire3 7:13 pm 11 Jan 06

But John Howard’s still in power. I wonder how he’ll kill it this time.

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