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Mayhem in Manuka

By XO_VSOP - 9 July 2010 43

[First filed: Jul 8, 2010 @ 13:22]

Manuka police presence

It looks to be a car chase in Manuka, street sectioned off… 8 police cars ? anyone know more?

ED – Rikstr also posted the following:

I missed it but does anyone know what happend in Mankua at Lunch today?

Looked like an unmarked VW GOLF R32 chased down a Falcon and there was a crash in the Western carpark.

UPDATE: Holden Caulfield has posted the following:

I was just in Manuka for lunch and while looking for a car park noticed there had been a bit of kerfuffle on Furneaux Street. The road was blocked between Franklin and Bouganville Streets and there were several Police cars on site. Whatever the drama was it was over when we got there (approx 1pm).

However, we could see three cars huddled together and it appeared at least two were involved in some sort of crash. The way these cars were parked and the direction they were facing it looked like one of the cars may have rammed the other off the road into the car parks opposite Bamboozle (according to this Google Maps reference).

I just checked the ACT Policing website and there was nothing there about the incident. I have some wildly uneducated theories, but figured it was best to open it up to the floor: does anyone know what really happened?

FURTHER UPDATE: Thanks to ozhair for the tip, here’s Jellyrocket1’s YouTube of the chase finale:

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Canberra Times has a couple more details including that three youths might have been arrested.

The update we’ve been waiting for: Here’s the police account of proceedings:

ACT Policing apprehended three juvenile males this afternoon (Thursday 8 July) following a pursuit in Canberra’s south.

About 12:04pm a police K9 patrol in Fisher sighted a stolen early model gold coloured Ford Falcon sedan and attempted to perform a traffic stop.

The vehicle was identified as having been stolen from a car park in Mawson overnight.

The vehicle was pursued by police for around two minutes when the pursuit was terminated in Curtin. A second police vehicle recommenced the pursuit a short time later.

The pursuit ran for approximately 17 minutes in total. The offending vehicle stopped after colliding with two stationary vehicles on Furneaux Street, Griffith. Police immediately apprehended and arrested the vehicle’s occupants.

The alleged offenders, a 15-year-old, a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old from South Canberra will face the ACT Children’s Court tomorrow morning charged with taking a motor vehicle without authority and traffic offences including unlicensed driving, furious/reckless/dangerous driving and failing to stop. Further charges may be laid.

One more update for the road: The ABC has the court appearance and a bit of a crusade against police pursuits.

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43 Responses to
Mayhem in Manuka
Ozhair 3:21 pm 08 Jul 10

My workmate and I are both ex-WIN employees. They can shoot their own damn footage 😉

Disposable 3:13 pm 08 Jul 10

Ozhair said :

A workmate was in Manuka when it finished. Caught a bit of video on his phone:

Great work, email it to WIN News

bd84 3:11 pm 08 Jul 10

Sounds like the falcon has run into the golf in his attempt to evade police, the golf wouldn’t be a police car.

I saw one of the marked traffic branch cars with its pursuit sirens on heading southbound on Northbourne Ave near Bunda St just after 12, I didn’t look up quick enough to see if it was in pursuit of the falcon at that time.

Jim Jones 3:03 pm 08 Jul 10

Sounds like someone “forgot” to pay for their soy latte.

miamoto7 2:54 pm 08 Jul 10

I heard from one of the store owners on that street that the Golf belongs to and was driven by a chef from Beluccis… and that he rammed the brown car into the parked traffic to cut it off. She also said that the police in pursuit approached the vehicle and smashed the windows with their batons to get the offender out! Scary stuff!

Of course, its all rumour and heresay for now….

Ozhair 2:53 pm 08 Jul 10

A workmate was in Manuka when it finished. Caught a bit of video on his phone:

Holden Caulfield 2:39 pm 08 Jul 10

Oops, I just submitted a post about this kerfuffle (this article wasn’t showing on my RSS reader).

@Spideydog – I know an R32 as an unmarked cop car doesn’t seem right, but it looked to me as though the Golf had rammed/forced the other car off the road. Although I didn’t see the scene until around 1pm when all the fun was over, by the positions the two cars ended up, it certainly didn’t look like a normal traffic bingle.

buz1986 2:34 pm 08 Jul 10

was on state circle and counted 16 cop cars, mostly unmarked, lights and sirens blaring, the car ran a red light (cnr of kings ave i think) and they all followed, looked well over 100km/h. a few seconds later, another 5 or 6 cop cars, 2 4wd undercover cars and 3 bikes were following… was pretty intense! the car involved in the chase almost took out a car at the traffic lights i was passing, was insane!

as 2:21 pm 08 Jul 10

Yeah I saw 10 cars both marked & unmarked at 12:15pm chase the brown EA/EB ford out of Barton from National Circuit, down canberra Ave into manuka at high speed. I’m pretty sure the hut hut Special tactics ( dudes with MP5 automatic weapons ) tag along at high speed in their trusty 4×4. It was like being in the midst of an insane version of the Bathurst race. Given the hut hut boys were along for the ride and considering how long it would take to get 10 plod cars all in the same area, I’m guessing this was planned out and the plod got the drop on these drongos while they were trying to pull a job. My guess too is that there was fireams involved in the brown car ( hence the hut hut boys )…either that or the brown car did some circle work on the tactical repsonse groups picnic.
I suspect it wall all become a “nothing to see here, it was just a car crash,move along”.

dvaey 2:18 pm 08 Jul 10

davecdp said :

do they still get a discount at McDonalds?

Probably, but they were all at weston maccas this morning, doing their duty to get breakfast and ensure it wasnt knocked over again.

Spideydog 2:14 pm 08 Jul 10

“unmarked VW GOLF R32” …. Bah hahahahahahahaha

davecdp 2:01 pm 08 Jul 10

do they still get a discount at McDonalds?

trevar 1:57 pm 08 Jul 10

georgesgenitals said :

Saw the cops hammer past on the way to lunch.

How did you know they were on their way to lunch? Was it the flashing lights?

georgesgenitals 1:40 pm 08 Jul 10

Saw the cops hammer past on the way to lunch.

gospeedygo 1:37 pm 08 Jul 10

Mully Returns: The Reckoning.

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