Meteor Shower over Canberra?

Mattenagger 15 April 2013 4

Hi there,

This will hopefully be seen by Gunghalin Al who seems to know all about what’s going on above us at night. I’ve heard that there will be a meteor shower on the night of Monday April 22nd and was hoping Al might be able to give us some info on which  direction we should be watching and at what times would be best.

Any info would be muchly appreciated.


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4 Responses to Meteor Shower over Canberra?
ErkzO ErkzO 11:21 pm 05 May 13

Did anyone check out the eta aquarids last night? They were spectacular! saw 35 eta aquarid meteors and about 15 sporadic ones in 2 hours (Also a huge green fireball!)
Took some photos, if any turn out well I will upload them here.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:38 pm 15 Apr 13

Hi Mattenagger.
The moon is going to make seeing the Lyrids pretty poor this year. But there’s are other reasons not to bother. I’ve explained in detail on my blog so I could add pictures:

patrick_keogh patrick_keogh 5:19 pm 15 Apr 13

The Lyrid meteor shower is this time every year. It is far better in the northern hemisphere than the southern because the angle that the earth makes at this time of year puts the source of the meteors close to the northern horizon. Also this year it coincides with a fairly full moon making it harder to see the meteor trails. If you get a good dark spot with a clear view to the north, then on the night of the 22nd after midnight is likely to be best (1am to around 4am).

Rollersk8r Rollersk8r 4:17 pm 15 Apr 13

There’s a meteor shower every night – but like the NBN and light rail – it’s for Gungahlin residents only! 🙂

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