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Million Paws Walk 2013

By johnboy - 19 May 2013 33


We’ve just returned from the very fulfilling and slightly exhausting Million Paws Walk for 2013.

The Kelpie of Few Accomplishments was resplendent in his bandana and plodded dutifully along for the entire inner lake loop.

As a fundraiser for the local RSPCA it was a great event.

Getting there at 9.30 it was already busy with dozens of stalls catering to both humans and dogs.

As the 11 approached the crowd gathered around the entrance and then a very long wait ensued as the horde slowly got started walking around the lake not helped by the plonkers who for some reason got through the gate and then stopped in the path.

Bowen Place was once again an atrocity (thankfully to be fixed before too long).

But the weather was lovely, the humans and dogs were in good humour, and it was a delightful walk.

If you’ve got pictures feel free to send them in to and I’ll put them up.

Threepaws has sent in a slew to kick off the slideshow:

The RSPCA has had this to say about today’s jam packed event:

Michael Linke, CEO of RSPCA ACT, today thanked the Canberra community for their support of Million Paws Walk. In its eighth year at Stage 88, Sunday’s walk saw the biggest crowd to attend the event in its history, with over 12,000 people and almost 4,500 dogs

“Canberrans should be very proud of the turnout to this event each and every year. Of the 70 walks across the country, Canberra’s is the third largest” Mr Linke said. “It is uplifting for our dedicated staff and volunteers to see so many people support this event.”

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher cut the ribbon to launch the walk around Lake Burley Griffin. Participants enjoyed a stunning Canberra autumn day with over 70 stalls to browse and on stage entertainment throughout the day.

Money raised from Million Paws Walk each year goes directly into animal care at the RSPCA shelter in Weston. As well as caring for over 8,000 animals each year, including dogs, cats, small animals, wildlife and livestock, RSPCA ACT offers a number of programs to support pet owners in the Canberra community. With over 92% of dogs finding a home, as well as an unparalleled figure of 90% of kittens, RSPCA ACT is committed to improving animal welfare in the ACT.

“We saw many people walking without a dog this year – whether they were walking on behalf of an animal at home, or simply walking to support the valuable work of RSPCA, we would like to thank each and every person, and the one cat and one pig, who joined us on Sunday” Mr Linke said.

This year saw a local fundraising team raise the most money of any team in the country. Team Jim Jam, raising funds for RSPCA ACT in memory of Jamie-Leigh Lynch, raised in excess of $13,500 – a wonderful achievement.

[Photo by PeterPaul]

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33 Responses to
Million Paws Walk 2013
dungfungus 10:53 am 20 May 13

johnboy said :

She did get a dog for her birthday a couple of years ago.

Given the publicity Julia Gillard and Tim (her partner) received in the Faifax Media and on the ABC when they got the dog a couple of years ago, I am astonished even one Rioter had the temerity to suggest she borrowed the dog for the occasion.
Even Bolt and Murdoch know that I’m sure.

johnboy 9:54 am 20 May 13

She did get a dog for her birthday a couple of years ago.

NoAddedMSG 9:53 am 20 May 13

c_c™ said :

I know for a fact that some of the pets of pollies and candidates were borrowed.

So what? I’ve borrowed dogs in the past for the walk as well, it’s not a big deal.

Thumper 9:50 am 20 May 13

Was that really Gillard’s dog?

Serious question.

johnboy 9:43 am 20 May 13

More photos in from Ishai Sagi at Canberra Dachshunds.

c_c™ 9:37 am 20 May 13

I know for a fact that some of the pets of pollies and candidates were borrowed.

EvanJames 10:46 pm 19 May 13

And once again, Linke’s dog, despite being a “dangerous” American Pit Bull, failed to kill everyone.

The news seemed to show Julia Gillard walking with an ill-trained smallish dog. Did she do the whole walk?

T1G3R 10:43 pm 19 May 13

I hate the RSPCA, they treated me like crap when my niece and I went to find our geriatric cat. Of course she couldn’t hear properly and has gotten lazy to clean herself while she was missing. They accused me of so many animal welfare issues and then insult to injure they didn’t accept our money for their lost and found fee, “we don’t want your money, take your cat to the vet”. So i did just that, and the vet cleared her and said “she’s an old cat of course shes gonna have these issues and they cant be helped”. Thankfully they decided to leave me alone and my local vet can vouch for me.

Makes me sick how they treated me, if I didn’t give a shit about that cat I wouldn’t have even bothered to look for the poor old dear. They should focus their attention on the real feral owners than genuine people looking for their lost pet.

Zan 6:08 pm 19 May 13

Wonders will never cease. A bicycle with a bell and the rider used it.

Zan 6:06 pm 19 May 13

Wonders will never cease, a bicycle with a bell and it was used by the rider.

GardeningGirl 5:50 pm 19 May 13

Aw, lovely. 🙂
That costume at #2 is so clever!

vulpior 5:49 pm 19 May 13

I want to know more about the cat that went along. “What the f*** have you brought me here for? There’s thousands of the dumb mutts!”

If we’d been in town to take our dog along, he’d have been kept in line by the cat, but he’d probably have tried to mount the pig.

Wilco 5:47 pm 19 May 13

switch said :

A bicyclist rang their bell on a shared path? Wonders will never cease!

Fortunately, any intended warning effect was totally lost on the canine participants, much to the irritation of the cyclists and the amusement of us mere mortals who were enjoying a once a year stroll around the lake.

switch 5:22 pm 19 May 13

A bicyclist rang their bell on a shared path? Wonders will never cease!

Wilco 4:59 pm 19 May 13

Totally agree JB. Only downside was a cyclist or two who seemed aggrieved by the million paws monopoly of the footpath, and whose anger was reflected via aggressive bell ringing directed at the assembled multitude.

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