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Mulcahy not a naughty boy after all

By Joe Canberran - 5 February 2008 30

ABC Online
is reporting that ex-Liberal now Independent MLA Richard Mulcahy has been found by the AHA (Aust. Hotel Association) not to have been a naughty boy after all. No surprise that he is now saying that this confirms that the whole nasty mess was a plot by his political enemies.

For those interested Riot’s full history of Mulcahy’s career can be found here but the hits are his benching by the libs, the immediate fall-out and his attempts to gag the-riotact

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30 Responses to
Mulcahy not a naughty boy after all
Skidbladnir 2:44 pm 05 Feb 08

Personally, I don’t actually think they sourced the information themselves, but had it brought to them.
The ACT Libs who can neither organise a piss-up at a brewery or effectively scrutinise Stanhope don’t seem to be up to tasking a dirt unit.

Mælinar 2:39 pm 05 Feb 08

@Skidbladnir – I’m not talking wisdom intelligence, I’m talking about secret information intelligence

Skidbladnir 2:39 pm 05 Feb 08
Skidbladnir 2:36 pm 05 Feb 08

“Acting on their own intelligence“?
We are talking about the current sitting ACT Liberals, yes?

Offtopic, anyone know whats happeneing with Troy Williams?
His webpage root directory now directs us to the liberals page about his Federal candidacy and has a picture of JWH smiling at us.

Mælinar 2:30 pm 05 Feb 08

Being found not guilty doesn’t necessarily absolve you of any naughty little actions that may have gone unnoticed by the court process either.

Perhaps the Libs may have been acting on their own intelligence.

Mr Evil 2:08 pm 05 Feb 08

“Read the ‘gag the RiotAct’ thread.

it makes for interesting reading.”

Yep, if in doubt – threaten to sue everyone for defamation!

The guy’s a wuss. We’ll see how long he survives as an ‘Independant’.

caf 1:54 pm 05 Feb 08

I am certainly not excusing the whiteanting behaviour, but trying to point out that someone with serious political leadership ambitions should be able to deal with it when it occurs.

Ingeegoodbee 1:29 pm 05 Feb 08

In your gushing support for Liberal has-been Mulcahy you simply come across as a wet fart Crikey. Instead of dealing with the internal bitchiness that’s an unfortunate fact of life in politics Mulcahy had a whiney little dummy spit – bringing on the only rational response from his party. He proved his ineptitude and incompetence to lead the party with those actions and the reality is, by warming a seat on the cross benches he’s simply denying a better prepared conservative candidate the opportunity to put the boot into Standope and his wacky band of pinko minority group pandering sops.

Thumper 12:17 pm 05 Feb 08

Read the ‘gag the RiotAct’ thread.

it makes for interesting reading.

Skidbladnir 12:13 pm 05 Feb 08

The headline is misleading, should be “Mulcahy not such a naughty boy afterall”

He was shafted by his party who wouldn’t see past their own infighting and took out a possible future candidate, but he’s still not a person to unify anybody nor lead them anywhere but down the gurgler.

Crikey 12:06 pm 05 Feb 08

Caf you are missing the point and Ingeegoodbee, as usual, your comments are vial and irrelevant.

There are two different issues here. One is the behaviour of the Liberal Party in undermining one of their own colleagues and the other is Mulcahy’s behaviour which led to him being dumped by the Liberals.

I agree that Mulcahy had to expect that he would be kicked out of the party after his outburst BUT his former Liberal colleagues are guilty of bastardisation and I believe are unfit, in their present state, to govern the ACT.

Ingeegoodbee 11:06 am 05 Feb 08

You’ve nailed it caf – Mulcahy chose his own fate when he decided to reveal to all and sundry that he was little more than a pathetic joke with the political instinct of a dog turd (apparently diferent from clay). The cross benches unfortunately mean that he still punches above his weight.

caf 10:42 am 05 Feb 08

Don’t forget that he had a reasonable hand in his own demise, by so publically spitting the dummy when he was moved to the backbench. If he’d just sucked it up, he’d be well placed for a run at the leadership today.

Someone with such anger management issues probably isn’t fit for office anyway.

wishuwell 9:56 am 05 Feb 08

Should be ashamed but won’t be. Shame is something only decent people feel.

Crikey 9:49 am 05 Feb 08

I listen to an interview this morning and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Mulcahy. Under the circumstances, considering what he has been through, I thought he was very dignified and refrained.

Liberal leader, Zed-instead was interviewed after Mulcahy and came across as weak and shallow. He may be leader but it’s not hard to see that others in the Liberal Party are ‘directing’ Zed.

Zed said that the Liberals would not be extending an apology to Mulcahy even though it appears that it was Members of the Liberal Parliamentary Party who schemed to bring down Mulcahy – simply because he was a contender for the leadership of the party.

Smyth, Pratt, Burke and others should be feeling very ashamed of themselves today!

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