Needs To Be Glassed gives Canberra a relative Thumbs Up

johnboy 28 August 2005 21

The hottest site on the internet People Who Need To Be Glassed [Language Warning] has surveyed the Capital Cities of Australia and found them wanting.

They were, however, relatively generous to Canberra, especially as they couldn’t be bothered with Hobart and Darwin.

Empty, dull, and downright scary. Worth a visit if you want to drive along eight-lane roads with only two other cars in sight in peak-hour. The best heroin in Australia is readily available here.

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21 Responses to Needs To Be Glassed gives Canberra a relative Thumbs Up
bulldog bulldog 3:31 pm 30 Aug 05

Sambo, write a tune to it and see if you can sell it as an unreleased Smiths B-side 😉

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:44 am 30 Aug 05

Yes the ricky ponting link was worth it’s weight in gold – and azaria chamberlain is going straight to the pool room….

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 10:38 am 30 Aug 05

Mr Evil, you’re the third person to send me there this year.

Bulldog, it happens when I’m tired, I’m sure the comments weren’t serious. I appreciate but don’t need the pity, as I said, I’m happy with my life.

Anyways, if you think it’s an essay I’ll keep a copy for an English class. I would love to see a teacher mark it!

bulldog bulldog 9:36 am 30 Aug 05

Love the Ricky Ponting link JB. Call me a bogan if you will, but it still chuckleworthy.

Sambo, stop taking shit so personally; I’m sure Caz doesn’t really want to glass you and that JB was not messing with your agoraphobia. By responding with self pitying essays, I’m sure it only makes you more of a target.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:28 am 30 Aug 05

For me it is Ben Lee’s music which is less than ordinary, his personality that is less the ordinary, and no he will never write a better song than paul kelly…. anything with expletives and threats of maiming with serious intent is good enough for me

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:03 am 30 Aug 05

Sam, you like talk radio? That’s it: you’re going straight to hell. 😉 I’ll see you there!

I must admit some of the Glassed site’s comments are kind of funny, but even I found it really boring after awhile (and I love hanging shit on celebs!).

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 12:09 am 30 Aug 05

I noticed that I was taking some comments far too personally here, and as such took a break…I needed the sleep anyway. I’ve had some time to think and this is my summary.

I did not find that site amusing, nor did I find it offensive. It just didn’t appeal to me. My “words of wisdom” comment was meant to be lighthearted, even if it didn’t come across that way. I believe that the comments aimed at me were also light hearted, but as I said, I took them far too personally.

There was one, however, that got me thinking:
Johnboy wrote “We can’t all be like you Sam.”

Not quite sure what you meant Johnboy, but I will assume that it was in relation to the “stay at home” comment.

I would be happy to admit that I’m not exactly an outgoing person, and I don’t have much of a social life. Part of this stems from the fact that I’m not exactly overly popular and why would I be, one of my main course of study is IT, I’m a talk radio fan, I’m more interested in old music than new music and I enjoy being at home.

I’m happy with my life, and I don’t expect anybody else to be. I can honestly say I don’t fit many teenage stereotypes, and I really don’t care. I might be missing out on a lot of fun and life experiences, but I am building my own unique set, and that will do me just fine.

Anyway, I’ve had another look at that site and have found a funny side to it…it still doesn’t amuse me, but I can see how it could be amusing.

johnboy johnboy 11:40 pm 29 Aug 05

I dunno, they have a certain economy of language.

take this example for, er, example.

wonsworld wonsworld 11:32 pm 29 Aug 05

It’s not about dumping shit. It’s how the shit is dumped. I dont agree with a lot of what Caz says about “Idol” BUT it is written with some intellegence and humour. I personally think Ben Lee is a bit of tosser as well, but not about his music, but because he made the statement some time ago that he has written better songs than Paul Kelly ever will and that he was Australia’s best song writer etc.

A good put down doesn’t have to be well thought out.

Even THIS is a funnier put down on Ben Lee… still crap … but funny

terubo terubo 2:53 pm 29 Aug 05

Talent level on that site: 1/10. But funny if you like that sort of thing. Also plays into the hands of the many people overseas who see us Aussies as a bunch of crude f*ckwitted bogans.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:03 pm 29 Aug 05

I love the site….any site that piles the shit on that lame fuckarse ben lee or ‘retro’ rock is good by me

bulldog bulldog 1:14 pm 29 Aug 05

Not quite side splitting, but still okay for a bit of a chuckle. Don’t feel I have to stand up for the ACT after the reviews Sydney and Melbourne got.

wonsworld wonsworld 12:49 pm 29 Aug 05

Awesome?? That site is a waste of time

Ralph Ralph 7:46 am 29 Aug 05

That site is fucking awesome.

That sheila who thinks she’s Azaria Chamberlin is a nut job.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:11 pm 28 Aug 05

and I don’t want you to all be like me…I want me to be like me, nobody else.

Do what you want Caz.

Caz Caz 10:36 pm 28 Aug 05

can we glass Sam?

johnboy johnboy 10:08 pm 28 Aug 05

We can’t all be like you Sam.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:50 pm 28 Aug 05

Sure, they aren’t going to be positive, but they still should stay at home.

johnboy johnboy 9:35 pm 28 Aug 05

Well Sam, a site called “Needs to be glassed” with St Begbie as its patron saint isn’t going to be too concerned with positivity now is it?

blossy blossy 8:27 pm 28 Aug 05

I have to say the blog cracked me up. Not the Capital Cities entry so much, but the Azaria Chamberlain imposter one sort of made me smile.

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