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No Sexuality for UC Under VSU

By che 23 May 2005 11

NowUC has this article that under VSU the UC Student Assoc will no longer be able to offer Sexuality Services.

Edit: Thanks to Kerces for pointing out the difference between the UCU and the Student Assoc.

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No Sexuality for UC Under VSU
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johnboy 8:37 pm 24 May 05

Counselling can get rolled into academics pretty easily methinks.

RandomGit 2:26 pm 24 May 05

Makes me think of the guy who got out of having to show Just Cause on the grounds that he was ‘experimenting with his sexuality’ (NB: he wasn’t actually).

Though he was but one bad egg, he shouldn’t spoil it for the whole battery farm.

areaman 1:10 pm 24 May 05

Except that the ligislation currently before the house bans the Unis from collecting funds for anything non-accademic.

johnboy 12:08 am 24 May 05

Indeed, a hell of a lot of the services could be provided by the uni directly.

Kerces 11:43 pm 23 May 05

My understanding is that yes it will affect the SA as well as the UCU because they’re still what’s defined as a student union. My point was that while the UCU is a good thing (particularly the provision of decent food on campus), they don’t appear to provide many of the services that are probably really good for students. They seem to be providing more of the services that our beloved Dr Nelson trots out as examples of why VSU should be taken up (thoguh I think they are the ones that do the childcare and the health centre).

johnboy 11:39 pm 23 May 05

So VSU doesn’t effect SA activities?

Kerces 11:31 pm 23 May 05

Jen Newman, presdient of the UCSA, told NowUC at a recent press conference that the student association was starting a month-long (or thereabouts) review of all its services and basically deciding what’s essential and what’s not (well, they think they’re all essential, so it’s more like what’s viable and what’s not).
However it is worth noting in the whole VSU debate that, at UC at least, the Union and Student Association are separate entities. O Week, Stoneweek, discounted concerts, cheap food int he refectory and so on are provided by the UCU. Counselling services, student advocacy, cheap printing, even cheaper bottled water, sandwiches and fruit and support for students having troubles ing eneral are provided by the SA.

johnboy 8:07 pm 23 May 05

“We’re going to lose all our funding,” Sexuality Officer Rebecca Moon said. …

“I won’t have money to organise social events or to pay for people to go to conferences,”

It’s curious, the UCU has obviously decided that sexuality services are superfluous and can be the first thing trimmed.

Why isn’t that the story if these services are indispensable?

Ari 5:55 pm 23 May 05

Will this impact VD, or STDs … eg AIDs, HIV and HepC?

Thumper 4:45 pm 23 May 05

So the UC under the VSU is no longer going to have SS for UCAN students?


che 3:28 pm 23 May 05

I wonder what the google bots will make of “Sexuality Services”

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