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Not the finest of days for the weather bureau

By paperboy - 15 September 2010 28

Could today have set a new record for weather bureau inaccuracy?

The good folks at the bureau tipped a maximum for Canberra of 10. It reached 15.

I believe our forecasts are now computer generated from Sydney.

It may be time to review this arrangement.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Not the finest of days for the weather bureau
davecdp 10:41 am 15 Sep 10

Also can you let facilities know that its 1/2 degree colder in my cubicle that the rest of the building………

astrojax 10:38 am 15 Sep 10

i wonder if anyone would bother to ask bom folk if they actually might not concede that such a misprophecying of the weather actually is something of an embarrassment to them… above kinda sounds like all talk from an akubra to me.

Waiting For Godot 10:05 am 15 Sep 10

Oh my! I’m an uppity pube upset that the weather bureau miscalculated the temperature by a few degrees! I think I’ll write a minute complaining to the OIC. Move on people, nothing to see here…

WillowJim 9:57 am 15 Sep 10

Because the atmosphere is such a simple system, with so few potential variables, isn’t it.

Reprobate 9:37 am 15 Sep 10

I too was mildly inconvenienced by someone making a rare error doing a job that I can’t do myself. For shame!!!

Thumper 9:26 am 15 Sep 10

This is the end of civilization as we know it.

The horrow of it all.

davecdp 9:03 am 15 Sep 10

I find it amusing the fascination some people have with the weather and how upset they get when the weather man gets it wrong by 5 degrees.

54-11 9:01 am 15 Sep 10

I reckon that overall, they get things pretty right. Certainly accurate enough for me to decide what to do/wear for the day.

Jim Jones 8:58 am 15 Sep 10

OMG someone got the weather wrong!

Dude – grow up.

indigoid 8:54 am 15 Sep 10

Ridiculous post of the week. Flame on!

terubo 8:47 am 15 Sep 10

15 is better than 10, so may they continue to get it wrong…

Skidbladnir 8:37 am 15 Sep 10

(and I think BoM use the airport weather station anyway)

Skidbladnir 8:35 am 15 Sep 10

Computer model of chaotic weather system not achieving total accuracy, lone citizen outraged.
More on this breaking news story as it comes to hand…

Also, if the data is being gathered from across the country, and the same modelling process is producing outputs that BoM bases its predictions on, why does running the process on a computer in Sydney matter to you?
You didn’t think the forecasts for seas and oceans were generated from ship-borne server farms floating off the coast, did you?

Pork Hunt 8:32 am 15 Sep 10

Correct threepaws.
On ABC 666 at about 0635 each weekday morning the morning show presenter talks to the BOM duty forecaster at the airport.
Computer generated maybe, but not in Sydney.

threepaws 8:21 am 15 Sep 10

I thought the forecasts came from the BOM facility at the airport?

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