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Note to Canberrans, your taxi driver is not a terrorist

By johnboy - 14 August 2006 21

The Canberra Times has the sad news that moronic Canberrans have been abusing and assaulting pakistani taxi drivers in Canberra (I’ll grudgingly concede a pattern from two incidents) on the basis that because the terrorists in the news are all muslims, then all muslims must be terrorists.

(Just like Catholics in the 1980’s perhaps?)

Regardless of the religious faith and racial extraction of your taxi driver, I think we can safely assume that he or she will perform their terrorist atrocity on a bigger target than the three drunks in the taxi at any given time.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Note to Canberrans, your taxi driver is not a terrorist
Absent Diane 3:53 pm 15 Aug 06


vg 3:46 pm 15 Aug 06

On first glance I had a good laugh at the EBay auction. But something drew me back to it.

Then I realised who the person in the picture was. It’s a mate of mine who has just been given one of the world’s great practical joke by another mate.

Absolutely superb

Thumper 10:26 am 15 Aug 06

A bit sad!

Having coached Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Indian kids in cricket I have come across all sorts of parents. Some are great, some are a pain. But generally they are just parents. They work, they take their kids to sport, they help. They are nice people who I’d be happy to have a beer with, except for the obvious reasons why not.

This makes the whole thing repulsive and utterly deplorable.

The taxi driver/s should have stopped and thrown them out, or charged them double. Or driven to a cop shop and got out and complained.

VYBerlinaV8 10:17 am 15 Aug 06

It’s a bit sad when people jump to conclusions about others in the community. It’s interesting that govco uses profiling extensively, although one hopes they are a bit more controlled in their actions than these dickheads.

Thumper 8:47 am 15 Aug 06

No, Flynn.

Charny is much higher class, because I live there and bring the standard up…

andy 10:05 pm 14 Aug 06

from charnwood. heh. figures.

Ralph 4:42 pm 14 Aug 06

By the kilo, he’s currently cheaper than bananas.

TAD 1:31 pm 14 Aug 06
bonfire 1:05 pm 14 Aug 06

having lived with muslims, i can say that they are angry that terrorists use islam to justify their actions.

its unlikely that a student from karachi driving cabs in the act has anything other than keeping the wolves from the door and passing that next exam, on his mind.

snahon 12:14 pm 14 Aug 06

We can all learn a valuable lesson from these morons – never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.

Absent Diane 12:10 pm 14 Aug 06

Yep.. perhaps even christian non smokers with kids!!!

S4anta 11:54 am 14 Aug 06

10 bucks these fucktards are non-smokers…

Absent Diane 10:53 am 14 Aug 06

I don’t agree with their stupidity at all. But how else do you expect the ignorant people to react, they take a what you see is what you get reaction to the news and assume that anyone wearing any kind non-football/boxing related head gear is a terrorist… well all 5 minutes of the news that they see in the ads while big bother is on….

che 10:33 am 14 Aug 06

we have racial hatred laws here that we can use on these fools dont we
make examples of them

Mr Evil 10:02 am 14 Aug 06

Don’t you just love it when yobbos ‘defend’ us from terrorism.

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