Nuclear – The Debate We Have To Have?

wagga_wagga 22 November 2006 19

A community forum on Nuclear Power will be held on 2 December 2006.

Details are;

“Forum Australia” is a Canberra based non-profit, non-political and non-government organisation dedicated to promoting peace and harmony in Australia.

The Forum focuses on three main objectives:

• promote freedom of expression;
• develop and perpetuate awareness of current issues in Australia; and
• foster understanding of a fair and just global order.

We believe that by providing high level, intellectual debates on social and cultural issues through our forum we can help to achieve the above objectives and can serve to ensure a better Australia. With this approach in mind, we are planning to hold our second forum for the year as per the following program.

When: Saturday, 2 December 2006
Venue: (New) Griffin Centre, Civic
Time: 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

The main speakers participating in the forum are:

Senator Gary Humphries (Senator for ACT)
Mr Bob McMullan (MP for Frazer ACT)
Dr Deb Foskey (MLA ACT)
Mr Simon Grose (Former Science Editor, Canberra Times)

As this is an important issue that would affect the life of every Australian you are cordially invited to attend the forum and requested to promote the forum among your friends. Please find attached a flyer regarding the forum.

Forum Australia

Contact: 0434604208 (Mobile)


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19 Responses to Nuclear – The Debate We Have To Have?
equalitarian equalitarian 9:02 pm 25 Nov 06

Thanks Maelinar, maybe I should have used a more benign country as an example.
(as far as I know) was the qualifier and my homework re your subject, allied/others’ WMDs, depleted uranuim in Iraq, Zionism etc. obviously needs some attention.
But figured the thread was related to the nuclear power debate – in the pleb blender, shaver, washing machine, air cond., coal, enviro context.
Be happy to go down your path if you want to share a link or 3.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:38 am 24 Nov 06

Equalitarian, do some homework before you inform the world that the french don’t sell nuclear material to terrorists.

It’s probably off most peoples radars but a while ago (end of world war 2) they allowed a small terrorist organisation to ‘steal’ nuclear material in order to become a self-protecting nation.

It later turned into a place called Israel.

Jey Jey 7:27 am 24 Nov 06

They had one of these only a few months ago.

equalitarian equalitarian 8:34 pm 23 Nov 06

It is a debate we have to have, but will there be consensus which will carry through into policy? Hmmmm.
If renewable energy ideas and practices were to be given the same levels of funding as the 19th century clumsy infrastructure, Australia could be way ahead of the game.
Solar alternatives equals photovoltaics, wind equals dead birds, end of story. What a pity the Governments can’t see the potential of OTHER versions of these two sources. There is so much creative potential, yet it’s all branded as dumb, hippy science that is only good for powering a caravan.

ozmreeee ozmreeee 8:39 am 23 Nov 06

I wonder if JWH will make a promise at the next election that the rate of climate change under a “JWH led government” will be slower than under a Labor govt.

Let’s face it, folks, Shrub certainly knows how to appeal to the masses. He doen’t confuse them with facts or the truth just tells them that he’s ” … sure he speaks for all fair minded Australians when I say …” and that’s that.

Global warming? It’s a beat up to bring industrial unrest to Australia and undermine our strong economy. I’m sure all fair minded Australians will agree.

Big Al Big Al 10:35 pm 22 Nov 06

Is that the best you’ve got Wagga? We’ve all seen where this debate goes – the left will trot out its bullshit agenda like some rancid wet fart … it’s going no where. That’s probably why real people have moved in to push the agenda forwards after 50 years of wankfest.

Now go away and dont’t bother coming back until unitl you’re a grown up.

equalitarian equalitarian 9:55 pm 22 Nov 06

This is another Howard wedge policy for the next election. It has the potential to make Beazley and co. look like head in the sand luddites. Also, climate change is on JWH’s side in this issue.
He can bray that “at least we are doing something to address climate change”. Ziggy, you’re a gem.
Guess what? Like babes overboard and immigration policy, David Hicks et al. NOTHING will happen. Just Alan Jones stuff.
If 100% of Australia urge nuke energy starting tomorrow, it will take 15 years for the ink to dry on the first feasibility study.
France has 60 nuclear plants, do not sell waste to terrorists (as far as I know) and seems to be reasonably resigned to the energy source( the waste is in Mururoa).
Be aware, but far from alarmed. Let me know when something besides hot air is generated from this little exercise.

Danman Danman 9:21 pm 22 Nov 06

What pandy said but for Mr McMullan

Pandy Pandy 9:03 pm 22 Nov 06

I would go to the debate if Deb Foskey wears a boa and nothing else.

LG LG 7:33 pm 22 Nov 06

I have a lot of difficulty understanding the Green’s position on energy. They say no to nuclear, coal (and ‘clean coal’), gas and hydro (cause of dams).

Australia doesn’t have the geothermal option and solar and wind cannot provide base load power.

Where in the world does that leave us??

I can’t believe how closeminded conservation groups are that they can dismiss nuclear out of hand and not engage in any meaningful debate.

cranky cranky 6:22 pm 22 Nov 06

Was part of a survey crew many years ago compiling water temperature data from the output of the power house at the mouth of the Yarra River. They wanted to see where the hot water went, as a precursor to changing the power house to nuclear. Seem to remember nothing much came of it.

barking toad barking toad 5:39 pm 22 Nov 06

The results of the wank will be :

1. nuclear is bad (as is coal)
2. we need to adopt wind/solar
3. as the seas rise to burley griffin – wave power
4. we need carbon trading in the ACT
5. it’s all JWH’s fault. And GWB.

And Al, don’t buy needles, get ’em from the needle exchange (where you don’t actually need to exchange).

snahon snahon 5:02 pm 22 Nov 06

Yep as a community I’m sure we all know exactly what/how nuclear technology operates.
Furthermore do any of the main speakers actually hold any credentials related to nuclear technology, environmental impacts, etc, etc ??

If they don’t, I’m sure I can come up with the same information reading the back of my Rice Bubbles box…

Ari Ari 4:52 pm 22 Nov 06

From what I’ve seen W_W’s idea of “high level, intellectual debate” has been to bag people over their log-in names.

Big Al Big Al 4:37 pm 22 Nov 06

“As this is an important issue that would affect the life of every Australian you are cordially invited to attend the forum and requested to promote the forum among your friends.”

Lefty shit-bag double speak for pull on your hessian undies, grab your copy of Green-Left Weekly and head on down to join a bunch of other unwashed fuck-monkeys.

Big Al Big Al 4:34 pm 22 Nov 06

Smokey, they got as far as digging the foundations for a reactor at Jervis Bay and Port Stephens, north of Newcastle, has been mooted as a good spot.

Got any spare needles Barking Toad? I think I’d join you befor fronting up to that rabble of watermelon shitbags bracketed by our flip-flopping senator and a media hack.

Chris S Chris S 4:33 pm 22 Nov 06

Smokey, don’t forget Jervis Bay, which is part of the ACT but is Commonwealth controlled.

smokey2 smokey2 4:22 pm 22 Nov 06

I still wonder where are they going to get these sites with an adequate water supply. The only place is on the coast where unfortunately all us human beings like to live. At least the ACT and Goulburn are safe.

barking toad barking toad 4:08 pm 22 Nov 06

that list of speakers makes sticking needles in my eyeball more attractive

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