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Odgenville, West Havenbrook, Springfield and now Canberra

By S4anta 22 July 2005 40

Our esteemed local tome the Canberra Times is reporting here of plans for a monorail, that will deliver inter-town trips within five minutes.

“Aren’t you afraid the tracks will bend?”
“Not at all, my Hindu Friend”

There are also plans underfoot to sink roads around Civic and create land bridges, which I actually think has merit but I doubt that puppy wont fly.

And it’s all for a cheap $1.2 billion, which is being kicked in by a Singapore financier. the project itself was conceived by local planners, architects and engineers.

If only Homer could see us now.

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
Odgenville, West Havenbrook, Springfield and now Canberra
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areaman 11:59 am 26 Jul 05

I heard it was the biggest suburb in the southern hemisphere.

bulldog 8:57 am 26 Jul 05

We can change Kambah to Vanstone; supposedly the biggest suburb in the country.

While we’re on it; Does anybody kow if that’s a fact? Have heard the rumour a number of times…

Thumper 5:40 pm 25 Jul 05

Frankly I’d rather stay out of Foskey, the suburb that is….

Evictor 5:15 pm 25 Jul 05

That would be one big suburb Bulldog …

bulldog 5:04 pm 25 Jul 05

F*ct if I know areaman; but nothing would surprise me.

How about Vanstone? I’d live there for sure.

areaman 4:25 pm 25 Jul 05

I’m right in thinking that this has no ACT government backing, aren’t I?

Maelinar 1:26 pm 25 Jul 05

and Howard…

bulldog 1:22 pm 25 Jul 05

I like these new suburbs much more based on Kerces’ post… So much so that I am now volunteering to live in Stanhope Estate, Foskey or Corbell Heights.

Maelinar 1:03 pm 25 Jul 05

I’d like to live in Foskey..

Accomodation is rather cheap I hear for a prime suburb, great location..

Wow! Soon they’ll be building into NSW with all these new suburbs on the go..

bulldog 12:50 pm 25 Jul 05

They could put the “Foskey 5 Star Housing Commision Flats” in the new area. It could also have a permanent “All Full” sign out the front…

Kerces 12:25 pm 25 Jul 05

I remeber reading a letter to the paper S=some years ago in which the author said they wouldn’t mind living in a suburb named Howard on account of they only name suburbs after dead people. Same applies here?

Chris 12:11 pm 25 Jul 05

Stanhope Chase ? preferably outta town ?

Evictor 9:25 am 25 Jul 05

Stanhope Meadows …. like the ring of that.

sk8erboi 12:22 am 23 Jul 05

Why don’t we just dig a big hole and piss away 1.2 billion dollars into it? Would be more fun, less environmentally damaging and easier to cover over and ignore when the developers piss off just like they did in the Simpsons. Hmm.. maybe Simple Simon needs to change his surname to Quimby?

loadedog 5:33 pm 22 Jul 05

Well someone’s got to go against the prevailing view.

I reckon it’s a great idea, as long as the ticket pricing structure is reasonable. The Sydney monorail was pretty gimmicky I’ll admit, because it didn’t really go anywhere, but this proposal could provide quick, quiet and efficient transport along Canberra’s main transport corridor and shouldn’t be scoffed at just because the Simpsons did an episode on the subject.

Action Buses might be a little concerned, however, about their main high volume routes being taken over.

gingermick 2:32 pm 22 Jul 05

Actualy, what Homer said was “It was built against the will of the immortal gods, and so it did not last for long”.

I’m not sure if he was refering to a monorail.

Spitfire3 1:24 pm 22 Jul 05

It’s Ogdenville, Brockway and North Haverbrook, not West.

Maelinar 12:48 pm 22 Jul 05

Did somebody just say ‘Corbell Gardens’ ??

Or the local pub ‘The Jolly Junket’ ??

Maelinar 12:46 pm 22 Jul 05

How about ‘You get to shit on stanhope any time you want to’ ?

or ‘It would beat living in the adjacent suburb – Corbell’..

Thumper 12:43 pm 22 Jul 05

Hmmm.. That sounds mighty like the old Prick 77 sets we had back in the early 80s.

Some even had bullet holes in them, courtesy of the NVA and Vietcong, so I was told.

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