Oh snow, polar blast headed our way

Michael Weaver 7 August 2019 69

The Bureau of Meteorology forecast for snowfall in the region for this Friday. Image courtesy of BOM.

Don’t put away your puffer jackets just yet! Hot on the heels of Canberra’s warmest July average temperature is a polar blast this week that will have the region reaching for the winter woollies.

A deep cold front will focus its energy on Southern inland NSW on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, bringing the best chance this winter of snow falling and possibly settling in the capital.

Areas surrounding the ACT such as Corin Forest, Mt Franklin Road and south of Tharwa towards Adaminaby are likely hot spots for snowfalls, while areas to the north around Crookwell may also be worth a drive.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts for the Alps and Snowy Mountains are for truckloads of snow to fall, from today (Wednesday) through to Monday next week. The biggest falls of snow will hit the Snowy Mountains between Thursday and Saturday. Westerly and northwesterly winds of between 40 and 70 km/h are also predicted.

Forecast data is also continually suggesting that Canberra will see snowfalls from this system.

In the ACT very strong cold westerly winds should develop Thursday night and they may reach damaging strengths of up to 90km/h on Friday especially on the ranges. Canberra will have bone-chilling tops of just 9 degrees with a 5-10deg wind chill.

Image of the polar low forecast position for this Thursday. Image courtesy: Higgins Storm Chasing.

Southern NSW will see strong westerly winds of 60-70km/r across the state on Thursday. These winds could even stir up some dust storms inland. Wind speeds could reach damaging strengths of 100km/r across the South East, Central Ranges and possibly even the Northern ranges from Thursday to Saturday.

Any bush fires that start could also become very dangerous due to the dry conditions and very strong winds.

Veteran meteorologist Clem Davis said that after we shivered through the coldest May temperatures in 20 years, Canberra recorded the warmest July maximum temperature on record of 13.7 degrees. He said while the cold front heading our way this week will definitely bring snow to the mountains, it’s unlikely to settle in Canberra.

“We tend to be in a bit of a rain shadow here in Canberra and we’re just not quite high enough, so if we do get snow, it could be overnight and it doesn’t usually last long.

“Certainly the higher areas could see some snow flurries in Canberra depending on when those snow systems come through,” Mr Davis said.

He added that the higher July average temperatures were in line with a trend that hasn’t changed in the past 24 years.

“So for 24 years, we haven’t had a July daily maximum temperature below the average. That’s beyond cyclic and well outside natural variations,” Mr Davis said.

If the capital does receive snowfall, it will have Canberrans recalling the last decent falls in May 2000 when the Canberra Raiders played the Balmain Tigers at Canberra Stadium on a very chilly Sunday afternoon.

The day the NRL froze at the footy in May 2000 when the Raiders played the Tigers at Canberra Stadium. Photo: Raiders website.

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69 Responses to Oh snow, polar blast headed our way
Jess Davis Jess Davis 7:37 pm 09 Aug 19

Amelia Laudenbach must be following you

Seany Gregory Seany Gregory 9:22 pm 08 Aug 19

Perfect footy weather 🙌🏼 Yvette-LouEllen Douglas Anderson Brendan Fischer

    Yvette-LouEllen Douglas Anderson Yvette-LouEllen Douglas Anderson 8:22 am 09 Aug 19

    Still up for it.

    Brendan Fischer Brendan Fischer 8:24 am 09 Aug 19

    I feel like you want us to pike out so you guys can follow🤔

    Yvette-LouEllen Douglas Anderson Yvette-LouEllen Douglas Anderson 9:18 am 09 Aug 19

    Dont be a piker. We are keen.

Sas Stahl Sas Stahl 9:04 pm 08 Aug 19

Lauren Briggs if it snows in ACT this weekend, I’m picking you up and we are driving to find it! Foot down! 🤣

Chris Maloney Chris Maloney 6:09 pm 08 Aug 19

Certain signs tell me Canberra winter is well from over. Wattle is usually out by now and its been a warmer winter so far

    Sarah Cathie Sarah Cathie 7:01 pm 08 Aug 19

    Chris Maloney I saw the wattle coming out on Belconnen way just this morning 👍

    Tommy Buttons Tommy Buttons 6:27 pm 09 Aug 19

    Chris Maloney I saw wattle in Queanbeyan today.

    Chris Maloney Chris Maloney 9:32 pm 09 Aug 19

    Maree Sheahan That's promising but its usually everywhere by now. I was up at Namadgi last weekend. Hopefully this is the last cold front

Dianne Hubbard Dianne Hubbard 5:47 pm 08 Aug 19

And down here in Victoria for next week.

Pouring atm and very windy.

2 C tonight.

Bec Lamb Bec Lamb 2:03 pm 08 Aug 19

Irene Georgia Josh James John Ashley Molly any1 keen to go for a drive and see the snow!?!

Matthew Dwyer Matthew Dwyer 10:49 am 08 Aug 19

After living through - 30 in North East China last January I think I will be fine

Daniel Hellig-Smith Daniel Hellig-Smith 10:39 am 08 Aug 19

Patrick Phillips Max Moffat petition to rename our sharehouse to a sharedfridge

Samantha Watson Samantha Watson 9:25 am 08 Aug 19

Kate Harvey Watson we don’t even have to go to the brindies

Gayle Marie Stone Gayle Marie Stone 7:16 am 08 Aug 19

Feeling for those on night shift over the weekend.

Ellen Maree Ellen Maree 6:44 am 08 Aug 19

Dannielle yay but nooooo

Samia Goudie Samia Goudie 10:34 pm 07 Aug 19

Nono no no no no no

Shane Westmore Shane Westmore 9:46 pm 07 Aug 19

One positive is the Raiders could get a repeat of 2000’s snow day https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mh-8VjnOkHQ

    Barbara Belmonte Barbara Belmonte 8:10 am 08 Aug 19

    Fabulous seeing that again, thanks - I remember that day so well.

Toni Isaacson Toni Isaacson 8:30 pm 07 Aug 19

Only Canberrans are excited about a polar blast because it might bring snow - every other report about this would suggest it is the end of civilisation as we know it.

Frances O'Connor Frances O'Connor 8:25 pm 07 Aug 19

Keep warm you two x

Carolyn Uhe Carolyn Uhe 6:53 pm 07 Aug 19

Oh oh....steven uhe

    Steve Uhe Steve Uhe 7:03 pm 07 Aug 19

    Carolyn Uhe I think the motorcycle can sit for a while longer 😩

Prabh Ajit Mann Prabh Ajit Mann 5:08 pm 07 Aug 19

Aman Mankoo congratulations

    Aman Mankoo Aman Mankoo 6:11 pm 07 Aug 19

    Prabh Ajit Mann what it was still cold 🤪 and even now it's cold !

    Prabh Ajit Mann Prabh Ajit Mann 6:12 pm 07 Aug 19

    Aman Mankoo but Rimpy Mankoo bhaji love winters of Canberra

Ben Hedges Ben Hedges 4:35 pm 07 Aug 19

Krystal Bush plenty of snow coming

John Moulis John Moulis 3:32 pm 07 Aug 19

The good news is that it is only temporary. The forecast says that hot, sunny weather will be back on Thursday week. Hopefully after that we will have several months of unbroken very hot and sunny weather.

rodgerdodger rodgerdodger 3:20 pm 07 Aug 19

Cue all the idiots declaring that a much delayed winter in the final weeks before spring proves climate change is a hoax. Ignoring the endless droughts and record warmth.

It’s called seasons.

But here we go.

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