Paradise at the Business Park

poptop 22 February 2009 30

Exiting the Airport earlier today, I suddently realised I was driving past a Garden of Eden-like environment.

Where else in Canberra is the grass as green? The fountains as squirty? The statues as relaxed?

The only snake in this garden is, as usual, the people who do not clean the barbeque plate when they’re finished. But it seems all this may be available to you just by making a call and booking.

Can all this be sustained on bore water?

(Slideshow below, comic by Panama)

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30 Responses to Paradise at the Business Park
tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 2:40 pm 23 Feb 09

I’d prefer to not drink it – but then again, I drank it for years in London.

A quick fact – do you know that New York City has some of the best drinking water for a major city? The beautiful water flows from upstate NY, and tastes brilliant!

chewy14 chewy14 1:53 pm 23 Feb 09


There is not enough ground water from bores for widespread treatment to work.
A recyled sewage plant would cost less and provide more water.
Its just whether we want to be drinking it or not.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 1:45 pm 23 Feb 09

So can I take a dump and a leak on my lawn, then dillute it with copious amounts of water?

Right – so bore water is the new name for sewerage is it? I think not! If you are referring to the proposed treatment of water for consumption, it’s a little more tech advanced than that!

chewy14 chewy14 1:41 pm 23 Feb 09

Nosey said :

So can I take a dump and a leak on my lawn, then dillute it with copious amounts of water?

Kind of the same thing isn’t it?


Are you my neighbour? and have you been trialling this system with your dog on my front lawn?

Nosey Nosey 1:20 pm 23 Feb 09

So can I take a dump and a leak on my lawn, then dillute it with copious amounts of water?

Kind of the same thing isn’t it?

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 1:14 pm 23 Feb 09

It’s kind of gross to drink.

Mass treatment! It would hopefully be a middle ground for those who are aggressively concerned about drinking recycled water.

caf caf 12:44 pm 23 Feb 09

tylersmayhem: It’s kind of gross to drink.

sepi sepi 12:44 pm 23 Feb 09

You now need govvie permission to sink a new bore in the ACT. Bore water is not infinite.

Lots of people with those massive blocks in Red Hill have bores that they put in before you had to get approval.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 12:42 pm 23 Feb 09

Bore water

If this exists, why are we not tapping into it for town use?

caf caf 12:30 pm 23 Feb 09

The amount of water that we send out of the sewage treatment plant into the Murrumbidgee is minor compared to the amount of water that flows in (and out) of the ACT in the river. Less than 10%.

chewy14 chewy14 12:01 pm 23 Feb 09

Clown Killer is right.

The Airport has built two sewage recycling plants.
The quality of the water is better than greywater other residents are putting on their gardens and means the airport have pretty much all the water they want, as long as people keep going to the toilet.
This does however reduce the water that we send down the Murrumbidgee river, due to lower flows from the main sewage treatment plant in Holt.

poptop poptop 10:59 am 23 Feb 09

So it’s all poo water?

I may need to reconsider my plans for extensive weekend parties between now and the end of Summer.

Seriously I was not alledging skullduggery by the Business Park, I was just astonished at seeing an operational fountain in the ACT.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 10:47 am 23 Feb 09

Here’s an idea people … wait, I’m just getting the step ladder so that it will be easier for you to climb down from your high horse … maybe the waters recycled and part of Brindabella Business Parks industry leading commitment to environmental sustainability.

From the BBP website:

In another “first” for Canberra Airport, our Blackwater Recycling Treatment Plant was launched in May 2007. This system takes sewer (or “black”) water from the buildings and treats it to a drinkable level using a self cleaning membrane system and UV safety filters. After the treatment, the water is then used (along with rainwater captured off roofs) in toilets and externally for irrigation (whilst the water is drinkable, it is not used for drinking or showering). This was the first commercial large scale water recycling system in the ACT, and the first at an Australian Airport.

caf caf 10:10 am 23 Feb 09

cranky: Slant drilling? That’s what started the Gulf War!

2604 2604 10:50 pm 22 Feb 09

pptvb said :

Is there really a bore?
Some place misleading signs to cover their water wastage.
According to the sign on Hayden Dr. the Raiders training ground uses bore water.
Not true.
It comes from the CIT mains supply!

I’m sure if that were true ActewAGL would stop it or at least be aware of and sanction the use, given that they sponsor that particular training ground.

SheepGroper SheepGroper 10:35 pm 22 Feb 09

pptvb said :

Is there really a bore?
Some place misleading signs to cover their water wastage.

I think they use a bore, when the sprinklers are set on super high and splash onto cars there’s a chalky residue left behind.

sepi sepi 10:13 pm 22 Feb 09

Childcare centres and schools can’t have lawns, why should the airport?

Deano Deano 10:03 pm 22 Feb 09

p1 said :

Shame they can’t let there lawns die, and water some near where people live.

So its better to have green grass at the places where people are when it is mostly dark and they are asleep for most of the time than to have it where people are mostly during the day and might be able to appreciate it?

OpenYourMind2 OpenYourMind2 9:33 pm 22 Feb 09

The good news is that some (all) of the urinals at Brindabella Park are waterless!!

astrojax astrojax 9:21 pm 22 Feb 09

sounds like the source has been unearthed – mrpc is the bore!

; )

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