Parking sucks at ANU… Anyone surprised?

johnboy 16 February 2009 41

The Canberra Times is carrying an epic whinge by one Gillian Crick who is cheesed off at the parking provided by ANU for part-time students.

This is hardly surprising or new. It’s an ancient right of non-driving full time students to sell their parking permit to Civic workers for beer money.

And many years ago in a lucid moment I came across a quote on a door at ANU which said, as far as I can recall: “a university is a collection of disparate buildings united by a common lack of parking space”.

Is ANU’s parking for part-timers worse than anywhere else? Seeing as it’s forced Gillian into full time study is that actually an intended result? Or should they make it a little easier for the part-timers?

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41 Responses to Parking sucks at ANU… Anyone surprised?
Beez Beez 11:40 pm 02 Aug 09

About those non driving ANU students who sell their parking permits for beer?
I’m not saying that doesn’t happen but up at the art school It’s apparent that the permits SEEM to be being sold by staff, as the back carpark is full of people who get out of their cars displaying STAFF permits, then head off toward the city.
Wy would they need to solve the parking crisis at ANU?
They would be earning enough out of this to drop all student fees!

bohemian bohemian 11:20 am 18 Feb 09

Just a thought. A possible option is to talk to fellow students in your class who are living/renting nearby and ask if you can park your car at their house. Might even have to come to a financial arrangement but it’s worth a try.

deece deece 2:05 pm 17 Feb 09

Yes, parking at the ANU is appalling. But i notice that our Ms Crick does not offer any real solutions. Even if she were eligible for a parking permit, she would still not be able to find a convenient park if she arrived after 8:30/9am. The ANU campus is enclosed on all sides, expansion is not possible. What are the options?

i notice with some amusement those who deride academics for being impractical (is that tall poppy syndrome i detect?) but it is those very academics who very often take the extremely practical step of cycling/jogging in. In my department, a good percentage of academic staff and students do this. None of the administrative staff do.

There are no easy, practical solutions. What a waste of the CT’s space.

p1 p1 12:31 pm 17 Feb 09

I recommend the “park as close as possible for free then ride bike/scooter/walk” option.

By far the best, and I often used to find that parking in O’Conner and walking was quicker then finding a park and then having to walk for ten minutes from wherever that was anyway.

poptop poptop 11:42 am 17 Feb 09

Alternatively ‘Park and Drive’, Crickles.

Duke Duke 11:06 am 17 Feb 09

Ignore the trolls crickles. Public transport between Queanbeyan and Canberra is not only expensive but almost unworkable when you have a serious schedule to keep.

And there is no decent solution to your problem. Canberrans love their cars, earn decent money and can afford to park all day every day near Civic.

Best you find a regular spot in the vicinity and enjoy our lovely nature on your walks.

crickles crickles 10:40 am 17 Feb 09

It is comments like that of ‘bigred’ that made me very hesitant to contribute to the article in The Canberra Times when asked. This has been an ongoing saga for me for about a year and, after exhausting every avenue I could think of within the university, I wrote a letter to the Editor of The Canberra Times. I expected, at best, for it be published as a letter and was suprised when they contacted me last week to do an article; I am obviously not the only student who has contacted them about this.

I have paid over $250 in parking fines in the last semester alone, received purely because I could find no suitable place to park within a 10-15minute walk of where I needed to be; as a result I think I am entitled to an ‘epic whinge’. I routinely check as many pay and display car parks that I know of and if I have no success I then park where I can find a space, which is often in a permit car park (student, staff, or ANU vehicle only). I don’t begrudge anyone their parking permit, and am well aware that there is not enough parking even for those with permits on campus. The point of my contacting The Canberra Times was to raise the issue in general of parking at ANU, as I had no success with anyone within the University administration.

I spoke to the journalist about taking the bus and had done some research as to whether or not this would be an option for me this year. At the moment I live in Queanbeyan and a return trip would be in the order of $15 a day. Looking at the class timetables currently available I am expected to be on campus five days a week this semester. It is simply cheaper to drive and pay to park for the day.

I thank those of you who have read the article and can appreciate my point of view. I will definitely be looking again at parking around ‘Old Canberra House’ and London Circuit, thanks for tips.

bigred bigred 10:09 pm 16 Feb 09

can I paraphrase this story a bit:

Fat chick with attitude wants to park outside her lecture theatre because she is too lazy to walk a bit. Perhaps she could apply for a disabled parking spot due to her size and stay on an ever increasing cycle? If I have offended any sensitivities, that is just too bad.

NickD NickD 10:02 pm 16 Feb 09

The fact that the ANU student association is permanently run by people living on Campus doesn’t help. During my second year of uni (way back in 2000) a large chunk of the car parking was turned into building sites, and when I complained to the SA it was clear that they had no comprehension of or interest in the issue.

It’s worth noting that the intertown bus route goes right past the edge of the ANU. If Canberra buses didn’t suck during the day or if it was actually possible to park and ride there’d be less demand on parking at the uni.

GregW GregW 9:56 pm 16 Feb 09

The ANU grounds are federal land (similar to the Airport) and thus there is no requirement to build additional carparking facilities to offset the new development taking place, or the car spaces lost under these new developments. There will no underground parking facilities in the new facilities (short sighted, I know..), because it is expensive and, again, there is no requirement to do so. The parking spaces in the existing multistory carparks are overbooked, and long since unavailable (possible exception for the carpark near law). Parking permits will again be overbooked and oversold by a factor of two/three. Those who claim parking exists on campus during the day, but further away from the science / union court precinct, presumably attended ANU in the past as this hasn’t been the case during the last two or so years.

There will be further carpark closures, such as the removal of Sullivan’s creek carpark, and the science carpark during the construction of the new science buildings. I have heard rumours that the science carpark will become a multistory facility within a few years but this is no doubt little consolation to current students. The soccer fields south of union court, although popular, may become victim to the need for carparking as demand far exceeds supply this year.

Bikes and Buses are an option for students who intend to stay at University during the day, and only require hand luggage, but frequently students are required to leave and return to university during the day (for a variety of reasons), and to transport bulkier items occasionally. Increasingly potential visitors from other institutions and commercial organisations will refuse to share their knowledge at the ANU due to the difficulties in obtaining parking, and those who do agree are often late as they struggle to find parking, park off campus, or don’t show up.

Ultimately however, the reason for the lack of carparking on campus is caused by the lack of investment in underground / multistory carparking on the space constrained campus due to insufficient funding from successive Federal governments (the present government included), and the ANU’s desire to redirect all funding provided for infrastructure and undergraduate programs to their postgraduate research.

bd84 bd84 8:24 pm 16 Feb 09

Indeed the parking at ANU has always sucked, it always caused me to be late most of the time, not that i missed much other than catching up on sleep. North Oval was decent most of the time if you got there at the right time, I did notice that they changed it to a 3 hour zone a couple of years ago, so that probably made more problems.

Get used to it, the parking situation is the same throughout the city since stanhopeless sold off all the carparks for buildings then showed great leadership in neglecting to ensure there was sufficient additional parking, which indeed normally allowed some excess parking for students from the ANU. You can’t get a carpark in city west after 8am and the rest of the carparks along london circuit fill by about 9-10am. Additional levels of the multi-story and the eventual opening of spaces under new buildings (if we’re lucky) in the next year or so may help, but will most likey just be taken by the extra people who occupy those buildings.

Bikes aren’t an option for most unless you live within a reasonable distance, and buses are great, if they were reliable and got you somewhere without going via the scenic route and taking more than an hour for what is a 15 minute drive.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:29 pm 16 Feb 09

I’m sure that Dr. Watchirs will be telling us that parking is a basic human right…..

There is always heaps of parking available on campus down near Old Canberra House – but of course the whinging students don’t use it because it’s more than 20m from whichever lecture they are attending.

Dry your eyes, Princess.

cranky cranky 5:28 pm 16 Feb 09

‘That’s handled by an administrative area staffed by people whose incompetence is exceeded only by their malevolence.’

Sounds like the overflow from any area ruled by Sonic or the arogant inebriate.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 4:47 pm 16 Feb 09

mmm yep Tyler – it all sux.

But as long as we live in a city that is designed around cars then we will continue to ask for places to park them when we get where we are going. Pretty simple really.

Now if only our fearless leaders actually had an idea….

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 4:24 pm 16 Feb 09

When I went to uni, there was heaps and heaps of free parking, and you could always get a park when you needed one.

I just wanted to share that with you all.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 3:53 pm 16 Feb 09

C’mon people. The ANU parking sux, Canberra CBD parking sux, Charnwood shops parking sux.

This is hardly a new event!

bohemian bohemian 2:38 pm 16 Feb 09

I’m not sure how ANU’s administration works but I’ve worked in a university and many administrators in the executive level are professors, association professors, deans and what you have. Well, my former boss, a professor, had to approve something as exciting as teaching staff’s campus accomodation. If something is put to their face, it will be considered. Having said that, yes, the non-academic administrators should be the ones who are suppose to come up with some proposals. Obviously, no one care enough to do anything.

UC is just as hopeless. I remember a uni mate who can’t afford to miss a class, couldn’t find a parking spot and had to park on the kerb. Needless to say, he was fined.

mutley mutley 2:30 pm 16 Feb 09

What about UC – don’t they have oodles of free parking? People who want a car park friendly uni could go there.

People who want a car park friendly TAFE could go there.

p1 p1 2:08 pm 16 Feb 09

Is it still possible to park in the CSIRO parking on the Black Mountain site? There have always been signs there saying staff only, but as far as I could tell there were never any way to tell which car belonged to whom.

And if you were doing Geol, Geog or Forestry etc, it is a minutes walk to lectures. The problems start when you get back an hour late from an afternoon field trip and find your car has been locked in.

trilobite trilobite 2:02 pm 16 Feb 09

canberra bureaucrat said :

bohemian said :

For a campus filled with top-rated academics and administrators, you would think that they’ve come up with a solution or two by now.

Alas, academics brain structures enable them to excel at their topic of interest, but often (not always) to the detriment of prosaic matters like parking.

Academics have nothing to do with parking and the roadnet on campus. That’s handled by an administrative area staffed by people whose incompetence is exceeded only by their malevolence.

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