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Peter Leonard & asbestos ?

By V8 Berlina with a three tier spoiler 15 February 2008 28

I heard some distressing news from someone today on the subject of asbestos and the predicted rise in related diseases over the coming years. We got onto the names of some people affected and Peter Leonard’s name was mentioned. I was surprised by this and prompted for further details. The member of our group who brought up his name elaborated, stating she was an acquaintance of the family and a few months after retiring, Peter became somewhat ill. According to this person, he was diagnosed with an “asbestos related conditions“, likely caused by some home renovations years back and he has “around 3 months“. I grew up with Peter Leonard reading the news, and being beamed into your home every night they become a part of the family almost. I was wondering if anyone could confirm or deny this, hopefully the latter.

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Peter Leonard & asbestos ?
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sunshine 8:20 pm 27 Sep 08

rest in peace peter

Eyeball In A Quart Jar Of Snot 11:55 pm 12 Aug 08

Unfortunately I can confirm that the story is true. He was diagnosed with mesathelioma at the start of the year.

Although the doctors had only given him a few months to live he’s doing much better than expected and will probably go on fighting this for a while. I saw him recently and he was in good spirits.

Skidbladnir 12:21 pm 13 Mar 08

So, its been four weeks, and there still hasn’t been a confirmation or further reporting on any detail in this post…

According to Google at least, knowingly reporting a false occasion of death to family or in the media is a possible ground for a harassment case, and reporting it to a government agency results in a world of pain for the apparently deceased.

Any chance the story can be pulled?
And if Admins aren’t actively reading old threads, does the original poster want to email ?

Ha ha, yes.
Gen Y uses the term Dawg, so it has reportedly being added to the dictionary. There are also Wiki-dicionaries appearing that anyone can edit. There was a time when dawg in an essay would make you loose marks, it wan’t in the dictionary, now it is so you won’t I guess.

Holden Caulfield 11:56 am 20 Feb 08

Eye sea what ewe mean. Although, I’m not shore yaw theory stands up to screw tinny. Butt wee shall sea how the fax of the matter transpire.

Article the other day said people are no longer following dictionaries, but rather dictionaries are following people. Soon I will be correct.
For now, I stand corrected.

Danman 11:23 am 20 Feb 08

breaks news not brakes news.

The person who said this is a credible source. They may be genuinely mistaken, but they wren’t making it up.
Laurie Oakes brakes news all the time that others don’t have, so does Crikey.

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