Plans lodged for Mitchell light rail station

Ian Bushnell 20 October 2020 68
Canberra light rail vehicle.

The Mitchell light rail stop is expected to be completed by the middle of 2021. Photo: File.

A light rail stop at Mitchell is a step closer with the lodging of plans for the $900,000 project.

The 14th station on the Stage 1 route will be sited on Flemington Road at the intersection with Sandford Street and will service the Mitchell business precinct.

The island stop between the existing rail tracks will match the design of other stops on the Gungahlin-to-City line.

Passengers will access the stop via the existing pedestrian crossings across Flemington Road at the intersection.

The construction of Stage 1 allowed space for a future station to be built at Mitchell so this project will involve the removal of landscaped areas, erection of a largely prefabricated stop structure, and connection to the existing conduits and services.

The platform will have enough space for a potential future extension to suit a 45-metre light rail vehicle (LRV) if required. Current LRVs are 33 metres.

Construction is expected to start by the end of the year, coinciding with the holiday period to take advantage of reduced traffic, and will take about seven months to complete.

Funding for the project came through in June 2020 as part of a joint Commonwealth-ACT infrastructure announcement.

Mitchell traders, whose businesses suffered throughout the light rail construction period, lobbied hard for the stop to be added to the route.

In June, Mitchell Traders Association president Michael Warnock said the Mitchell stop is well overdue and should have been included in Stage 1 of the light rail project.

He said the planned Sandford Street stop would reduce parking pressures in Mitchell, boost business and provide greater access to the city.

“For people coming in, it was quite a long walk either from Old Well Station Road or from EPIC, which is where most people seem to come from,” said Mr Warnock. “It will be great to have that access at long last.

“We had to be patient, had to wait, but they have been true to their word. They did say they would do it before Stage 2A [from the city to Commonwealth Park].”

ACT Minister for Transport Chris Steel said the new stop would provide better access to the Mitchell business district in addition to the existing stop at Well Station Drive.

A construction compound will be established on Randwick Road in Lyneham, and a traffic management plan will be in place.

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68 Responses to Plans lodged for Mitchell light rail station
Trev Astle Trev Astle 2:57 pm 23 Oct 20

Why not start a new light rail from Tuggernong to Woden. THen the middle bit can be filled in once the COALition is gone.

Kytie Mclign Kytie Mclign 4:00 am 23 Oct 20

Never understood why it wasn't there to start with ...

Rik MP Rik MP 9:53 pm 21 Oct 20

Leanne thats excessive

    Leanne MH Leanne MH 7:27 am 22 Oct 20

    Rik MP whaaat! I could get some stuff from Bunnings and build it for far less. It better have a pool and spa for those sort of $$

Capital Retro Capital Retro 7:23 am 21 Oct 20

Re the travel times, the announcement on this reported by ABC 666 this morning is diabolical spin. It said ” the stop at Mitchell will be 10 minutes from Gungahlin and 25 minutes to the City” which is probably totally collect but they omitted to quote the total travel time from Gungahlin to the City and the return trip which will include slowing down at Mitchell, stopping at Mitchell and accelerating out of Mitchell.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 7:50 am 21 Oct 20

    should be “correct” instead of “collect”

    JC JC 3:25 pm 21 Oct 20

    It’s not correct at all.

    It will be 10 to Gungahlin and 15 minutes to the city with Gungahlin to city times changing from 24 to 25 minutes.

    And I sense the cynicism in your post, what ever anyone says about light rail the one thing that it does and does well is offers a consistent travel time during both peak and off peak times. When the buses run there was a 20 minute difference between the peak and off peak journey times due solely to congestion on Flemmington Road and Northborne Ave.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 4:07 pm 21 Oct 20

    I concede that the 25 minutes leg should have been 15 minutes – all figures look the same early morning, but the report said nothing about “consistency in travel times”.

    chewy14 chewy14 4:10 pm 21 Oct 20

    The reliability of travel times has little to do with light rail itself and everything to do with a dedicated route with right of way at intersections.

    JC JC 4:31 am 22 Oct 20

    Chewy true but my point still stands. Light rail has delivered consistency of journey time.

    Not the probably that Capital Retro was inferring like the figures were somehow fabricated. All about context of the comment.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:11 am 22 Oct 20

    How long does a tram stop at a station, JC? That wasn’t mentioned in the report and neither was the total time between the two terminals so, without that elapsed time being added, the figures were indeed fabricated.

    JC JC 9:48 am 22 Oct 20

    Ah total journey time of 24 minutes is what has been timetabled and consistently delivered in the time the thing has been in service.

    Each stop is for one minute which when added to the existing run time matches the figures of 10 Gungahlin to mitchell and 15 mitchell to city or 25 end to end.

    Not sure where anything has been fabricated or made up or why the faux outrage except we all get it you hate lightrail despite its success along that corridor.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 12:05 pm 22 Oct 20

    Success? Compared to what?

    chewy14 chewy14 10:03 am 22 Oct 20

    I agree with that.

    Despite the fact that I think it shouldn’t have been built (yet), what has been delivered is actually a good project that works well and consistently delivers what was proposed.

    Capital Retro,
    The light rail has set dwell times at stations which are factored in to the overall timetable. Because it has so many doors, this limits the amount of time it needs to be stationary at each station which aids in the consistency of the trip time.

John Tozer John Tozer 6:36 am 21 Oct 20

...and what does this extra stop do to the travel time to and from the City? That’s really why it wasn’t put in there in the first place...

John McCluskey John McCluskey 6:47 pm 20 Oct 20

1 million for a extra stop, ACT is broke can we just use a $1000 sign that says tram stop, used to do this with bus stops

Reece Cummings Reece Cummings 6:02 pm 20 Oct 20

Should have been put in at the start.

Mick Spencer Mick Spencer 5:33 pm 20 Oct 20

Mitchell is waiting!

Kunal Chaturvedi Kunal Chaturvedi 5:09 pm 20 Oct 20

At that price I want a star trek transporter pad thrown in 😉

Shawn Mulgrue Shawn Mulgrue 2:36 pm 20 Oct 20

Must be gold plated for that price! 🤔

Shayne Borger Shayne Borger 1:32 pm 20 Oct 20

Thats extortion. It shouldnt cost that much to build a station. Highway robbery. Up goes rates beyond infinity. Well done Canberra on voting this wasteful spending for 4more years

    Ricky Newham Ricky Newham 10:36 pm 20 Oct 20

    Shayne Borger agreed! I’m sure Mr Barr will kindly increase the rates for Mitchell Businesses to pay for this!

Susan Nicholls Susan Nicholls 1:24 pm 20 Oct 20

Should have been one there all along!

Robert Mair Robert Mair 1:14 pm 20 Oct 20

As I recall the Govt “future proofed” underground utilities and has bowed to pressure from Mitchell traders. I also recall reading that a survey had indicated that few commuters would use a Mitchell stop. Be interesting to see what eventuates! Most of the workers in Mitchell travel by car. A lot of businesses are not in easy walking distance of the proposed tram stop!

Alan Ampna Alan Ampna 1:09 pm 20 Oct 20

Unfortunately so true. I can't understand Canberrans love affair with Barr. To my mind he hasn't done anything well since becoming Chief Minister.

    Tramcar Trev Tramcar Trev 1:46 pm 20 Oct 20

    Alan Ampna ohhh fair go. He has implemented rainbow roundabouts and same sex pedestrian lights...

    Alan Hopkins Alan Hopkins 2:20 pm 20 Oct 20

    The opposition had a chance to.put their case and lost.

Loris Manns Loris Manns 12:57 pm 20 Oct 20

Should have been done right from the start!

And we will get more of these stupid decisions for the next 4 years'

Louise Anne Louise Anne 12:30 pm 20 Oct 20

About time. So many disappointed and annoyed travellers alighting at Well Station to learn of the long haul walk back to the shops or cemetery.

Scott Applebee Scott Applebee 12:05 pm 20 Oct 20

Pity it wasn't in the original plans. Oh, that's right, it was but they took it out.

Stephanie Ciempka Stephanie Ciempka 11:57 am 20 Oct 20

About time for Mitchell, a hugh oversight in the original plans for the Light Rail.

    Ian McTaggart Ian McTaggart 12:03 pm 20 Oct 20

    Stephanie Ciempka, I understand that it was part of deliberate planning. The requirement to get the tram to Civic in a certain time, meant that the number of stops it made were less than those required to provide the most user friendly service.

    Stephanie Ciempka Stephanie Ciempka 12:48 pm 20 Oct 20

    Ian McTaggart - loss of business to the traders in Mitchell, Ian. The Light Rail is very quick. I don't buy the argument, sorry!

    Andrew Dale Andrew Dale 1:11 pm 20 Oct 20

    Stephanie Ciempka no oversight. The Barr train decided that they know more than business owners once more. But here we go for another 4 years of the Green Labor party making unpopular and stupid decisions in the Berra

    Stephen Page-Murray Stephen Page-Murray 5:17 pm 20 Oct 20

    Stephanie Ciempka

    It wasn’t an oversight.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 7:08 pm 20 Oct 20

    Stephanie Ciempka Ian is right. The promise was 24 minutes from Gungahlin to Civic which was the fastest off peak time the 200 series buses used to take (and up to 45 in peak).

    It was a political football to keep to that limit hence the stop was abolished. But all the services and track alignment to put it in later were catered for.

    As it turns out they need not have worried. Often the journey is under 24 minutes anyway.

David Brown David Brown 11:28 am 20 Oct 20

That seems a very large amount of money for some paint and a few signs. 🤔

    Marc Edwards Marc Edwards 12:02 pm 20 Oct 20

    David Brown I assume it includes an actual platform with roofing, probably pedestrian crossing lights, and ticketing machines.

    David Brown David Brown 3:58 pm 20 Oct 20

    I remember when they duplicated Caswell Drive. There was a perfectly serviceable old road that could have been recommissioned in a month. No. The whole thing had to rebuilt, adding further inconvenience to an already inconvenienced community. Yet when it comes to other places, like the intersection of the Barton Hwy with William Slim Drive they built an oversized roundabout repel at with traffic lights instead of doing it properly with a fly over. 🤔

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 7:05 pm 20 Oct 20

    Marc Edwards the crossing and the lights are already there. So too the footings and all the electrical and comms pits, drainage etc. So really is platform, shelter, CCTV and ticket machine. $1m is quite reasonable.

    David Brown David Brown 7:16 pm 20 Oct 20

    I think you are saying you think a million dollars might be excessive too .🤔

Andrew Dale Andrew Dale 11:10 am 20 Oct 20

Stupidity of the highest level. This was pleaded for by Mitchell businesses from the get go of the plans being made public. Now it will cost much more than it should have. Is Mr Barr going to chip in to help us out 🤣🤣

    Justin Watson Justin Watson 1:32 pm 20 Oct 20

    Nope they opposed it initially as they were being used by the anti tram lobby. They didn’t even submit a request for a stop during the consultation period. Once it started building they changed their minds. The contract was signed then. They did however install a lot of the electrical etc for the stop under the ground ready to go.

    Andrew Dale Andrew Dale 1:43 pm 20 Oct 20

    Justin Watson what do you mean, nope.

    Did the ALP know it was wanted and needed? Yes.

    Because they didn't submit it means they didn't see the need for it as it was all about how long it would take from gunners to the city.

    Tramcar Trev Tramcar Trev 1:44 pm 20 Oct 20

    How can it possibly cost $900k for a tram stop. A post with Tram Stop on it is all that's needed. That's all that's needed! You can see the tram coming and it can only go to Gunghalin orAlinga St.... Why do we have to have the most complex solution to every problem in the ACT?

    Alan Hopkins Alan Hopkins 2:17 pm 20 Oct 20

    You have no idea. How about a platform, and a roof and some ticketing machines?

    Andrew Dale Andrew Dale 2:24 pm 20 Oct 20

    Tramcar Trev I like the last question. Very valid

    Emmac Ph Emmac Ph 2:49 pm 20 Oct 20

    Andrew Dale yep- that’s the truth. It would have taken EXACTLY the same time as the buses used to had they put the stop in.

    Brent Hutch Brent Hutch 2:57 pm 20 Oct 20

    Tramcar Trev yes and if they did what you suggested, you'd be the first person on here whinging about why the trams are not accessible and step free, why there isn't any cctv, ticket machines, shelter or passenger information.

    The least complex solution, tends to be copying the one that you already have and works.

    Tramcar Trev Tramcar Trev 2:59 pm 20 Oct 20

    Andrew Dale even more valid is why do we as a largely articulate and educated electorate put up with the continual hubris from our legislative assembly. The cost of the tramway could have been reduced by 30% if the track when on its own right of way had been laid on open ballast as is considered world standard practise. In 20 or 30 years time when the track has to be replaced its going to be horrendously expensive to get it out of the concrete and then relay it....

    Brent Hutch Brent Hutch 3:00 pm 20 Oct 20

    Emmac Ph during off peak, the buses performed similar or even quicker than a tram. That simply isn't true for peak hour

    when buses which got caught in traffic. The addition of a Mitchell stop is likely to add a minute to the journey. It will not break anything and is simply fixing a problem which shouldn't exist.

    Joe Greybeard Joe Greybeard 3:01 pm 20 Oct 20

    I was managing a business in Mitchell and the collective of business owners were very much in favour of the stop in Mitchell. In fact, most assumed it was a no-brainer and did not get too vocal about it at the start. Only when the decision was made to skip Mitchell did it really gain volume amongst the Mitchell business community.

    Tramcar Trev Tramcar Trev 3:07 pm 20 Oct 20

    Brent Hutch no. I'm not a snowflake. I'm capable of a little inconvenience in my life at the expense of being spoon-fed for everything. Obviously you have no knowledge of how tramways actually work. Look at how it's done overseas. Look how it's done in Sydney. Far simpler and much more cost effective than what we have here. What's even worse is that it's always the most expensive solution for Canberra based on the fact that it's the capital....

    Brent Hutch Brent Hutch 3:26 pm 20 Oct 20

    Tramcar Trev I think what you perceive to be reality, and what is, are not aligning. Sydney (which you have highlighted as a example) just spent chunk of money building the L2 & L3 and their stops feature all the things that I have mentioned, though not all stations have ticket machines (noting you can tap on/off for transport with a debit/credit card in Sydney). Victoria is having to go through a program to rebuild stations to make them accessible. Further despite your assertions otherwise, Sydney and Newcastle's new light rail systems have been built on concrete, not ballast.

    Brent Hutch Brent Hutch 3:40 pm 20 Oct 20

    Tramcar Trev the L1 was extended from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill along an old goods train line. That would have nothing to do with the decision right?

    Obviously sections of L2 and L3 are in the roadway and need be concreted. Though there are significant sections of track which are only for tram usage. Yet still concrete.

    I do not care if a tram runs on concrete or ballast. Just pointing out things are not as clear cut as you believe.

    Tramcar Trev Tramcar Trev 3:47 pm 20 Oct 20

    Brent Hutch the point I'm trying to make is that we seem to always choose the most expensive option. The L1 actually runs from the Railway Colonnades to Dulwich Hill. The track was completely relaid for the light rail. The old goods line alignment is only partially used.

    Brent Hutch Brent Hutch 4:06 pm 20 Oct 20

    Tramcar Trev you may have a point with ballast v concrete costs, I don't know. But I can't accept that argument for stations, as they are all getting largely getting done to the standard I've indicated.

    The original Sydney light rail line was Central to Lilyfield. It was then extended to Dulwich Hill, which to my knowledge the extension is the part that was largely built along the old line route. I would assume the ballast was already largely there, so it made sense to use it for (relaid) tracks.

    Stephen Page-Murray Stephen Page-Murray 5:17 pm 20 Oct 20

    Andrew Dale

    Mitchell business community vehemently opposed it and were frequently asked to get a proposal in. Then when it was finalised they changed their mind.

    Stephen Page-Murray Stephen Page-Murray 5:25 pm 20 Oct 20

    Justin Watson

    Correct. Mitchell Traders originally opposed it

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 7:14 pm 20 Oct 20

    Tramcar Trevr 90% + of L1 is on the old goods line. Basically from the powerhouse museum to Dulwich Hill.

    Colin Vivian Colin Vivian 10:27 pm 20 Oct 20

    Tramcar Trev I heard that sections of the concrete had to be ripped up and relaid because the tint was deemed incorrect.

    Tramcar Trev Tramcar Trev 10:28 pm 20 Oct 20

    Colin Vivian yes and some of the poles had to be painted in an effort to try and make them dissappear.

    Tramcar Trev Tramcar Trev 10:33 pm 20 Oct 20

    Colin Vivian overseas has had supercapacitor busses for a decade.

    Ricky Newham Ricky Newham 10:39 pm 20 Oct 20

    Andrew Dale ...haha...Mr Barr will just increase the rates for Mitchell landlords/businesses!

    Tramcar Trev Tramcar Trev 10:39 pm 20 Oct 20

    Brent Hutch so that being the case how can bus stops be a simple sign on a post? Yet the tram needs $900k spent on each stop? OK there needs to be safe pedestrian access but the rest is totally superfluous to safe and practical operation. We don't seem to need electronic signage, ticket machines, water dispensers, et al at bus stops. Why are tram stops so much different?

    Brent Hutch Brent Hutch 10:58 pm 20 Oct 20

    Tramcar Trev if your only requirement is "safe and practical operation" then sure, you can pop up a sign. That argument can also be rolled out to nearly everything though... Things are built to make them attractive and comfortable for people to use? I'd also hazard a guess, that in the grand scheme of things, the items you've mentioned are unlikely to be significant costs of the 900k.

    No you can't have those facilities at all bus stops, but I'd actually argue that major bus stops should have shelter, cctv, departure displays, ticket machines etc. The whole point of the exercise is to make it simple, safe, comfortable and easy to use right?

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