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Platapuses at bogun city

By smokey4 - 24 June 2007 32

Walked over the bridge at Queanbeyan yesterday and noticed a platypus swimming on the down stream shops side. Appropriate that such a bogun animal is living in bogun city. Like a lot of people in Bogun city they suffer an identity crisis not knowing whether they are rats, ducks or some form of reptile. I will call this one P1 and I believe his hole is located in this area.
Another ie P2 lives upstream a hundred yards or so at the big storm water drain. Anyone out there have more info on these 2 monotremes. Do platypuses live in any of the artificial lakes around Canberra? If so where and how many?

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
Platapuses at bogun city
Sammy 6:41 pm 24 Jun 07

A technologically advanced (web 2.0) bogan is a ‘bogn’ (ie. Flickr).

jellen 6:39 pm 24 Jun 07

People on Queanbeyan bridges shouldn’t throw stones at bogii.

Sammy 6:38 pm 24 Jun 07

I find the Google results to be a good indication of the correct spelling of an obscure word.

Take ‘bogan’ for example.

A search of Australian references to bogun returns only 480 results, while bogan returns 185,000.

I therefore give it to ‘bogan’.

p1 6:29 pm 24 Jun 07

I feel honoured to have a bogan platiduck named after me.

Meconium 6:10 pm 24 Jun 07

Platypodes, Queanbeyan and doilies aside, I have discovered an extremely addictive and fun flash game. It’s been years since I’ve played a game that has hooked me as much as Desktop Tower Defense. Enjoy.

Ntp 6:01 pm 24 Jun 07

Well the Australian Platypus Conservancy states that Platypi is “no longer valid” but I say stuff ’em. I like colloquialisms.

jemmy 5:52 pm 24 Jun 07

Groan and double groan. Very clever M.

Meconium 5:43 pm 24 Jun 07

Hmm… I never studied Ancient Greek but platypoda sounded right to me… but I just comprehensively searched the net for the grammatically correct plural, and it seems we’re both wrong – ‘platypodes’ is the truest plural.

The ‘usage note’ has a good breakdown of why it’s platypodes – there are other sites but wiktionary explains it best.

I only brought it up because the OP spelt and used an acceptable plural (though misspelt in the title, but not in the body of text) and was corrected by Ntp who used a bogus pseudo-Latinism.

Next topic – the etymology of Bogan. Apparently it’s got nothing to do with the Bogan River, Bogan Shire and village of Bogan Gate in central NSW – it’s in fact a Victorian term. I wonder if it has anything to do with ‘bogus’ – a Latin word?

PS S4anta, alphabetising doilies is an outdated practice – I myself use the Doiley Decimal System.

Sammy 5:42 pm 24 Jun 07

Excuse me if I choose to disregard the rantings of someone who can spell neither ‘platypuses’ nor ‘bogan’.

S4anta 5:23 pm 24 Jun 07

Actually meconium, it is platypode, according to the Queens English (hem, hem). However, just about any pluralism will do, as many scientists just cobble together random crap to indicate more than one platypus.

Now, I shall go back to alphabetising my doileys.

Meconium 4:51 pm 24 Jun 07

Platypoda, Ntp. It’s a Greek word so it doesn’t use the Latin -us -> -i ending. Platypuses (with a y!) is also acceptable.

bighead 4:12 pm 24 Jun 07

Isn’t is bogan?

morto1980 4:01 pm 24 Jun 07

We have rats in our lakes…. Not sure what that says about our city :-/

canberra towie 2:23 pm 24 Jun 07

I just wonder if it’s such a BOGUN town why would you be there walking over the bridge ??

Ntp 12:45 pm 24 Jun 07

Smokey4’s opinion on Queanbeyan is not necessarily that of any of the Riot admin crew. And I like platypi

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