Police Wrap – 31 August

johnboy 2 September 2009 10

1. Canberra’s answer to the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald?

[Update – September 01 2009]

The AFP have released further information including the name of the missing surf skiier – 30 year old Peter Morrison, of Jerrabomberra, NSW.
The ABC has more about his disapearance into Lake Burley Griffin.

    At approximately 12.40 pm this afternoon (August 30) a 30-year-old Canberra man was reported missing after last being seen on a surf-ski on Lake Burley Griffin between Springbank Island and Black Mountain Peninsula.

    An extensive search utilising ACT Policing resources and ACT Ambulance Southcare is currently being conducted in the area to locate the man.

    The search will continue until night-fall and is expected to resume at first light tomorrow morning if the man is not located.

    The 30-year-old male was wearing a black polo fleece jacket, black shorts and a black bucket or wide brimmed hat. ACT Policing is appealing for any witnesses who may have seen the man on Lake Burley Griffin at approximately 12.40 pm today to contact police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers.

2. Allawah Flats mugging:

    ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a weekend assault and robbery involving multiple offenders and victims that occurred near the Allawah Flats in Reid on Saturday night (29 August).

    About midnight, a group of seven people were approached by another group whilst walking toward the city along Ainslie Avenue. One member of the offending group, totalling between five and nine people, then punched one of the victims, knocking him to the ground.

    A struggle has then ensued between the two parties, with the victims being pushed and shoved and one hit on the head with a baseball bat. A number of their personal belongings were also stolen, including mobile phones and cash.

    The offending group, made up of both males and females all of Aboriginal appearance, was last seen running towards Allawah Flats however an extensive search of the area failed to locate them.

    Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

If you can help Police contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online.

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10 Responses to Police Wrap – 31 August
VITURE VITURE 11:19 pm 03 Sep 09

This is really sad, have they found the man yet?

Fisho Fisho 8:08 pm 03 Sep 09

Myself and other experienced kayakers familiar with LBG and its foibles (like the puke pulse in central basin) have a special term for being on the water in a westerly.
It’s called ‘swimming’.

Do not go on the following lakes on a westerly: LBG, Googong, Burrinjuck or the Snowy lakes. The winds are just too unpredictable, subject to change and the chop wavelength is decreased (and the fishing sucks). These waters can be treacherous even in the boat. Just don’t bother.

Yerrabi, Gunners, Tuggers, parts of Molonglo reach and much of Ginny are usually a safe bet due to small size and shelter. Blowering isn’t so bad either.

Pay attention to the weather forecast.
Wear appropriate clothing.
Always wear your safety gear.
Make sure you can get back in your watercraft by practicing wet entry techniques before you actually need them.

And don’t wear waders. If you’re that worried about getting your feet wet stay indoors.

There’s a dive shop opposite Civic pub that I have gotten some good gear at a decent price from in the past. Wetspot in Fyshwick is another good place for advice and equipment, but if you want gear for mountain lakes you will have to import it.

Wildcat Wildcat 1:05 am 03 Sep 09

In 1996 a fellow student from Campbell High drowned in the Lake whilst trying to retrieve a Football This was on a bright sunny day in November just dayz Before his yr 10 formal…From what i believe his foot got tangled in the Seaweed

StrangeAttractor StrangeAttractor 4:30 pm 02 Sep 09

The lake gets really really cold in winter. I’ve measured patches of 5 degree water on Sunday winter sailing. These kind of temperatures are dangerous, particularly if you don’t have a proper bouancy vest or life jacket. On top of that, the lovely banks of stonework reflect waves really well, and make for incredibly unpredictable, high waves, particularly between the Canberra Yacht Club and the Museum.

This spot is where my dad rescued the other kayaker who was in trouble. The kayaker had been in the water for about 5 minutes, trying to get back on to his kayak, and already was suffering quite badly from hypothermia, another minute or two and dad reckons he’d have been unconscious. Stuck him in the space blanket, and got him to the CYC where first aid was administered.

So yeah, most lake users are aware of the dangers of the lake in autumn, winter and early spring. The sailing season starts at the end of September, and there’s often a few races that are called off because it’s too cold and windy early in the season.

It’s worth noting that rescue boats aren’t normally on the lake. Dad was conducting a powerboat training course, and just happened to be in the right place at the right time to help one guy out. Normally the rescue boats are only out when races are on.

Dad has already spoken to the police.

gingermick gingermick 10:51 am 02 Sep 09

Only stats I can find say that 7 people drowned in the lake between 1962-1991.

phototext phototext 8:53 am 02 Sep 09

It does get pretty choppy out there on a windy day and Sunday was very very windy.

Zanzibert Zanzibert 8:04 pm 01 Sep 09

The lake can be surprisingly dangerous if you’re out there in rough conditions. Dragonboat teams don’t normally take paddlers out beyond Lotus Bay if the waves are breaking higher than the barrier walls, and the severity of conditions can change rapidly.

8* is certainly sufficient to numb your hands if you’re paddling in it, and if applied to your whole body, it could seriously impair your ability to swim a few hundred metres to shore. I understand that if saturated in cold water, hypothermia sets in very fast.

The lake is generally “shallow”, but it’s still potentially dangerous on cold and windy days. It’s not the first drowning in the lake either – there have been at least a couple I can recall over the last 10-15 years. One apparently was a swimmer who thought he could cross the lake in rough conditions, and another was a similar story involving a solo paddler in a particularly cold winter (if my memory serves).

Jivrashia Jivrashia 7:05 pm 01 Sep 09

Net said :

And why in the world were they both on the Lake in the first place Kayaking in the terrible conditions.. Very SAD…..

I have to brag about my ignorance on this one. Missing in Lake Burley Griffin?? Is it that dangerous?? I mean, one (ignorant person like me) would have thought you could virtually walk from one side of the lake to the other?

Yes, prolong exposure to 8 degree celsius water is dangerous… in high seas!

Maybe the lost person had a medical condition? Or should we be educated more about the dangers of lakes, even one like ours?

Could any rep of an organisation who frequently use the lake please comment?

Net Net 4:58 pm 01 Sep 09

My husband and I where at the Lake on Sunday when we seen a lady running toward us with no shoes on. She was very panicked and concerned. She asked if we had seen a man with the above description in the area. I suggested to her, if she was worried for her friends safety to call the authorities ASAP….. I really feel for this woman, she was so scared and panicked. I am sorry we didn’t stay with her.

But did the man have a life jacket? And why in the world were they both on the Lake in the first place Kayaking in the terrible conditions.. Very SAD…..

harie123 harie123 12:27 pm 01 Sep 09

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