Police Wrap – 8 December

johnboy 8 December 2008 12

1) Be careful whom you go home with:

    ACT Policing has arrested a 57-year-old man for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman a number of times between Wednesday (December 3) and Saturday (December 7).

    Detectives from ACT Policing’s Territory Investigations Group (TIG) will allege the first offence occurred at the man’s Oaks Estate home on Wednesday, after he invited the 21-year-old victim over after meeting at Woden Plaza.

    It is alleged the man sexually assaulted the victim multiple times in the ACT before allegedly driving the victim to Sydney and then to Batemans Bay in New South Wales. The victim was then dropped off on Saturday (December 6) at Harden in New South Wales.

    Around 2pm yesterday (December 7), with information obtained from NSW Police, ACT Policing arrested the alleged male offender as he was seen leaving his house.

    He will face the ACT Magistrates Court today (December 8) charged with sexual intercourse without consent and drugs charges.

2. RAID Marches On:

    ACT Policing is continuing to play an active role in the national Operation RAID (Remove All Impaired Drivers) breath and drug-affected driver detection program that was launched on November 21.

    Last night (Saturday, December 6) 2,365 breath tests were conducted in the ACT with over 47 positive results. This is six more than last Saturday night (November 29) when 41 positive results were detected.

    The highest result last night was returned by a 47-year-old man on Northbourne Avenue. His reading was more than four times the legal limit at 0.207.

    Acting Superintendent Chris Sheehan says the results are disappointing.

    “Police enforcement of all road laws will be active and visible as we enter this busy Christmas-New Year period.

    “We are targeting drink driving in all areas of Canberra. Getting caught for drink-driving is not bad luck, it’s a crime,” A/Supt Sheehan said.

3. Police would like your help with a robbery of the Burns Club. Apparently there’s footage released somewhere, but not in the release announcing it.

    ACT Policing is seeking the assistance of the community in identifying a male offender who robbed the Burns Club, Kambah on Friday morning (December 5).

    The offender demanded that a staff member place a number of small numbered satchels, similar to pencil cases, and containing a significant amount of cash into a blue coloured sports bag. The offender then fled the club toward the rear exit.

    The offender is described as being approximately 170cm (5’7″) tall of medium build, between 20 and 25 years of age, wearing a blue jacket and a grey beanie with a visor at the front and a stocking covering his face, he was carrying a blue coloured sports bag and spoke with an Australian accent.

    Police would urge anyone who may have seen a male matching this description in the vicinity of the Burns Club in the early hours of Friday morning or may have seen any suspicious activity in the area to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers website on www.act.crimestoppers.com.au.

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12 Responses to Police Wrap – 8 December
willo willo 4:19 pm 10 Dec 08

statements to avoid when pulled over by the wallopers

1. Officer, could you hold my beer please while i look for my licence?
2. Sorry officer, i didnt realise my radar detector wasn’t turned on.
3. You’re not gonna check the boot are you?
4. Gee officer! Thats terrific! The last officer only gave me a warning too!
5. I only had three Officers Mr Beer..
6. Want to race to the station Sparky?
7. On the way to the station, lets get a six pack.
8. Hey big boy! Is that your night stick or are you just glad to see me?
9. Come on write the friggin ticket, the bar closes in twenty minutes.
10. Hey, arent you one of the Village People?

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 8:33 am 09 Dec 08

Spam Box said :

RR77 – yes they can do the swab test, no I haven’t been swabbed(and I’ve been breath-tested 14 times in two years)

My record was getting tested 4 times in one night. Way back in the mist of time(what some people who wish to sound american refer to as ‘back in the day’) I was driving to various parties, picking up and dropping people off (designated driver) I was tested on both sides of Northbourne Ave (Going to woden then coming back), coming out of a carpark in Civic (across from Bailey’s Arcade) and the fourth time on William Hovell Dr. bnefore the fourth time when the Station Sgt asked me to blow in the bag (in the pre-count to 10 days) I said somewhat astonished “What again..” he asked what I meant and I told him this was 4 for the night. He asked me where the other 3 had been and when I told him he just told me to have a good night and sent me happily on my way…

On the Burns Club robbery, I’m only surprised the Club isn’t hit more often. The servo seems to be the venue of choice for young idiots looking for a quick robbery. After, all they’re pretty remote from any police station and you can take your pick of getaway routes on foot.

hetzjagd1 hetzjagd1 2:40 am 09 Dec 08

Sounds like the first article was a case of someone being lured somewhere for drugs but got something else instead. Seemingly an avoidable shame

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 7:49 pm 08 Dec 08

That’s my standard way of heading home, Swaggie. The RBT station is usually right up the end of Drakeford near to Woodcock drive. Not that I drink and drive, it’s just a drag being RBT’d at least once a fortnight, sometimes once a week!

Special G Special G 7:41 pm 08 Dec 08

So the rule is if you are in Civic of a night time don’t get run into by the pissed idiots.

Spam Box Spam Box 6:15 pm 08 Dec 08

RR77 – yes they can do the swab test, no I haven’t been swabbed(and I’ve been breath-tested 14 times in two years)

Roadrage77 Roadrage77 3:50 pm 08 Dec 08

I’m not proud of it but in my younger years I did just that. Not just once either.

Swaggie Swaggie 3:49 pm 08 Dec 08

What puzzles me is why on Friday night the police set up an RBT on Drakeford Dr southbound at 9pm. It was visible from a good 400 metres away – blue flashing lights both sides of the carriage way so if you’ve had a few you’re trapped right? No….The police conveniently set up the operation 50 metres past the turn off into Noorooma Street so if you have had a few you just turn off into Noorooma before the RBT and do a loop through the back streets to rejoin Drakford Drive after the RBT. They didn’t have anyone stationed down Noorooma either watching for anyone doing a sudden left. Seemed like a pretty pointless exercise to me.

Roadrage77 Roadrage77 3:42 pm 08 Dec 08

Do they do roadside drug tests in the ACT? Anyone R.A’ers been swabbed?

sezzle sezzle 2:12 pm 08 Dec 08

I don’t understand why there are sexual assault charges and not kidnapping as well. Presumably the girl did not want to go there with the man?
I understand that these things can be hard on victims, but who would willingly travel with a person that has sexually assaulted you? Extra details are obviously missing.

Kizzle Kizzle 1:42 pm 08 Dec 08

Old bastard did pretty good scoring a 21yo in the first place.. the rest of the story, not so good.

Spam Box Spam Box 1:12 pm 08 Dec 08

Ah crystal meth – the choice of champions

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