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poor driving habits increase

By Duke - 6 March 2008 148

Another bizarre driving habit has been developing on ACT roads – the practice of leaving a large gap between your car and the car in front when stopped at traffic lights. 

Two or three metres is adequate, but i’ve seen people leave two or three car lengths, even more. 

So what? you say.  Most of the times it’s ok – bizarre and pointless, but ok, but a problem arises when people in the outer lanes leave large gaps thus blocking access to the left and right turning slip lanes.  Ie;  if everybody just moved up a bit, it would allow a whole bunch of cars wanting to turn before the traffic lights to pass.  Leaving a large gap between you and the car in front can actually block traffic building up behind you.

 At its worst i’ve actually had to get out of my car, tap on the window of the person in front and tell them to move up so I can turn my car into the turning lane.

And to a lesser extent it’s just plain annoying when people leave a huge gap………….wait until all the traffic has come to a full stop behind them, then slowly take their foot off the brake and roll their car forward an inch at a time…………bizarre and pointless!

Happy motoring all

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148 Responses to
poor driving habits increase
sepi 1:22 pm 06 Mar 08

I appreciate the people who do that – it forces a break in the stream of traffic and lets a few more people turn also.

Danman 1:14 pm 06 Mar 08

Even more annoying is when people at the War Memorial roundabout go into the right lane, which is always empty, and doing a full loop of the roundabout so they can avoid the queue to turn left into Limestone.

Sounds like someone is just jealous.

Good on them I say… just their way of minimising your waiting time by utilising open space.

moff 1:05 pm 06 Mar 08

I find it annoying also. The reason it is annoying is because you see the opening and change gears and speed accordingly, only to be forced to stop because the person in from of you decides either they won’t let you through, or that they are just going to be plain stupid.

Even more annoying is when people at the War Memorial roundabout go into the right lane, which is always empty, and doing a full loop of the roundabout so they can avoid the queue to turn left into Limestone.

I try to make a point by pointing at the drivers, which always draws attention to the self-important perpetrators. This is usually met with embarassment or a peice of paper blocking thier face, as if they were a child molester walking to court.

Mr Waffle 12:54 pm 06 Mar 08

This happens all the time along Northbourne, pretty annoying. I tend to move over to the inside of the lane to give a bit of room for any turners (after checking for motorbikes of course), but then some prat pulls up behind me on the outside of the lane and blocks the way. Bah!

Speaking of crap driving, I’ve read on this site a few times about people indicating right on a roundabout when they’re going left/straight. I saw it for the first time a couple weeks ago at the gridlocked roundabout outside Duntroon onto the Monaro highway, with a car indicating they’d go right, but they went straight. We’d all stopped to let them do the loop, so all traffic ground to a halt for them (backed up all the way to Russell offices)… I’ve never been so dumbfounded at someone’s behaviour on the road as I was then.

bighead 11:13 am 06 Mar 08

@AD, I had a good laugh yesterday at Glenloch when I did the 40km/h through there. Car tailgating me the whole way and roared off at the first chance. Met him at the next set of lights to turn. Always a good feeling.

NH 11:13 am 06 Mar 08

Andrew would love you guys 😉

toriness 9:50 am 06 Mar 08

i actually agree with duke, i find it irritating when people do this as well. although there are so many morons on the road, i try to not let them all get to me. i would never get out of my car and tap on their window – what if they had an uzi in their glovebox!? hehe

Absent Diane 9:39 am 06 Mar 08

Yup I am with thumper.

Its like these people who speed and drive like maniacs to get those lights 15 seconds quicker than the would otherwise. Who cares.

Aurelius 9:28 am 06 Mar 08

I’m with Thumper.
Someone needs therapy.

Thumper 9:00 am 06 Mar 08

Stress less petal. Does it make any difference in the overall plan of things?

I doubt it.

Mælinar 8:57 am 06 Mar 08

The button in front of your noggin, otherwise known as the car horn is built for the purpose of alerting other drivers.

Once you have alerted them, indicate for them to roll forward so you can get through – its rocket science, but as you are a rocket scientist, I would expect you to be able to use your initiative from here on in.

ant 8:56 am 06 Mar 08

Yes, this is a big problem at the Russell Roundabout, where traffic coming from airport want to get into the slip lane to turn left over Kings Ave Bridge. Trucks and cars are leaving several carlengths between them and the vehicle in front, so traffic banks up past the East Basin entrance. They actually need to make that slip lane longer, so as to bleed off soem of the traffic being blocked by those heading for Parkes Way.

I don’t know if it’s cud-chewing stupidity or bloody-mindedness. I notice some cars (and I do this too) squeezing forward and to the right, so people can fit into the slip lane. I always give them a wave. But they’re a rare encounter.

grundy 8:45 am 06 Mar 08

I’m with Duke on this one!

I can’t stand having cars block the turning lanes when they have 3+ meters of space to move forward.
I am always personally alert of what cars behind me are doing, and if I see and indicator, I will squeeze to the side of the lane and move all the way forward to let someone turn.

I guess all this comes down to how alert and aware of their surroundings Canberra drivers are, but there doesn’t seem to be much of that at the best of times…

Danman 8:44 am 06 Mar 08

cough rant cough At its worst i’ve actually had to get out of my car, tap on the window of the person in front and tell them to move up so I can turn my car into the turning lane.

Patience Grasshopper, this would be considered road rage in the courts.

I usually stop so I can just see the tyres of the car in front (Usually about 2 meters from car in front).

Not everyone stops as close or far as me, but as a level headed repsponsible driver, I note that they have done what they have and deal with it in my head.

Same as any situation on the road really.

Plenty of shit drivers, if I got angry every time I saw one, I would just give up driving as it would not be worth the stress…

Spectra 8:37 am 06 Mar 08

Actually, your last point is exactly what my driving instructor said he always did (with the exception of the inching forward bit – he moved forward at a reasonable speed). The reason is that if someone behind you has misjudged the stopping distance, it gives you space to move forward and avoid them rear-ending you. Once they’ve stopped safely, then you can move forward to close the gaps and allow people to turn.
Neither bizarre nor pointless.

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