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poor driving habits increase

Duke 6 March 2008 148

Another bizarre driving habit has been developing on ACT roads – the practice of leaving a large gap between your car and the car in front when stopped at traffic lights. 

Two or three metres is adequate, but i’ve seen people leave two or three car lengths, even more. 

So what? you say.  Most of the times it’s ok – bizarre and pointless, but ok, but a problem arises when people in the outer lanes leave large gaps thus blocking access to the left and right turning slip lanes.  Ie;  if everybody just moved up a bit, it would allow a whole bunch of cars wanting to turn before the traffic lights to pass.  Leaving a large gap between you and the car in front can actually block traffic building up behind you.

 At its worst i’ve actually had to get out of my car, tap on the window of the person in front and tell them to move up so I can turn my car into the turning lane.

And to a lesser extent it’s just plain annoying when people leave a huge gap………….wait until all the traffic has come to a full stop behind them, then slowly take their foot off the brake and roll their car forward an inch at a time…………bizarre and pointless!

Happy motoring all

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148 Responses to poor driving habits increase
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Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 7:18 pm 13 Mar 08

Maeliner – I wasn’t trying to start a motorbike bagging session, I ride one part-time myself.

In fact I think it was you that raised it in the car on car thread.

Your comments would be seen by many as being somewhat odd, that’s all….

Aeek Aeek 6:58 pm 13 Mar 08

Sina: mobility scooters are allowed on most roads and no helmet is required. They are not classed as a vehicle.

Sina Sina 5:59 pm 13 Mar 08

I think we’re talking about different things – I don’t mean those little vespa scooters, but those ones that old people use to get around at the shopping centres (with the flag and the basket at the front). They seem to have a top speed of about 2kms/hr.

Mælinar Mælinar 4:29 pm 13 Mar 08

It is a legal requirement for scooter drivers to wear a helmet.

@Dr Evil – I’m not going to get into the whole car-car vs car-motorbike thing, and the gamut of bendy rules in between. This topic is about car on car action, we’ll leave the motorbike bagging to another thread.

Special G Special G 4:12 pm 13 Mar 08

Couldn’t say I have ever seen a scooter rider not wearing a helmet. As a motorbike rider I can say yes it is illegal not to wear a helmet.

I am making my judgement of your driving by your description of almost running a scooter rider off the road. Plus I’m an opinionated bastard that will have a dig.

Sina Sina 3:33 pm 13 Mar 08

Special G, if scooters are allowed on the roads then I would think their drivers would need to wear helmets, no? None of them do. I’m pretty sure what they are doing is illegal.

And I like how you are able to judge my driving, never having actually seen me drive.

Duke Duke 8:33 am 12 Mar 08

Yep Sina – that’s the very definition of merging, allowing the person to fill the gap in front of you. Shows some people still don’t know how to merge……or let others merge.

Like the guy on Tuggeranong Parkway last week. We were entering the Parkway from Weston Creek and this guy instead of speeding up 100 to merge, actually came to a complete halt at the bottom of the ramp and waited for a gap. When he finally entered it took him a while to reach the same speed as everybody else and almost caused a 20 car pile up.

He was driving a weird new foreign car, renault I think. BEWARE

Special G Special G 11:01 pm 11 Mar 08

The speed limit is exactly that – a limit – means go at a speed less than this. If you are only comfortable driving 40 in a 60 zone then do so. 50cc Scooters are finding this they only do 60kmh therefore get along a bit slower in 80 zones etc.

Sina you seem to have a bit of an issue with your driving – pull into your reactionary gap – then recreat it – easy. As for almost wiping out a scooter – I’m tipping you’d be looking at a culpable driving charge after you killed the poor bastard.

bigred bigred 9:47 pm 11 Mar 08

Madocci, its unbroken centre lines along that 70 km/h strip. That means no overtaking unless you drive a white tradies ute!

Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 8:47 pm 11 Mar 08

“Queue jumping is a crime no matter where it is done, no matter the outcome.”

“Commonly, I and other motorcyclists use the slip lane on the approach to Glenloch Interchange, not to cut in on 2km + of traffic, but to get out of everybody elses way.”


madocci madocci 7:36 pm 11 Mar 08

OK so maybe a slight exaggeration, not >10km – but it sure felt like it! Its the road that goes past the zoo all the way to the John James hospital. There was oncoming traffic so I couldn’t overtake. It was prolly about 7kms I estimate from google maps.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 3:46 pm 11 Mar 08

I suspect that the scooter is quite legal (assuming its been registered and the like, or is specifically exempt from registration like push bikes etc.)

As long as the vehicle is getting along at its “best speed” it doesn’t matter if it’s not reaching the speed limit – same deal applies for vehicles like tractors etc, when they have to use roads. A 2006 Toyota Corolla putting along at 70km/h in the 100 zone because the driver is frightened that they may involuntarily evacuate their bowels if they go any faster is however a traffic hazard and a finable offence.

Mælinar Mælinar 2:36 pm 11 Mar 08

A 50cc scooter has a max speed of 60km/h. I don’t know the legality of this, but I don’t think anybody would give a flying if scooter riders used bike lanes to avoid bigger traffic.

Commonly, I and other motorcyclists use the slip lane on the approach to Glenloch Interchange, not to cut in on 2km + of traffic, but to get out of everybody elses way.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 2:07 pm 11 Mar 08

I sometimes see scooters buzzing along in the slip lane. If you’re going to go well below the speed limit, this makes a lot of sense.

Sina Sina 1:59 pm 11 Mar 08

I doubt it would…you’d think the police would pick him up. There was one going down Northborne the other day, nearly collected him turning into Wakefield Ave.

Thumper Thumper 1:53 pm 11 Mar 08

There is a scooter that puts along ginninderra drive every morning at about 7.30.

It does not get above 60kph.

Annoying for all other motorists and probably dangerous for the scooter rider.

I would suggest that the rider do the speed limit, if the scooter will allow it 😉

Sina Sina 1:52 pm 11 Mar 08

What I do hate is when people merge into the space I have left in front of me FOR SAFETY. Amazing how many people don’t seem to grasp that that I am not inviting them to squeeze in that space, it is there for a good reason!

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 1:48 pm 11 Mar 08

“In Canberra, the indicator goes on (sometimes), the guy ‘behind’ speeds up to try to keep the lane changer out.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve experienced this phenomenon. The look of indignation on the poor saps face is priceless though … they’re so indignant at the notion of having been “cut off”. The other one I love is merging on the parkway. You’re entering from say Cotter Road, there’s a guy driving along the parkway in the left hand lane, no one in the right. As you accelerate to 100-110km/h to merge effectively he’s still there in the left hand lane … here’s a tip, if getting cut off annoys you, then move out of my way.

Duke Duke 1:41 pm 11 Mar 08

In case you missed it, Cranky posted this excellent youtube video which shows what happens when you FAIL TO KEEP UP WITH THE VEHICLE IN FRONT OF YOU. This would include blocking traffic travelling at 130kph.

Danman Danman 1:33 pm 11 Mar 08

Additionally, I am not aware of any 70km speed zones that goes for 10km. Where abouts were you driving ?

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