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Push to close Bunda St?

By johnboy - 29 May 2009 45

The Canberra Times brings rumblings from the Greens and Pedal Power that they’d like to see cars removed from Bunda St in Civic.

    They also want the Government to, at the very least, consider a dedicated cycling lane along Bunda Street as part of a planned $4million revamp of the thoroughfare.

    But Chief Minister Jon Stanhope is against any ban on vehicles in Bunda Street, saying they ”have the effect of actually providing some life” in the area.

Closing might be a bit strong, but a one-way system might have some merit?

In any event, Pedal Power seem to have a way of getting what they want in this town, watch this space.

Interestingly the CT also has a bit on plans in Queanbeyan to close roads in their town centre.

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
Push to close Bunda St?
Sgt.Bungers 11:37 am 29 May 09

Bunda street is in a pretty horrific state. As the main road through civic’s pimary commercial district, it really needs work considering it looks a tad 3rd world.

This would be the perfect location for the ACT to trial a Dutch style “woonerf”, or a UK style “shared space”. Which is essentially a street designed primarily for the needs of pedestrians, secondly for the needs of cyclists, and thirdly for the needs of motorised traffic, with right of way rules also applying in that order.

The primary benefit being the needs of goods vehicles are still catered for, however the needs of the majority of the people using the street (pedestrians) are considered first and foremost. At the moment the needs of pedestrians are always considered last, if at all, when a street is being planned.

Similar to a shared zone, but with more effort put into it than just putting up “shared zone” signs as Australian road authorities tend to do. Gutters removed, bitumen torn up and replaced with pavers, no distinction at all between “footpath” and “street”. Just space. An example from the UK:,_Brighton_-_shared_space.jpg

Essentially the street has to be torn up and re-implemented so that no driver will be comfortable exceeding walking pace in their vehicle at any point, even if there is no speed limit in place.

For the critics, this quote from Wikipedia “Since the zebra crossings and traffic signs were replaced with a spacious fountain, benches and other street furniture, the Skvallertorget square in Norrköping has experienced no accidents, mean traffic speeds have dropped from 21 to 16 km/h (13 to 10 mph) and liveability has increased.”

farnarkler 11:35 am 29 May 09

No-one’s mentioned the proposed bike lane right through the guts of it (if it does become pedestrianised). I really love the idea of cyclists racing through.

deye 11:33 am 29 May 09

pug206gti said :

I’m still grumbling about the public car park over from the BP is now a paid one no matter when you use it.

Don’t worry, it will eventually be a residental complex.

pug206gti 11:11 am 29 May 09

I’m still grumbling about the public car park over from the BP is now a paid one no matter when you use it.

johnboy 10:55 am 29 May 09

Try to remember that half the businesses in Garema place and city walk rely on Bunda St for trade access (i.e. Delivery trucks)

one way and 20k would balance a lot of the concerns though.

p1 10:52 am 29 May 09

Or make it one way, with a 20kmn speed limit.

Allows pick-up & set-down etc, still would keep a little of the bustle that does add some atmosphere (closing it would leave something of a blank space). What they really need is the Chaser boys citizens infringement officer booking wankers cruising in their fulli-sic-mobile. That is what the other end of Braddon in for.

ant 10:47 am 29 May 09

It’s just the next stage of Civic! When I was a kid, Petrie Plaza and Garema Place and City walk were actually streets. The grand entrance to DJs (where Subway is now) was onto the main street. They all got closed off and paved. Bunda St would be a good next progression. Heck, they built a shopping mall right over the top of Ainslie Avenue, after all.

thegirl 10:46 am 29 May 09

I think it should be closed. I agree with sepi, it’s pointless driving down there most times anywat.

sepi 10:17 am 29 May 09

Close it already. Or make it one way, with a 20kmn speed limit.

Noone in their right n=mind would try to drive down there at lunchtime anyway.

bren 10:13 am 29 May 09

They should consider making like Childers Street – raising the road up so it level with the paths, narrowing it in sections so only one car can pass and then creating a ‘shared zone’. Actually seems to work quite well.

Unbeliever 10:12 am 29 May 09

I don’t support Bunda St being closed to vehicles. I really love the drifts of vehicle exhaust into my meals and coffee when I’m dining alfresco.

threeze 10:07 am 29 May 09

But where will all the Commodores, Falcons and Skylines show off to each other?

Holden Caulfield 10:04 am 29 May 09

But you can get good parking on weekends if you get the right spots early enough, haha.

I think they just need to put a few more pedestrian crossings in to establish some order. 😉

Clown Killer 10:00 am 29 May 09

I don’t see much of a problem with closing it to vehicles. It’s not like it provides essential public access to anything that you couldn’t get to on foot and all the shopping centre car parks can be accessed from the next street up.

deye 9:32 am 29 May 09

One way would definitely be a good thing. There is too much blocking of traffic with two way. Having one way will let people be able to do their laps, reach parking and make deliveries and the hold ups should hopefully be less.

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