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Queens Birthday Long Weekend, Fireworks and Pets

By che - 6 June 2008 98

WE all know the debate from here, here and here plus many others, but can pet owners please secure their pets for the weekend. I know mine will be fine, but every year I find another dog wandering the streets looking for its home after the Queens Birthday weekend. Let the dog be an inside dog for just one weekend a year even. They’ll love you even more.

What’s Your opinion?

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98 Responses to
Queens Birthday Long Weekend, Fireworks and Pets
Holden Caulfield 10:23 pm 06 Jun 08

We have two cats, one couldn’t care less about the fireworks, but the other does get really freaked out. Poor little bugger. We have fireworks being sold a few blocks from our house and there’s plenty of open space near by. No surprises then that crackers have gone off a few times already tonight.

I just don’t see the fascination myself???

ant 9:16 pm 06 Jun 08

There’s quite a useful ad on TV by the RSPCA about how dogs perceive fireworks, it might help get the message through. Dogs can get very silly. Our terrier was monstered by a big dog some years ago, and took off (she’s a twit). Didn’t see her again until a phone call from the kennel up the road, saying the airport had rung about a small dog. Turns out she’d got across the main road and spent the night on the runway, dodging planes. They’d captured her in the morning.

Whatsup 9:12 pm 06 Jun 08

There has been a constant pop pop pop here all night (Friday). These will be the same people who will scream blue murder if they are banned outright because people cant follow the rules.

H 8:13 pm 06 Jun 08

When you buy the things you agree to the law which is only to let them off on Sat 7 and Sun 8 June between 5pm-9pm. So why is my dog going BESERK now?

If people want to be able to use fireworks in the ACT and NOT have them banned then why do they think it’s fun to screw it up for themselves in the future?

Thanks wankers.

Btw, I bought some (my two young boys like to watch stuff exploding), but will use them when I am allowed to, with my dog locked in the laundry.

mattyf 6:31 pm 06 Jun 08

Peterh mentioned bonfires. Are we even allowed bonfires in Canberra anymore? Local councils have banned them elsewhere, so I’d assume the same for backyards here too.

Skidbladnir 6:25 pm 06 Jun 08

lemaChet said :

what if a person doesn’t have an appropriate yard, but still wants to use fireworks ?

Just go out in the balcony, hold them in your hand, and either point them at your own\somebody else’s face.

I have a friend who has a stunning sample of his drunken behaviour enshrined on YouTube, where he only got second degree burns to his arm and scalp, and had to take a week off work…

lemaChet 6:19 pm 06 Jun 08

generaly, people let off fireworks in their own backyards, yea ? (or front)

what if a person doesn’t have an appropriate yard, but still wants to use fireworks ?
Is it illegal or anything to go them out on the road, if one lives in a culdesac, or to go down to the local oval ?
This strikes me as a safer option..

peterh 5:42 pm 06 Jun 08

You also have to consider the types of crackers that seem to be set off in canberra at night – there are some that sound like a rifle, yet others sound like a very large cannon.

I am sure that the one that went off a couple of nights ago was a stick of dynamite, no way would a cracker be that loud….

cracker night seems to be like a war zone, with some people trying to out do the others, and the resulting noises makes you think that we are under attack.

VicePope 5:31 pm 06 Jun 08

Dogs (and I thinkcats) have pretty good hearing, and can probably pick up the noise even if they’re indoors. The comforting presence of known people will probably help.

Seriously, even if half the population thinks exploding noisy and bright Chinese gunpowder is pretty good, it remains a dumb thing to do.

Whatsup 4:57 pm 06 Jun 08

My dog was OK with fireworks until some idiots decided to blow up the neighbours letterbox with some large fireworks a few years ago. Our windows rattled so hard that I am surprised they didn’t blow in. After that he has been freaked out by fireworks even if they are being let off a couple of houses away. We considered going away for the weekend but we were worried about our mutt so we chose to stay home. There was no guarantee that the area around the boarding kennels would be fireworks free and we wouldn’t expect our friends to have him inside their home if they looked after him.

Its a family at home weekend, which includes a mutt who gets to be inside for a change.

peterh 4:02 pm 06 Jun 08

considering that I have no dogs, my cats seem to think that if it doesn’t involve food or sleeping it doesn’t matter, I don’t have this problem with fireworks.

what I do have is small children. If the absolute moron who lobbed a penny bunger on my front lawn last night reads this, try setting them off at your house instead. or blowing up your car as you try to peg them out the window. either, I don’t care.

I have mates that have missing fingers / toes / holes in their legs /arms etc from the halcyon days of fireworks night and the fact that we could buy them for weeks prior to the weekend.

a favored pastime was to blow up letterboxes, even concrete ones. The crackers we could get a hold of back then were close to dynamite. Good job that they banned those ones….

Then again, I grew up in charnwood, says a lot.

I don’t have an issue with a family watching a father letting off the fireworks in a wheelbarrow of sand, as long as:

a) all the kids are inside and the doors are locked
b) there isn’t a bonfire that is too close to the pack of fireworks for spark ignition
c) it isn’t me.

perhaps if the government wants to keep letting people buy and let off fireworks, they should set aside designated areas like the ovals that dot the suburbs. no-one sets fire to their own or the neighbor’s house and the police can do random checks to see what is being let off.

alternatively, a public fireworks display or two across the weekend would be another option.

AG Canberra 3:42 pm 06 Jun 08

Cracker night(s) this year is sat and sun nite before 9.

Next year it will be only one night and the year after it will be no night (I reckon).

astrojax 3:31 pm 06 Jun 08

mine likes the rockets and penny bungers best, but her paws can’t always make the match and wick meet up, so sometimes she gets me to light them…

yes, so keep skitty hounds inside; awful story of friend’s foster-greyhound at the olympic flame tri-mtn fireworks display night, got spooked out walking as they started, friend couldn’t hold and the poor thing bolted, got collected by a car a couple roads down. ;(

Psy 3:12 pm 06 Jun 08

My dogs are inside dogs all year……maybe i should put them out over the long weekend to give them a taste of what life could be like!

stonedwookie 2:58 pm 06 Jun 08

hi what days can you let fireworks off this year?

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