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Queens Birthday Long Weekend, Fireworks and Pets

By che 6 June 2008 98

WE all know the debate from here, here and here plus many others, but can pet owners please secure their pets for the weekend. I know mine will be fine, but every year I find another dog wandering the streets looking for its home after the Queens Birthday weekend. Let the dog be an inside dog for just one weekend a year even. They’ll love you even more.

What’s Your opinion?

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Queens Birthday Long Weekend, Fireworks and Pets
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SheepGroper 9:24 pm 06 Jul 08

Nah, they were from much closer, like across the road. Chooks turned up so everything’s good.

BerraBoy68 7:26 am 05 Jul 08

SheepGroper said :

Fireworks are still going off tonight.

Only a guess but maybe it has something to do with it being 4 July. Do you live anywhere near the US Embassy?

The group house of idiots across the road set some off two weekends running recently while drunk at about 2 am, waking up my entire family. When I saw one of the aforementioned idiots sunday before last I told him if I hear one more cracker go off at their place, my and my next door neighbour (whose kids were also woken up) were coming over and, to put it politely, not for a discussion. I got lots of “it wasn’t me” etc. but it has had the desired effect. Peace and quite ever since.

SheepGroper 11:10 pm 04 Jul 08

Fireworks are still going off tonight. And, for all I know, yesterday as well. I saw no sign of my semi-feral chooks this morning, and oddly enough no sign of the native crested pigeons which usually freeload off the chook feed I scatter, just some pigeon fethers near the feed shed. Some arsehole tossing an explosive over the back fence would explain the absence of both, there don’t appear to be holes in the fence a fox could get through, or feathered corpses.

Blackpaw 11:27 pm 28 Jun 08

Well, its Saturday night. Three weeks since Canberra is turned into “downtown Baghdad”. Yet I’m still hearing dimwits let off their fireworks. Monday night. Tuesday night. Wednesday at 2.30 am in the freakin morning!. You know – the ones that were only meant to be let off on the 7th and 8th of June, during certain reasonable hours. It should be evident to anyone with ears(except those self-centered ones who love blowing things up) that these things are not used responsibly. I don’t see the social fabric of other states being torn apart because they can’t blow things up in June, so I don’t see why we need fireworks in Canberra. Ban the bloody things and let the rest of us get some peace and quiet. If you like loud explosions, and your life seems empty and meaningless without the right to wake the neighbors, then fly to Iraq and enjoy the nightlife.

mark_ftr 5:33 pm 18 Jun 08

Reading the Police and RSPCA reports, most people seem to have stopped their pets escaping this year at least. Hopefully if the other 120 odd pet owners can look after their animals next year we wont have as much of a problem (minus of course the 3 months afterwards from wankers setting illegal fireworks off randomly)

Does anyone know of any legal fireworks this year specifically that were scaring pets more than others?

Just curious so that if we get stock in next year, we can replace known annoying items with something more fun.

Sunset Fireworks Canberra and Darwin Sales team

FC 10:43 am 18 Jun 08

Thumper, I agree with you on that one.
sounds very fair to me.

Ingeegoodbee 8:54 am 18 Jun 08

Like your opinion on fireworks matters for sh!t qbnperson.

Thumper 8:27 am 18 Jun 08

The pet problem with crackers is easily fixed. Pets picked on Queen’s birthday weekend carry a $500 fine for not securing your pet properly

And anyone using fireworks outside the prescribed times face a firing squad.

Sounds fair to me.

qbnperson 11:18 pm 17 Jun 08

Wowsers win in ACT, firecrackers and Queen’s birthday weekend is a great Australian tradition. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit with the Republican agenda and it distrubs the self centred isolationists out of their slumber. I suspect its the same mob of peddlers who insist they are badly done by cars using the roads they pay for. The pet problem with crackers is easily fixed. Pets picked on Queen’s birthday weekend carry a $500 fine for not securing your pet properly.
Oh and thanks for taking Frank off our hands. Qbn has not gone ahead during his reign, it has gone backwards. Carparking has decreased, we have our own entertainment centre which has taken out the public toilets. At this stage no one knows how much it has finally cost us rate payers. We have an empty carpark over near the sewerage works too far for people to park and shop. Qbn pool needs to expand so what does he spend council money on? Paving the main street. Then he calls for a strategic plan of the city…

Whatsup 8:57 pm 17 Jun 08

Saturday night about 11:30pm, huge kaboom heard from down the street. I haven’t driven down that way but would guess that someones letterbox isn’t there anymore. Most of the neighbours wandered out to have a look. Hopefully that was the end of it for this year !

Holden Caulfield 6:47 pm 17 Jun 08

Morgan said :

If anyone here was resident in Canberra before fireworks then you have a case. If you were here after that shut up. Simple. Like those wankers in jerra who moved in under a flight path and wonder why its noisy.

Morgan what a load of ignorant piffle your post is (point about Jerrabombera aside).

Equally Jonathon Reynolds’ comment about responsible pet owners keeping their pets inside. Trouble is when morons are banging off their pissy little fireworks outside of their alloted hours and as a result one of our cats has the living daylights scared out of it and goes into hiding, how the hell am I supposed to get him inside when the fireworks are supposed to be going off? Later in the day/evening I tried going out to get him, including the times of 11pm, 12pm, 1am and 2am. But, you guessed it, every single fcking time I went out some arsefck let off another cracker.

So, back to Morgan, get your clueless wanker mates to let off crackers in the perfectly adequate hours in which it is legal to do so and I will stop complaining.

And I haven’t yet mentioned the mess some anti-society shits left at two schools nearby. One had the remnants of countless fireworks with associated broken beer bottles etc and the other had some delightful little terrors putting paper in a bin and setting crackers off inside, this after they had already put the play equipment on fire. Fortunately these tough guy vandals were scared off by a set of headlights and we were able to minimise the damage before anything got out of control.

When these wanker firecracker users can show some fcking respect, then I’ll wish them all the best.

mark_ftr 5:56 pm 17 Jun 08

Unfortunately with the amount of illegal fireworks being sold, I think that cats and Dogs being frightened by fireworks in the ACT will just increase.

The majority of illegal fireworks being sold are not imported by the licensed fireworks sellers, but by people who see it as a great way to make excellent money (the markup is higher than most drugs if you sell illegally, around 3000%).

The legal ACT fireworks do make a reasonable amount of noise, but they contain almost no flash powder (the ingredient that makes the loud bangs in crackers and report items). The rules and regulations involving getting fireworks passed by the ACT government are very restrictive to try to make a compromise between fireworks people want to buy, and the safety/noise/size limits that the government feels they need to restrict the general public with. The ACT is only allowed 60g maximum powder weight for any item (as apposed to the NT which is 100g). This drastically limits how good a firework effect can be, and although good items can still be made within this powderweight, the manufacture rocess is extremely expensive involving much higher quality (read expensive) chemical compositions that make these items too expensive for the average consumer.

It is cheaper for the Chinese to make larger fireworks (500g+ powder weights) as their domestic market, and the US market, already has a huge demand for this product so the production lines are longer.
The demand in the ACT (and the NT) is huge for illegal fireworks. People are not happy with what they can buy, they want bigger items but we cannot supply them legally. As a supplier of legal fireworks to the Australian market, I know how much money could be made if we would sell illegal fireworks instead of legal ones. The markups are 300 times larger and they are easier to sell. We have chosen NOT to sell illegal fireworks as we feel that not only is it illegal and inethical, in the long run it will result in ALL fireworks being banned, everywhere.

Huge pressure is aplied to the ACT and NT government by NSW and Victoria who get huge influxes of illegal fireworks purchased legally in the NT and ACT crossing their borders and being set off randomly all year round.

As a pet owner, this is a lot more concerning than 1,2, or even 10 legal fireworks days. At least you know when they are going to happen (mostly) and can plan to have your pet kept in a quiet room where the stress will at least be reduced.

Don’t ban fireworks, it will just increase the illegal market as people see they have nothing to lose by selling (it is almost impossible to police).
If people want to continue to have access to retail fireworks they need to take responsibility for the problems by not buying illegals (no matter how tempting they are), and sticking to the guidelines. Be grateful that you have that. It wont be for long.


ant 10:56 am 10 Jun 08

PeterH has one of those cars that looks after itself! That’s classic, nice one!

Interesting GI stuff Danman. Interestingy, the yanks haven’t got a clue about GI, they’re still on fat vs carbs. And about alcamahol not being fattening, I guess look at those old street guys with their brown paper bags, definitely not fat.

CornIsFattening 10:36 am 10 Jun 08

1812 overture with cannons, I like

peterh 10:29 am 10 Jun 08


the weekend was like this:

2am on Saturday morning, sound not unlike someone re-modeling their backyard – 3 seriously large bangs. shook windows, woke up kids. great.

Saturday night – here we are in downtown baghdad, rockets and mortars going off everywhere, croatian neighbor certainly under bed about now, waiting for the all clear…. some very large ones going off, sky lit by lots of flashes, guy up the road trying to remove large stump, perhaps??

Sunday morning – went to christening for my sons at 6 am, not happy about last night’s bombardment, neither were they. went to weston to collect food for daughter’s party, 2 louts in a p-plate barina lob homemade bomb at my car, which retaliates by knocking it back to them. hmmm. car plays handball. bomb lands on their bonnet and detonates. cracked windscreen, lot of smoke. guy behind me can’t stop laughing, neither can I. have to pull over.

Sunday night – invited to cracker party at neighbor’s house. ok – several too loud for our daughter, she sits inside and watches – probably smarter than me. one errant rocket skews back under the cover that we are standing in, detonates right beside me. flashing lights and muffled noises – realise it is my wife screaming at me to see if i am OK. I am, bit deaf though.

Sunday night / monday morning – whoever is trying to remove stump hasn’t given up, blowing up more things in their backyard, maybe trying to save money and excavate a pool? barrage ends at 3am.

Monday morning. Lug out large stereo speakers, all 4 of them, and play my CD for mornings like this, 1812 overture (with cannon). Trained kids to sleep through it, so they are OK.

next door neighbor does likewise.

young guys who had the party last night want us to turn it down. It is after 10.00 am, so we refuse. (they kept going after noise curfew till 4am, not to be outdone by crackers)

Monday night – not a single blast to be heard.

Danman 10:09 am 10 Jun 08

hope y’all can read that.

Danman 10:07 am 10 Jun 08

Corn is High GI (Glycaemic Index) which means the carbs in it get turned into sugar in teh form of glucose in you rblood quite quickly.
Because there is too much sugar in your blood, your body moves it from your blood into storage cells or what we like to call “Fat”

The interesting thing about glycaemic index and beer/alcohol is that (My Doctor told me this) when you drink beer, or any other alcohol for that matter, the alcohol content of the beverage switches off your liver, which is responsible for the production of blood borne glucose. Because this body fucntion is switched off, your blood glucose levels would normally bomb because in effectyou are burning energy but your liver is not producing any to replace it, so in fact the sugar in the beverages is what supplies the energy for the night. So what actually happens is that your blood glucose levels are switched off by the alcohol content of the bevrage but you do not go into a hypoglycaemic coma because the carb content of the beverages keep you energied up..

I tested this theory ponm a bender recently, I took my blood sugar level before the bemder and it was average (6.1mmol) (Average being between 4 and 8 mmol) – went out on the bender and when I got home I was on the high end of average (7.4mmol).

As a result I was able to deduce that drinking actually does no tmake you fat because you burn the energy prodiced in each beverage because you rbody has no function to produce its own enegry whilst intoxicated/under influence of alcohol – besides whoich all teh acrbs in alcoholic beverages are short chain carbohydrates, so they burn up quickly in the body. The reason you get fat from excessive drinking is because excessive drinking is closely associated with excessive eating. This all came to ligh tbecause th emeds I am on actually lower blood sugar levels, hence my GP warning me about the effects that excessinve drinking may have whilst on the meds.

How do I know so much about blood sugar ?
I am a well educated T2 diabetic.

Oh yeah fireworks, I have 2 dogs, we had downtown beirut in our suburb over all 4 nights. Dogs were a little skittish, but nothing a caring owner could not fix.

Mælinar 9:26 am 10 Jun 08

Someone_else said :

And please explain why corn is fattening. I want sources, dammit! – google 0.13 seconds. I’m not so lenient to newbie posters on second occasions.


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