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Raider’s jerseys for ’07

By johnboy - 14 December 2006 20

Our snout went out this morning to take a look at what the Raider’s will be wearing in 2007 (for those of you who still care).

At least they’ve saved money on designers!

I’m told all the sponsors are locked in for three years and are all local companies.

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Raider’s jerseys for ’07
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greeneyed 9:27 am 29 Dec 06

Also Ralph… don’t know who you asked for your members’ merchandise, but it has been readily available at Jerseys for Work and Play at Cooleman Court for some weeks. Not that the merchandise is really worth having this year…

And the Raiders leagues clubs are not just “licensed” to someone else. It is a small empire of clubs, with the QLC at the centre of the organisation, across the Canberra district and in Brisbane (the association with Souths Logan).

greeneyed 9:18 am 29 Dec 06

Of course we care! I can’t say I am supportive of the CFMEU being the major sponsor, and I was hugely annoyed at the political protest at half time during a match at Canberra stadium this year. Doesn’t mean I’m going to boycott games etc. How crazy would that be? The Raiders are the only football team in town where the players actually live here and they deserve our support.

Ralph 11:48 am 18 Dec 06

Ahh yes I forgot about the Brisbane clubs.

sch00n3r4 11:01 am 18 Dec 06

gerass = grass,
damn fat finger syndrome

sch00n3r4 11:01 am 18 Dec 06

The faders have been

The Raiders Club Gunghalin
The Braddon Club (old ACT Leagues Club)
THe Weston Club (old Royals)
The Mawson Club (Old Ambassador Hotel and the old Dutch Club as well)
Queanbeyan Leagues Club (affiliate)
Jindabyne Hotel
there are 2 clubs in Queensland as well and i heard they are looking at one in Perth.

the business side of the Raiders is going OK, don’t confuse the Business and Football they are 2 different operations under the same umbrella, the football club still needs major sponsorship to run the football teams as well as the administrative support and logistics provided with money from their businesses, this also allows the sponsorship of the gerass roots clubs in the area.

my 2c +gst


Al 1:18 pm 15 Dec 06

If as the sign claims, the Tradies at Dickson is the home of the Raiders, what does that make the Raiders Club at Gungahlin??

Pandy 11:31 pm 14 Dec 06

Which 7 clubs?

Anyway I hate unions for the fracking PC they try to shove down my throat that would make my pay packet lighter. So,


I will not be going to any of your matches next year and I hope you get that wooden sppon.

miz 10:37 pm 14 Dec 06

Unlike our local politicians, who are obsequious one day, then crap ping on you the next.

miz 10:35 pm 14 Dec 06

I like the Raiders, they are loyal through good times and bad.

CanberraGreen 8:29 pm 14 Dec 06

Actually, i think the Raiders clubs are just licensed by the Raiders to somebody else, or lots of people (does anybody know for sure?)

So the revenue will be good but not great.

Still, i don’t like my sport and politics this close.

Sammy 4:51 pm 14 Dec 06

They own 6 or 7 clubs in the ACT, Queanbeyan Leagues, and the Jindabyne Hotel. They ain’t short of a buck.

Yeah, just imagine the poker machine revenue.

Ralph 3:22 pm 14 Dec 06

They own 6 or 7 clubs in the ACT, Queanbeyan Leagues, and the Jindabyne Hotel. They ain’t short of a buck.

mlm 3:20 pm 14 Dec 06

The Raiders have struggled to secure a major sponsor over the last few years — they were actually without a major sponsor for a while before Fone Zone came along but that obviously didn’t work out.

Can you blame them for taking the CFMEU’s offer? People also want their team to win games and that’s not going to happen without financial backing along the lines of what competing clubs have.

Ralph 2:57 pm 14 Dec 06

Actually I just realise this is probably because it all has to go through suppliers which CFMEU deem to be kosher. Clowns.

Ralph 2:57 pm 14 Dec 06

Seems like the admin over there has been taken over by union chimps as well.

I’ve already been charged twice for next year’s membership, and they claim that members caps, posters etc won’t be available until round 5 next year. What a joke.

Danman 2:56 pm 14 Dec 06

Its a bike stand sammy

CanberraGreen 2:43 pm 14 Dec 06

Shouldn’t the CMFEU be spending its money on better things … I’m sure none of their members get to use the corporate box that comes with their sponsorship package !!

Sammy 2:04 pm 14 Dec 06

Heh, I don’t think your support will be lost Nero. Sounds pretty fleeting anyway. Personally, I could care less who the Raiders are sponsored by. Having said that, I was marginally peeved when the mid-game entertainment gave way to some union propaganda earlier this year.

Sammy 2:03 pm 14 Dec 06

I hope your snout didn’t fall into the builders crack.

Nero 1:56 pm 14 Dec 06

Now that the Raiders have become a left-wing Union mouthpiece I’ll be supporting the Storm. Anyway, at least the Storm know how to win.

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