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Rail link rumoured for Bungendore, Jerrabomberra and Canberra

By Kerces - 3 October 2006 25

Palerang Shire mayor Frank Pangello has been all over the ABC news bulletins this morning proclaiming the benefits of a railway line for commuting Defence families to use. The Canberra Times has rather more, saying the project is “on the verge of receiving NSW Department of Environment approval”.

The proposal is to extend the line to link Jerrabomberra to the Canberra and Queanbeyan stations.

The idea seems to be that there are going to be so many Defense people living in Jerrabomberra once the Headquarters Joint Operations Command is built near Bungendore and they are all going to need some way to get to and from work. Mr Pangello said he thinks rail would be preferable and economical once you factor in the skinnyness and windiness of the roads in the area.

Since Mr Pangello is so enthusiastic about the whole project, I presume this means his Shire Council would not have to pay for it — given they’ve got very little funds to be throwing around.

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25 Responses to
Rail link rumoured for Bungendore, Jerrabomberra and Canberra
Pandy 11:02 pm 03 Oct 06


That is not what he said on TV tonight, or what his local MP Nairn said.

catja 10:53 pm 03 Oct 06

I don’t what drugs these politicans are taking or lack of taking, just wish that they would get it straight.

At a meeting with Jerrabomberra Residents tonight, Queanbeyan City mayor Frank Pangello said that they didn’t want the Rail link to go ahead as it would cause to many problems.

Pandy 10:51 pm 03 Oct 06

Not only Gungahlin but Lawson under the naval Comms towers, Belconnen, will probably be a major defence housing site.

Lets get this straight, the current travel time between Queanbeyan and Bungendore is 30 minutes by modern fast speed trains. The Defence HQ is about halfway between the two, so lets say it would take 15 minutes to get there. Then add another 10 minutes to Jerrabomberra. 25 minutes folks. About the time it takes to drive between the two. Of course you dont have to commute to to a train station first. I doubt that light rail could do the trip as easily – light being the operative word; i.e. not enough grunt.

Of course, you would want to maximise the number of people using the train from Jerrabomberra to the HQ. So you would run maximum load trains, once a day from Jerra. How many of the 750 staff who work there would a) start at the same time in the morning and b) choose to live in Jerra? 50? And if they payed a non-subidised fare it would cost them about $10 one-way (Countrylink website). Not making sense. But of-course the rail freaks say extend the service (i.e. more carriages) going to Canberra, with extensions to Russell and Civic and the Gungahlin? I’v heard this one before.

Pangello should stop playing with his 12′ Hornby train set and go back to the Tarantella.

ant 9:32 pm 03 Oct 06

Yes, Frank Pangallo is Qbn Mayor. Palerang Shire is based in Bungendore and Braidwood. It is not part of Queanbeyan Shire, more’s the pity. Palerang is broke, and is soaking the residents, many of whom consume NO council services. It’s a joke.

The rail line is on the official plan for the site (which I can see from here), and makes sense. They are touting Gunghalin as the place for many of these people to live though, which means Macs Reef Road and Bungendore will cop the traffic. Local roads will struggle with the volume, they are already pretty busy.

Mr Evil 5:39 pm 03 Oct 06

“Better still, start a rumour that Defence is paying for it and they probably will.”

Just add it to the bill for the (Not So) Super Seasprites.

Maelinar 12:52 pm 03 Oct 06

Better still, start a rumour that Defence is paying for it and they probably will.

bonfire 12:39 pm 03 Oct 06

a sensible proposal – even without finer detail.

If the rail service – and light rail would be perfect for this proposal – terminated at canberra station, there are a lot of apartments in kingston that defence personnel moving to canberra could live in and commute from.

and leave their car at home.

VYBerlinaV8 11:57 am 03 Oct 06

Good call Unbeliever. Not having some sort of standardised service is just crazy. I think most people would be happy to pay 3 bucks for a border crossing to either Woden or Civic, then jump onto the Action network from there.

snahon 11:20 am 03 Oct 06

Pangello is only QBN mayor ?

Wino 11:11 am 03 Oct 06

“Palerang Councillors 2004-2008

The following Councillors were elected for the 2004-2008 term.

Cr Jim Maclachlan – Mayor”
Quote from the website

Unbeliever 11:03 am 03 Oct 06

I agree with VB, the bus service in Qbn is crap. Once I had to catch it to Qbn and it went through every street (at least it felt like that)in Manuka/Kingston and cost a packet.

Here’s an idea for Mayor Pangello – get rid of the ‘unique’ Qbn bus service and get an agreement in place for Action to service that side of the border too. It’s rediculous to have two seperate service, just because of the border. Is this pre-1901? Is anyone in any doubt that the ACT is the economic centre for the region including Qbn? So why duplicate a service? A poor duplication at that.

Action could enter into an agreement to receive the subsidy for its NSW services. And automatically ACT-Qbn would be $3 (or whatever it is now on Action). Problem solved.

Danman 10:52 am 03 Oct 06

Anyone ever seen that lean to house near the rail line near the bridge just before the round about (coming from Hume) near Jerra on Lanyon Rd/Tharwa Drv. Always wanted to go investigate that but been too lazy.

Pandy 10:38 am 03 Oct 06

WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!

Firstly ever been on one of those steam specials up to Cooma? The line is rickity as hell with white-anted sleepers and slow speeds. There is about a 10 minute delay in Queanbeyan when the train from Cooma joins the line to Goulburn, doing things with signals and permissions. Then that 19th century travel up the Molonglo Gorge that even the proponents of the Very Fast Train said had to be avoided.

So unless tens (hundred?) of millions are spend in replacing the line to defence HQ, who in their right mind would drive to the Jerrbombera train station and then catch a very slow train to Defence HQ, when they can hop onto the Queanbeyan Ring Road and be there in 15 minutes?

Kill this rail nutter idea now!

VYBerlinaV8 10:38 am 03 Oct 06

If he can make it fly with enough demand and effective economics than good on him.

Although as a Jerrabomberra resident myself I personally be a lot happier with a bus service that went to ANYWHERE in Canberra. To catch the bus to Civic from the bus stop nearest my house costs $9.20 and almost 2 hours. Each way.

Mr Evil 10:31 am 03 Oct 06

Yeah, it really makes sense to drive half way across Canberra to the railway station so you can catch a train to Bungendore.

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