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Rain Rain Rain Rain!

By johnboy - 11 June 2005 30

Isn’t it just pissing it down!

Who’da thought bricks got thirsty, it’s been raining solidly for hours and the bricks of the building are only just starting to get slick.


(BTW The weather radar is here)

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30 Responses to
Rain Rain Rain Rain!
Fiona 12:10 am 12 Jun 05

in another 6-8 months, probably.

Canberra_unsung_hero 11:26 pm 11 Jun 05

I think the IMPORTANT point is — will there be follow-up rain ?

johnboy 11:16 pm 11 Jun 05

gee, wonder which one is the original source???

No.. Wait… hmm maybe BOM could be the better place to actually get this information?

Canberra_unsung_hero 11:09 pm 11 Jun 05

That second link you put up is exactly the same picture as the ninemsn link.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:55 pm 11 Jun 05

hmmm, to clarify my first comment…I was trying to say that I haven’t seen the ActewAGL webcams with pictures as dark as they were for quite a long time.


Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:53 pm 11 Jun 05

Fair enough…you can freeze it and control it with the buttons on the top of the page.

The Weather Company (who don’t sell rain) have some nice country/state satellite & radar images


Canberra_unsung_hero 10:25 pm 11 Jun 05

That BOM display is all very well Samuel, but that continual ‘back and forth’ motion tends to give me vertigo !

johnboy 10:04 pm 11 Jun 05


I’ve got the BOM radar loop out of Captains Flat streaming into my dashboard. sux to be a windoze l0s3r.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 9:55 pm 11 Jun 05

ninemsn yuck! (Sorry, personal bias).

Much prefer the BOM animated satellite images


Canberra_unsung_hero 9:01 pm 11 Jun 05

Yes, unfortunately the Satellite Picture shows the cloud moving out into the Pacific Ocean ……

Geoffco 8:47 pm 11 Jun 05

The clouds have cleared, the stars are out and fireworks abound… 🙂

dogrooter 5:34 pm 11 Jun 05

go tim the yowie man!!

the lil lioness =^.^ 3:21 pm 11 Jun 05

oh and it’s raining again

It’s raining! 🙂 Even in Canberra, too!

johnboy 3:00 pm 11 Jun 05

tim read the weather map is all

I should have promised to bring the rain in exchange for beautiful women sleeping with me.

now that’d be a good rep to get going…

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:50 pm 11 Jun 05

I haven’t seen the ActewAGL webcams are darker than I’ve seen in quite a while.

Tim The Yowie Man must have done well.

Just had a look at the BOM Weather Radar and I see some slightly heavier falls on the way.


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