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Reasons why the ACT is better than NSW – Pint glasses

By johnboy - 15 August 2008 73

In our weekly series of things that are better in the ACT than in NSW I’d like to present the widespread availability of the pint glass.

Real men drink pints. Interesting women drink pints too.

People who do not drink pints are probably either perverts or prudes but who would want to spend the time talking to them to find out?

Personally I’d suggest we steal the schooner’s beautiful name, apply it to the more elegant pint glass, and have the best of both worlds.

You know it makes sense.

What’s Your opinion?

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73 Responses to
Reasons why the ACT is better than NSW – Pint glasses
S4anta 10:09 am 15 Aug 08

maybe there needs to be a glass size inbetween the schooner and pint, callled the pooner?

johnboy 10:09 am 15 Aug 08

They’re most often seen at happy hours where you still buy a schooner but get a pint’s worth of beer.

I think I can say without breaching any confidence that the hand in question is Thumper’s

Overheard 10:06 am 15 Aug 08


Overheard 10:05 am 15 Aug 08

Pints aren’t quite as prevalent in NSW, especially in regional areas.

There was a trend for the scmiddy some time ago (between a schooner and middy) but I’ve hardly seen one lately.

NH 9:59 am 15 Aug 08

They dont have pints in NSW? I assumed everywhere had them.

emd 9:59 am 15 Aug 08

I overheard my dad last weekend telling someone about the history of the NSW vs Vic difference in beer glass sizes. I think it went something like beer in Vic being higher alcohol content than beer in NSW, and you couldn’t get Vic beers north of the border, so NSW drinkers just started using larger glasses.

Personally, I like pots. Mini mugs are cute, and walking to the beer more often is good exercise. Plus you can drink half a dozen different beers in one night without getting ridiculously drunk. Being too drunk to walk home is seriously uncool.

By the way, the really tiny glass is called a Pony. And if you read the wikipedia definition, you’ll find yet another reason why some people prefer frequent small drinks over one big drink.

AngryHenry 9:57 am 15 Aug 08

Mmmmmm Friday, mmmmm PIIIIINNNNTS!

Perverts and prudes you say – or perhaps people who can’t justify spending around 9 bucks for a single beer.

If the hand modelling the pint in the shot is going to be a ‘spokeshand’ for pints I have some concerns – It looks like it hasn’t done a lot of hard work.

Just an observation.

– You can get it typing a reply…

– Matter of fact I’ve got it now…

Matto 9:47 am 15 Aug 08

While getting warm at the bottom of the glass is a slight drawback, that’s what “put’s hair on your chest”

Stung 9:44 am 15 Aug 08

Schooners are boss sorry – try drinking pints when you’re out in the hot sun, they get warm too quick. And no, I’m not drinking them too slow.

Mr_Shab 9:44 am 15 Aug 08

I love the pint; but it’s only a viable vessel in a cool climate. You’ll notice that the further north you move, the smaller the measures get. Pints for Canberra, Schooners for Sydney, Pots for Brisbane and those funny little 6 ounce things in Cairns.

Overheard 9:41 am 15 Aug 08

Pints are brilliant. I could never understand how anyone could routinely go somewhere where ‘pots’ were the norm. How can you hold a decent conversation when you’re back to the bar every ten minutes?!

And what a difference a couple of letters make. ‘Pint’sounds right, whereas ordering a ‘pot’ of beer just sounds ridiculous.

I once asked for a pint of Guinness… actually, I’ve ordered about 27,000 of them… but on this occasion the barman came back and asked if that was in a tall glass and what else did I want in it. WTF? He’d heard ‘pineapple and [muffled]’.

Matto 9:35 am 15 Aug 08

Here , here peterh. A very good arguement, to which I have had mixed reviews. More often than not negative. It worked like a charm for the first few, but then I think Mrs Matto caught on. She’s a hell of alot smarter than I gave her credit for. After many a night being woken up by the dog’s bad breath, one would think that I would learned my lesson, but I just can’t enough of one of the greatest inventions, the PINT. I am quite partial to the Stien too, but it gets messy before I usually see the bottom of that one.

Marlin74 9:34 am 15 Aug 08

Long live the almighty pint.
A beer tastes better from a pint glass. The only down side is when you open a beer at home and pour it into a pint glass it is only 3/4 full. So what do you do? Open another to fill it up.

peterh 9:28 am 15 Aug 08

Pints seem to be the best way to describe to the wife that even though you can’t stand up, you only had a few pints. She is on to me if I say I had a few schooners, but a pint is always ambiguous, she can never guess how many i have had.

Thumper 9:19 am 15 Aug 08

I like pints. They drink pints in England.

And it’s a throwback to a time when metric was not king.

long live the pint!

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