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Rental property carpet and inspections in Canberra?

By corny_jim 17 October 2013 25

So we’re living in a rental at the moment and we’ve just got a notice that we’ve failed our inspection and that there’ll be a re-inspection.

This is quite surprising as we’re generally fairly clean. In past inspections, we haven’t made any extra effort at all and things have been fine.

So we suspect that as we told them that we’re in the market to buy a house and probably won’t be extending our lease (which ends in a couple of months) that they’re being overly strict in case they need to claim some of our bond.

They’ve listed a bunch of minor stuff which I can address. They did list that the carpet needs cleaning. Now this is the bit that I’m not sure what I can do about.

We vacuum once a week but there are a few small marks and stains near the heavily trafficked areas like near the entrance which isn’t going to come out in a vacuum.

We need to professionally clean the carpet before we leave which we’re happy to do but I was wondering, if the marks don’t come out, can they charge us to replace all the carpet?

The carpet is fairly old – we’ve been there for 2 years, the previous renters (friends of ours) was there around 4-5 years, so at minimum it is 6-7 years old. Most likely, it’s probably never been changed (the unit I reckon is probably 20 years old).

It would seem fairly unfair to have to pay for a whole new set of carpet when the existing carpet was old. In addition to this, are there any other advice you can give to someone vacating a rental property to ensure we get most of our bond back?

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Rental property carpet and inspections in Canberra?
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zllauh 8:55 am 04 May 15

Hi Mate,

This real estate inspection can actually turn out to to be quite a dirty game. The who reason i assume for the inspection was to ensure that the tenants keep the property in good condition and that the real estate person keeps an eye about the same.

As few other mentioned a) Make sure you get a receipt for the carpet cleaning. b) Make sure that if possible you spend a bit and get that end of lease cleaning. There is no doubt that moving itself is such a stressful task and to top of it if you are a bit unorganised like me health can take a quick U turn and you could be possible a bit sick .

We had used who did the carpet cleaning and end of lease cleaning. Not the most amazing mob, but they get the job done.

My 2 cents.

miz 8:00 am 19 Oct 13

Mysteryman summed it up at #9. They usually want to see the receipt as evidence of the carpet cleaning. And another tip: make sure you clean the light fittings. My sister lost a bond once over a few insects in the light fittings.

khepri 12:22 pm 18 Oct 13

Buckaroo_Banzai said :

Also, lodge the bond refund form for the full amount with the office of rental bonds yourself. Do it before the agent does. Then it’s up to them to prove their case if they want to hold back bond, not the other way around. They might claim only they can lodge the form, but that’s bollocks.

Echo this point, we had a massive fight with our last agent (after having been on very good terms for the duration of the tenancy) over the carpet.
The tenants advice line were excellent, and highlighted that carpets over 7 years (from memory) old are considered too old to request any repairs as the owner should have replaced them.

They also tried to sting us for cleaning up after work that had been done by tradies after we moved out! Ironically they work they carried out was to fix a leaky roof which we had to manually empty every single day was work we were chasing them up for 10 months!

I always find it funny that Rental agents can be so rude to renters, especially those who are leaving to buy a home. I now have two agencies I will most certainly not be using when I choose to rent out my home in the future. In many cases they aren’t even representing the owner’s wishes, just trying to crawl as much money in as possible. When I saw the signiture block of the person I was dealing with last time as end-of-lease manager I knew we’d be in for some ‘fun’ times.

Buckaroo_Banzai 12:04 pm 18 Oct 13

Also, lodge the bond refund form for the full amount with the office of rental bonds yourself. Do it before the agent does. Then it’s up to them to prove their case if they want to hold back bond, not the other way around. They might claim only they can lodge the form, but that’s bollocks.

jett18 10:52 am 18 Oct 13

The biggest lesson that I learnt when moving out of a rental property: You are only obliged to leave the property as you found it– that includes taking into consideration fair and natural wear and tear in high traffic areas on the property.

As far as total carpet replacement, no, they cannot take your bond for that unless the carpet is that far gone that it has rips etc in it that you have contributed to. The most they can do is charge your for cleaning– which you would have already done upon exit.

After you notify the RE that you are vacating, they should give you an exit pack that contains preferred cleaners / trades people– use these, because if anything comes back to you regarding state of carpet etc you can let the RE know that you have used their preferred cleaners and they should take the matter up with them.

Best advice, know your rights and do not be scared to challenge them on anything that they bring up that seems to be unreasonable or out of the ordinary.

There are many RE’s in Canberra who will try and take you for a ride because they assume that you do not know your rights or are banking on you giving up rather than going through tribunal.
Showing that you have a little knowledge goes a long way.

Good Luck.

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