Report calls for marine sanctuaries along 20pc of NSW Coast CT 20/12

Headbone 20 December 2007 60

It was with absolute dismay that I read on page 12 of the CT this morning that the “National Parks Association” patrol Valerie Tylor is calling for 30 percent of the NSW Coast to be made into marine sanctuaries. This is coming from a woman who with her husband Ron were responsible for a major proportion of the Grey Nurse shark population on the NSW coast being slaughtered for their own financial gain via the sale of videos of their heroic spear fishing exploits. It is great that she now wants to protect the marine environment however she is like the old saying about ex-smokers – There’s no one more anti-smoking than an ex-smoker.

We have already had a very questionable regime of Marine Parks forced upon us many with the reason of protecting Grey Nurse Sharks which have never suffered from population decline at the hands of line recreational fishermen who are usually fishing for luderick, drummer (weed eaters), bream (caught on 8lb line or less) tailor, salmon etc. These sharks could no more be caught by recerational line fishermen than fly to the moon. The practices employed by saint Valerie and her husband Ron, using explosive powerheads on spears left no room for escape.

The loony left green factions want the whole coast locked away, it is coming watch this space.

I am not against commercial fishing being banned from certain fragile ecosystems and recerational fishing being banned from fish spawning areas but to suggest that recreational line fishing is the cause of our current marine ecosystem woes is a lie. The real reason occurred back in the 60’s and 70’s when Valerie was valiantly out killing the ‘Man Eating’ Grey Nurse Sharks in their hundreds. Get a life Valerie, you’d probably find a trip to the confessional more soul saving than trying to save your soul by locking away public recreational areas with your guilt ridden zeal.

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60 Responses to Report calls for marine sanctuaries along 20pc of NSW Coast CT 20/12
dmac dmac 11:10 am 04 Jan 08

Mr Evil, clearly it is 🙂

Headbone: maybe before you make extreme claims you should ensure you can back them up. Just a thought.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:28 pm 03 Jan 08

Dmac, it’s all a conspiracy against recreational fishers – don’t you know that!

Many recreational fishermen are their own worst enemies, especially the lunatic fringe who harp on that everyone is out to ban fishing completely, etc, etc.

dmac dmac 2:38 pm 03 Jan 08

Hmmm, you see, the thing is you made a statement that “(the report)is written by a bunch of loony left greens who want to lock away the whole coast” and I am wondering where it says that, or even where the authors of the report have stated that and you can’t back up your statement. Neither can you provide evidence that Valerie Taylor believes Grey Nurse Sharks are being caught on recreational lines. So all we have is baseless reactionary comments from you.

Headbone Headbone 1:16 pm 03 Jan 08

Thumper you would probably find this website funny too NPA are just as big a bunch of tools as PETA, they are just a little less radical in their published views.

Headbone Headbone 12:35 pm 03 Jan 08

Unfortunately dmac that is not the only publication of note there are many others.

Thumper Thumper 11:56 am 03 Jan 08


you may enjoy this site

dmac dmac 11:37 am 03 Jan 08

uh huh. Can you direct me to the recomendation to “lock away the whole coast” is? Also, can you provide a link to where Valerie Taylor suggests that catching grey nurse sharks on recreational lines is responisble for their demise?

Headbone Headbone 11:34 am 03 Jan 08

In fact the NPA are right up their with the State Embecile Squad (eh Mael?)

Headbone Headbone 11:33 am 03 Jan 08

Yes dmac, I have and the preface sums it all up. It is written by a bunch of loony left greens who want to lock away the whole coast – Val Taylor is their patron.

dmac dmac 11:27 am 03 Jan 08

Just out of interest have you read the report ‘The Torn Blue Fringe” released by the National Parks Association?

Headbone Headbone 11:12 am 03 Jan 08

Dear dmac, far from having my panties in a bunch as you amusingly put it, I am simply pointing out the hypocrisy and false science of the loony left green faction. I would appear that you cannot comprehend even the most basic of postings. It is great that Val has seen the light about the senseless slaughter of sharks but to now suggest that recreational line fishing is responsible is a lie. A very big fat lie and I will not standby quietly while Val and her kind push their agenda to the detriment of the majority (Recreational Line fishing is the biggest participation sport in Australia)utilising baseless allegations. It is amusing that Val was responsible for the death of many hundreds if not thousands of grey Nurse sharks. If Grey Nurse sharks had only been subjected to recreational line fishing I doubt whether we would be in the same position as we are today. BTW have you been snowdropping at my place?

dmac dmac 10:01 am 03 Jan 08

So Headbone, have you got your panties in a bunch because Valerie Taylor has changed her mind?

Thumper Thumper 9:42 am 03 Jan 08


Nah, not me, I’m too lazy 😉

Headbone Headbone 9:31 am 03 Jan 08

Oh Mael, you are my hero, how could I ever compete????? FFS Thumper, you are a true mental minnow (and yes Maelinar, minnow’s are finfish) Resorting to violence to solve issues? Please. As if I GAS about “Mael’s background and training” This discussion is over – you and your cronies cannot reasonably discuss a public access/use issue to our environment.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 9:15 pm 02 Jan 08


I think Mr Headbone already lost Thumper 🙂

Thumper Thumper 7:17 pm 02 Jan 08

Knowing Mael’s background, and having participated in a lot of the training that he’s been through, I want to be there when the two of you are in a ring together.

Even moreso, how about the bush, twenty rounds, and no questions asked?

Headbone, you will lose mate

Sorry about that 😉

Headbone Headbone 4:30 pm 02 Jan 08

It is very clear that there can be no concensus reached on this issue. Love, peace and fish dinners to you all.

Mælinar Mælinar 4:22 pm 02 Jan 08

A general message to the ether: 2 January 2009 is the date I expect bonehead to finally click onto the true insult behind what I said.

Headbone Headbone 4:19 pm 02 Jan 08

Just one more thing Maelinar, if that is nailing me to the wall pal you are a sad, sad person with inflated opinions on your writing and logic skills.

Headbone Headbone 4:17 pm 02 Jan 08

Dear Maelinar, you have revealed your true colours. None of the morons who decided to attack me even took the time to read what I had written they just bounced off on their own little greeny adventure along with Val. The original point was the bullsh*t reasons around Val Taylor calling for more Marine Parks. About me sinking in my boat and becoming fishfood – GFYS. And I my fishing colleague am done talking to you. One again GFYS.

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