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Report calls for marine sanctuaries along 20pc of NSW Coast CT 20/12

By Headbone - 20 December 2007 60

It was with absolute dismay that I read on page 12 of the CT this morning that the “National Parks Association” patrol Valerie Tylor is calling for 30 percent of the NSW Coast to be made into marine sanctuaries. This is coming from a woman who with her husband Ron were responsible for a major proportion of the Grey Nurse shark population on the NSW coast being slaughtered for their own financial gain via the sale of videos of their heroic spear fishing exploits. It is great that she now wants to protect the marine environment however she is like the old saying about ex-smokers – There’s no one more anti-smoking than an ex-smoker.

We have already had a very questionable regime of Marine Parks forced upon us many with the reason of protecting Grey Nurse Sharks which have never suffered from population decline at the hands of line recreational fishermen who are usually fishing for luderick, drummer (weed eaters), bream (caught on 8lb line or less) tailor, salmon etc. These sharks could no more be caught by recerational line fishermen than fly to the moon. The practices employed by saint Valerie and her husband Ron, using explosive powerheads on spears left no room for escape.

The loony left green factions want the whole coast locked away, it is coming watch this space.

I am not against commercial fishing being banned from certain fragile ecosystems and recerational fishing being banned from fish spawning areas but to suggest that recreational line fishing is the cause of our current marine ecosystem woes is a lie. The real reason occurred back in the 60’s and 70’s when Valerie was valiantly out killing the ‘Man Eating’ Grey Nurse Sharks in their hundreds. Get a life Valerie, you’d probably find a trip to the confessional more soul saving than trying to save your soul by locking away public recreational areas with your guilt ridden zeal.

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60 Responses to
Report calls for marine sanctuaries along 20pc of NSW Coast CT 20/12
Affirmative Action M 9:57 am 21 Dec 07

Every time fish sanctuaries come up fishermen complain & claim it will be the end of the world then 5 years later when they see the fishing has improved they think its wonderful – I refer to rules on barra fishing in the NT in the late 80’s & the improved fishing on the south coast in the last couple of years.

I would have thought keeping one third of an area as a fish sanctuary was about the right balance.

And Headbone you must be joking when you say recreational fishermen have no impact on grey nurse sharks – I have seen these sharks swimming round with 5 or 6 hooks stuck in their jaw.

Mælinar 9:52 am 21 Dec 07

You can moderately safely say all fish have fins jarhead. Until you know the categorisation of ‘finfish’ I’m going to continue to presume you are just blowing hot air.

As I said, you’ll continue to catch snapper etc, go back to your happy place.

Headbone 9:16 am 21 Dec 07

Maelinar – Snapper are finfish, shellfish need to be protected mainly against certain ethnic immigrant groups who have stuffed their own countries marine eco-systems and have come here with the same attitudes. The ventures taken by NSW Fisheries for example in banning explotative fishing methods such as Kingfish traps have proved that populations will rebound when commercial methods designed to wipe out whole populations are eliminated. Netting estuaries is in the same boat and dedicated recreational fishing estuaries on the coast have shown the same results. I pay my fishing licence fee to help with re-stocking, paying out commercial operators licences and policing. Idiots like Valerie Taylor pay nothing for their Scuba diving they just expect to control the whole coast so their view of Utopia can be realised at the expense of the majority.

Thumper 8:05 am 21 Dec 07

Trevally are fine, eh Mael?


Mælinar 10:35 pm 20 Dec 07

The overall biological health of our coastal waters is best summarised by the following word: depleted.

Sure you’ll catch the odd snapper, but finfish and shellfish are waning quite seriously.

Headbone 10:26 pm 20 Dec 07

Dear P1 good questions, can you answer them? I can’t and don’t really care. Recreational Fishing is not a danger to our waters, your true beliefs appear in your last line ” I always thought it was funny in this country the difference in public acceptance between killing fish and killing mammals.” FFS.

p1 8:55 pm 20 Dec 07

“Ingeegoodbee, WTF!?”

I pretty much agree with Ingeegoodbee’s comment, I mean what percentage of people actually catch fish, compared to the people who have an interest in the overall biological health of our coastal waters? I always thought it was funny in this country the difference in public acceptance between killing fish and killing mammals.

Gertrude 8:36 pm 20 Dec 07

Those South Cost Party People for Fish and Human Rights are splitters.

Headbone 8:21 pm 20 Dec 07

Ingeegoodbee, WTF!?

Skidbladnir 3:03 pm 20 Dec 07

Expect to see another three minor parties (the South Coast People’s Fishing Rights Party, the South Coast Right Fisherpeople Party, and the South Coast Party People for Fish and Human Rights) show up on the next NSW Senate ticket.

Ingeegoodbee 2:38 pm 20 Dec 07

Here we go again … the incessant drone of another whingy special interest group wanting the rest of us to piss away our environment and its resources so they can catch a few fish … yawn.

Thumper 2:32 pm 20 Dec 07

catch and release, the only way to go…

Headbone 2:11 pm 20 Dec 07

Maelinar, sensible bag limits, sensible, scientifically backed closures, adequate policing….sure. I have been fishing for the best part of 40 years both fresh and salt, never broken the law, always caught fish – enough for my immediate needs and left the environment as I found it. It is idiots like Valerie Taylor and our local buffoon Mike O’Shaugnessy who would love us all to be locked out of their little natural wonders, open only to Scuba Diving and walkers and all turn Vegan. FFS, this rhetoric and demands for closure of 30pc of the NSW Coast coming from Valerie Taylor, queen of the shark killers is a freaking joke. She obviously knows nothing about recreational angling or more to the point just doesn’t care.

Mælinar 12:02 pm 20 Dec 07

I think that it is appropriate that commercial fishing be given a limit of exploitation, not necessarily for the exclusion of protected species, but also to allow the inclusion of those who may not necessarily be after product for a commercial gain, and to prevent them from doing ultimately stupid actions, having an area within which they can do it and have a reasonable degree of success.

In laymans terms, if there are areas where weekend fishermen can go, get a fish and piss off back to Canberra, without getting desperate and taking too much (since it was so hard to find the spot, I’ll take the lot).

I don’t think any sensible commercial fisherman would object to a nursery area anyway, as they know the ultimate beneficiary is a sustainable industry for themselves, as long as all parties adhere to the rules.

p1 11:35 am 20 Dec 07

“Its okay to eat fish, they don’t have any feelings” – Kurt Cobain

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