Resistance – The Movie – shooting in Canberra.

kemposon 20 August 2008 23

Canberra roads were closed, hotels were booked out and a who’s who of the Australian film industry desended on Canberra.

The shooting of Resistance; a Movie and twenty six episode sci-fi television series.

Resistance is the brain child of Andrew Dillon a Canberra resident who wrote and directs the show.

With an academy award winner in Andrew Lesnie (Lord of the Rings), Guy Norris (stunt co-ordinator, The Matrix) Toby Pease (1st ad superman, farscape) visiting Canberra one could be forgiven in thinking that this was a Hollywood blockbuster.

Resistance stars Nicholas Hope (bad Boy Bubby AFI winning best actor) and Canberra’s Bobby Farquhar. It is set for release in 2009.

Canberra s film industry is flourishing and Resistance will give Canberra yet another boost in elevating the Capital as a place to film.

[ED – This was briefly discussed when figuring out why Parkes Way had been closed a week ago]

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23 Responses to Resistance – The Movie – shooting in Canberra.
girlygirl girlygirl 3:00 pm 30 Mar 13

Still classified as pre-production on IMDB. Is it ever getting released, or has it run out of money?

evilone evilone 10:14 pm 11 Nov 08

This is to anyone, everyone, the wannabe couldbe’s. If you where to take a look at the number of local people who worked on it and have national/international credits to their names you would understand that Canberra has a pool of talent already in the spotlight. And this is only galvenised by the people who are up and coming who make things like “Hobby Farm” “The Dinner Party” etc etc. People just dont wake up one day and say “Hmm, I think Ill work in the film industry” and start at the top. Does the movie Meet the Feebles mean anything to someone who likes Lord of the Rings?

We should be behind anything that helps our fledgeling industry, whether it be something sold to the world or something thats shown in shortfilm festivals. You have to start somewhere.

What ever the aftermath of Resistance is, and I hope its good news for Canberra, it has exposed people who have worked on Starwars, Underbelly, Band of Brother(Pacific) etc to the ease of working in Canberra and that there is talented people here in most technical sides of the industry.

And to anyone who complains about my spelling, you need to do something else with your hands than type on a keyboard.

Kindest regards

The Guy Who Swings a Boom

Silverback Silverback 11:34 pm 07 Sep 08

I think this could be a watershed production for Canberra. TV shows like this are hugely popular overseas, and target a great demographic – the young impressionable minds looking for a hero who is like them. Australia make some of the most successful programming in the world in this market – H20, Farscape, Ocean Girl etc. If this show gets picked up, it will be a huge boost to Canberra’s profile overseas. Kudos to all involved in getting the production shot here in Canberra, including the local authorities for helping them out. It will greatly help professionals to know that you can do such things in the ACT. Well done to those involved, and looking forward to hearing more about how it goes.

kemposon kemposon 5:26 pm 07 Sep 08

Andrew,most people do not understand the wonderful things that Mr Dillon has done,in prommoting Canberra and its blossoming industry,small town minds from limited iqs..idiots..when the film and tv launches (like most small town gossip fed collumns)will claim they know and love him and will say they always thought it was great idea…shame..
they will( as the previous login money owing film making failure )comment on miss spelling and other nonsenses….without doing any research..wankers

ANDREW212 ANDREW212 4:10 pm 07 Sep 08

My first comment is directed at Mr Evil – You complain that George Lucas should be involved. If you bothered to check out the credits for Resistance you would see Gary Kurtz is down as Producer. Gary actually hand picked George for American Graffiti and also acted as the producer for “Star Wars” and the “Empire Strikes Back”.

It sickens me that you know little or nothing about Resistance – but you still throw mud at the cream of the Australian Film Industry who obviously have faith in the property.

My second comment is for Damien Heffernan – if this is the same Heffernan who directed/produced Cathulu, which I’ve seen, you should look in your own backyard before throwing crap at Resistance.

Granny Granny 1:55 pm 22 Aug 08

I just know that it is going to appeal to two of the people in my family, and we’ll be eating, sleeping and breathing it for months … *groan* … I’m going to have the whole thing described to me in nauseating detail but completely in the wrong order, and every single line is going to be recited to me repeatedly and even if I’ve seen the original!

Ozhair Ozhair 12:50 pm 22 Aug 08

Actually, I have pretty high hopes for this, from a successful production standpoint.

I can see why the plot wouldn’t appeal to your average RiotACT-er, but somehow I doubt there are few people here that would fall into this film’s target demographic.

But Australia has a good track record when it comes to these types of teen-targeted fantasy shows. Things like Thunderstone, Girl From Tomorrow, etc, have all done extremely well internationally.

So kudos to the guys who managed to get this off the ground, and extra kudos for the decision to film this in Canberra. It can only help our fledgling film industry, whether the end result is a success or not.

Kempo, you might want to chill a bit. Opinions on this forum tend to be wide and varied, and as previously stated, they’re not really the target audience for Resistance. And, personally, calling people “loosers” instead of “losers” never bolsters your position.

Disclaimer: I’m a local filmmaker, but I have nothing to do with this particular production or the people involved.

kemposon kemposon 12:51 am 22 Aug 08

you guys are funny!! Academy Award winner thinks its enough of a winner to come to canberra 5 loggie award winners have put their names and careers to it and typically all you can do is knock it.Its already sold and is putting money and a name to canberra.Why not say great !! and well done.
When has Canberra ever had such a high profil film made here.3 bollywood pieses of shit, an unfinished Silicon spies ,Hobbyfarm …???? and three other loosers.Academy award DOP,S are lets face it a 1st for Canberra.Or are we all still rejoicing trop fest and the rest of so far our limited scope.

Ozhair Ozhair 12:57 pm 21 Aug 08

Hey! Don’t knock “They Live”, it’s a classic. It gave the world the line “I have come here to chew bubble-gum and kick @ss. And I’m all out of bubble-gum.”

Classic, I tells ya! 🙂

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 11:08 am 21 Aug 08

That’s the one! Ha!

Jem Jem 10:31 am 21 Aug 08

haha – is that the one where they can only see the aliens through the special sunglasses?! Quality..!

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 10:14 am 21 Aug 08

Based on the synopsis it sounds like a rip off of the (bad) 80’s move ‘They Live’.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:15 am 21 Aug 08

damianheffernan said :

Did anyone read the synopsis? OMG:
Resistance is the story of a covert attempt by aliens from outer space to take over the Earth and a guerrilla-style battle to stop them when most of the world won’t believe the threat exists. Its focus is on a band of super-smart teenagers at the centre of the conflict: who help save the world while dealing with school, hormones and dating.

Now I’m really afraid.

Sounds like Westfield Woden on a Friday evening.

kemposon kemposon 9:20 pm 20 Aug 08

its sold already

johnboy johnboy 9:00 pm 20 Aug 08

Sounds like fun to me.

cranky cranky 8:58 pm 20 Aug 08

Sounds like the best part of this show is the Lotus (Drool)

damianheffernan damianheffernan 8:53 pm 20 Aug 08

I believe ti was a pilot and so they’ll have to now go and try to sell it.

Did anyone read the synopsis? OMG:
Resistance is the story of a covert attempt by aliens from outer space to take over the Earth and a guerrilla-style battle to stop them when most of the world won’t believe the threat exists. Its focus is on a band of super-smart teenagers at the centre of the conflict: who help save the world while dealing with school, hormones and dating.

Now I’m really afraid.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 2:05 pm 20 Aug 08

Is Guy Norris (the stunt co-ordinator) any relation to Chuck?

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 1:53 pm 20 Aug 08

I thought what was old is new again, which is why JohnBoy is back, and he is really OLD!

peterh peterh 1:29 pm 20 Aug 08

isn’t this new?

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