Review of the National Capital Open Space System

ThisIsAName 14 October 2011 6

The NCA is doing yet another review, this time into Canberra’s open space system. If you like walking/riding/etc around the Canberra nature parks, or going further afield to Namadgi, you may want to provide a submission.

Details are online:

“The National Capital Authority has begun a discussion about the National Capital Open Space System.

What do you like about Canberra’s open spaces? How should the open space in the nation’s capital be used? Or perhaps you have a story to tell about a place that is special in your community. The conversation starts here.”

You can also complete a survey.

Thanks to Canberra Off Road Cyclists for putting out the alert.

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6 Responses to Review of the National Capital Open Space System
wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 9:10 pm 15 Oct 11

I would like to see our open spaces being used as, “open spaces”, where nothing can obstruct our view of…nothing. Duh.
As for their submissions website, looks like someone is trying to give themselves a reason not to be part of the government’s next round of cutbacks.
Since when did the industrial estate at Parkwood classify as open space? If it was, why are there chicken farms, oil recycling depots and resource management centers located there?

54-11 54-11 4:46 pm 15 Oct 11

Responding to anything involving Gary Rake and the NCA is a sheer waste of time. Rake goes through a sham “consultation” process, soaks up everyone’s time and then goes ahead and does what he wants anyway.

It’s about time that NCA simply stopped wasting the efforts of well-meaning citizens. Either start genuine engagement, or simply don’t go through all this disrespectful and deceitful process.

I-filed I-filed 3:14 pm 15 Oct 11

The only thing that stood in the way of the ACT Government’s early 1990s plans to build looxury housing to half way up Mt Ainslie was the NCA. Without the NCA we will need serious mobilisation against such plans, with Andrew “Hates History, Hates People Who Garden” Barr in charge.
Speaking of the NCA, when are they going to put the Hebe back up Anzac Parade? The Queen will notice for sure that it’s missing!

miz miz 2:34 pm 15 Oct 11

The NCA is weak at present. Methinks the ACT Govt can smell blood and is pressuring it for a change in its open space policy, which places (what I think are sensible) restrictions on it.

Personally, I am OK with the way Canberra is, but would not want to live here if it became too much bigger. A lot of what made Canberra a lovely place has been lost in the last 20 years.

I am seriously considering a permanent move to a regional town like Wagga or Goulburn, which are more like how Canberra was when it was a nice big country town (before it was infected with ridiculous ‘big city’ aspirations and a government apparently joined at the hip with developers).

bigfeet bigfeet 1:36 pm 15 Oct 11

The NCA should start closer to home before they set their sights on Namadgi. All they need to do is look out their office window.

There is some open space opposite Old Parliament House that appears to have been turned into a campground/toilet by a bunch of vagrants and drunks.

Start managing that area and then we can talk. Until they do, the NCA is completely impotent and irrelevant.

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 1:15 pm 15 Oct 11

Groan. Another “conversation”.

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