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RiotACT Bicycle Bar Crawl returns on Friday 14-OCT-05

By johnboy 4 October 2005 15

(Sorry about late notice but fitting this crawl in with my brother’s travel plans has been tricky.)

A very wise man once told me “nothing in the world is as satisfying as a crap taken on company time”.

When thinking of a way to top the wildly successful bicycle bar crawl these words of wisdom came back to me.

What better way to do a bicycle bar crawl through Canberra’s leafy inner suburbs on a beautiful spring day, than to do it when you should be at work?

So flex, call in sick, take a days leave, or tell the boss you’ve got a conference to attend. Then beg, steal, or borrow a bike.

Then email for the start point and time (it will be different to last time).

… and let the good times roll (as it were)

What’s Your opinion?

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15 Responses to
RiotACT Bicycle Bar Crawl returns on Friday 14-OCT-05
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ssanta 10:59 am 06 Oct 05

its alright LG. I share the same certical imbalance on my bike as well. I overcome it by drinking beer and laughing until is pew generally.

LurkerGal 10:36 am 06 Oct 05

Have a fabulous time guys. Would love to come with you, but am too busy and important to take Friday afternoon off work. Ok, I’ll fess up, it’s because I can’t ride a bike for shit.

Thumper 10:11 am 06 Oct 05

Hmmmm, I don’t own a bike but that doesn’t preclude me from dropping in for an ale…

ssanta 10:11 am 06 Oct 05

Mr/s Open Your Mind. Yet again you had the chance to be quiet and seem a sensible and intelluigent member of our community, but again sadly, you have blown it.

Jey 9:49 am 06 Oct 05

I was going to mention something about you all being careful previously but it looks like you’ve already been given a firm talking to. :p
So in that case I will say have fun! 🙂

Ralph 8:17 am 06 Oct 05

How’s the view from that high horse of yours?

OpenYourMind 8:09 am 06 Oct 05

I find it amazing that this site promotes an event that encourages drink driving (albeit on a bicycle it is still drink driving). This is the same site whose contributors have had many a whine about commuter cyclists being ‘lawbreakers’.
This is particularly ironic given how little sympathy many contributors here have shown for others who have injured themselves through their own silly actions.
Fortunately for everyone, drink bicycle riding is less likely to result in an innocent third party being injured than if you were driving.

johnboy 5:22 pm 05 Oct 05

six beers in six hours with extra food and water.

we welcome our police friends and will have our cameras and notepads at the ready to record the fun.

I certainly do not view this site as anti-police.

pro-truth and transparency but i hope those two are not incompatible.

with any luck there will be several police along for the ride.

Indi 3:26 pm 05 Oct 05

When is the t-shirt/stubby holder/beermat range of Riotact gear coming out?

terubo 2:05 pm 05 Oct 05

I reckon uf**kface is booking his passage from Ireland, even as we speak.

Maelinar 1:58 pm 05 Oct 05

RiotACT Monkeybikes with Camel logos !

our logo/backpatch could be Nerderati !

Mr Evil 1:30 pm 05 Oct 05

What do you think would happen if someone turned up on a monkey bike???????

bonfire 12:36 pm 05 Oct 05

can i bring my scooter ? its ok cos i only use it on bike paths.

che 12:03 pm 05 Oct 05

drink riding yes
drink driving no
I think we covered all this last time

Tool 11:32 am 05 Oct 05

Of course being the responsible Canberra citizen you are, you would not be encouraging drink driving would you? Being the prolific cop basher you are could become quite dangerous this time of year! lol

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