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Road safety on the King’s Highway

By johnboy - 21 December 2006 44

The Canberra Times has a story on some badly needed safety measures for the King’s Highway which runs from Canberra to the coast.

Are they going to put a proper camber on the bends? Straighten roads? Bridge and tunnel?

No, they’re going to put up some signs with which to distract those drivers who can be bothered to read them.


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44 Responses to
Road safety on the King’s Highway
houdini 12:46 am 22 Dec 06

Given much of the complaining of some ACT residents on this site of the burdens ‘NSW’ supposedly places on the ACT would someone care to explain to me why the NSW taxpayer should be responsible for improving a road that is perfectly good if you drive to the conditions and your ability? Especially given the fact that the heaviest users at key risk times are ACT residents.

KaneO 11:35 pm 21 Dec 06

There’s nothing wrong with that road, dunno what the fuss is about. Just drive to the conditions.

gurunik 10:12 pm 21 Dec 06

put the corners back in. if you need a straight road with perfect camber, fine verges, and soft bouncy guard/guide rails to get to better climes, then you should leave it to professionals and catch the bus.
canberrans seem to have a certain mystique about the ‘coast trip’, and it certainly was in hugos day. but with the cocoons we have as transport these days, it is far to easy to go too fast for the surrounds and only realise once you’re heading for the scenery. or me at a closing speed of 200+kmh.
next i’ll be calling for a ban on air-con so you have to have the window down…………
loud pipes save lives!

johnboy 9:47 pm 21 Dec 06

Agreed their speed camera operators have a special place waiting for them in hell.

But the roads are still massively better and an example we could all follow.

The above anecdote about the japanese reflects on a valid perception that the road should reflect the speed limit.

shauno 9:43 pm 21 Dec 06

Victorian drivers are incredibly paranoid now and dangerous because of it. They all sit at 98 in a 100 zone and constantly staring at the speedo due to Brack’s zero tolerance policy. Its especially dangerous riding a motor bike in Melbourne as you dont get seen.

Hugo 9:36 pm 21 Dec 06

All the real estate agents say that the Bay is only 1.5 hours from Canberra. Where are they mearsuring it from? The Bay is ALWAYS 2 hours, give or take a few minutes, regardless of whom you pass and speeding over the limit. I have been driving that road since it was all gravel and you boiled the billy, before the car did, at Cabbage Tree Creek on the full day trip. There seems to have been a lot of work widening the road edges (for Bikes?) but little concern for passing lanes which are the only thing which may calm the drivers who want to get to the Bay in 2 hours! It also occurs to me that they were advised after the last accident on the hairpin bend that they should go through Araluen!!!!
PS: Does anyone know when they started calling it the government bend?

johnboy 9:31 pm 21 Dec 06

Go drive on a Victorian road and you’ll notice the difference a good camber makes on a corner.

The drivers are a problem but the road could be better.

And the problem drivers won’t read the signs so what was the damn point again?

barking toad 9:23 pm 21 Dec 06

You’re right guru

It’s not the road so much as the gumbies on it

From the hat wearers doing 80 instead of 100 but speeding up when a passing lane comes in sight to the loonies that want to do 120 and prepared to pass anywhere.

gurunik 8:42 pm 21 Dec 06

i do the trip every weekend, either in the ute or on the bike, and it is not too bad as roads go. the problem is the drivers that use said road.
i have seen some astonishing moves on that road, and 9 times out of 10, by something with blue & white plates. the go,go,go mentality takes over and for what? 10 minutes less? then the clowns stop for a piss at braidwood and i trundle on by in my shitbox (thats for you vy!).
i do lament when they straightened out the clyde some years ago…was nirvana on a bike.
i’ll see some more crazy shit this weekend i bet. just dont take me with you.
allow 2-3hrs tomorrow minimum. it will be a shitfight.

VYBerlinaV8_now with 3:58 pm 21 Dec 06

Another useful safety measure would be to inspect vehicles using the road to ensure roadworthiness. Having a strong police presence helps, especially if the police are able to target dangerous behaviour (poor overtaking choices, staying within lane, speed appropriate to conditions, etc).

I remember driving up the mountain once on the way back from the coast, and it was fairly foggy and wet, so most of the traffic was traveling at 40km/h or less, due mostly to visibility. A small sedan overtook us all (across unbroken lane markers, blind corners, etc). 2 minutes later I stopped, together with 2 other cars, to help lift his 7 month pregnant wife, and sister, from the car after it had rolled and ended up on its side. Why did this happen? He was a Japanese tourist, and expressed to me his surprise that he had an accident whilst doing the 70km/h speed limit…

RandomGit 3:41 pm 21 Dec 06

Dual lanes is all it would take. A proper highway, making it a 1 hour drive to the coast.

Big Al 3:39 pm 21 Dec 06

For years when I lived in teh Snowy’s I always swore that if I died on the road it would be the Monaro Highway in winter – seems like the same drivers are heading to the coast come summertime.

terubo 3:28 pm 21 Dec 06

Hate that road. Well not so much the road but the clowns driving on it. I hope the cops get as many of them as possible this holiday period.

CouldExpire 3:05 pm 21 Dec 06

Its a dangerous road but theres also some lunatic drivers on it at times too!

Danman 1:21 pm 21 Dec 06

Like putting a band aid on someones gunshot wound to the head – totally useless – but at least you look like you give a stuff.

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